WL//WH Premiere: KRSSV “Supervilllanos” [Of Dolls And Murder]

WL//WH Premiere  KRSSV

KRSSV is a young Argentinian artist who focuses his musical search on genres such as EBM and Post-Punk, with an aggressive and corrosive sound, as hinted in his alias. He has performed in some of the best parties in the Buenos Aires underground scene, both as a live act and DJ, and he is also part of the ARPPA collective.

He’s also recently published one of his tracks in the new compilation, “Crime Violente Vol.5”, from the Australian label Up North Records.

Of Dolls And Murder label /collective had the pleasure of having him as part of their latest V.A. compilationAsphyxia”[ODM011] and now are proud to introduce his new EP, “CARÁKTER”, consisting of six original tracks, from which WL//WH is pleased to premiere the 4th cut titled “Supervilllanos”.

CARAKTER is a teenager who rebels against his household routines, angry he bursts just like the hormones in his young body. The kid grew up and turned into a parabolic antenna he broadcasts i m p r e c i s e signals.KRSSV

Smothering and sinister EBM-inflected, “Supervilllanos”, ignites a nightmarish world of ominous fear drenched of cold dysfunctional terrors, shedding distant, oppressive voices, swirling and laughing from all directions around a gripping intricately woven pattern of a relentless syncopated, rumbling bassline sequence, punchy kicks, sparse crisp percussive gusts and crushingly slashing beats, to sputter a swishing hypnotic edge of authoritarian menace, injecting hysteria, dread, and ruin into a stark industrial atmosphere.

KRSSV‘s upcoming new EP “CARAKTER ” [ODM013] is scheduled for release, on Digital & Limited Cassette Edition, on April 01, 2022, through Argentinian label/collective Of Dolls And Murder.

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