WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MARCH #12-22

  • Texan darkwave /post-punk /minimal synth /coldwave solo project of Houston based drummer Bruce Courtney, THE STAVE CHURCH ”Mechanize Me” from the upcoming “We Are The Machines” EP.

Texas‘ one-man-band returns, reinforced by the additional keyboards and vocals by Paris Alexander and Eirene, with a Kraftwerkian titled new single mechanically propelled by crackling dancing rhythms cloaked in his distinctive cold, nocturnal post-Apocalyptic auras, to expand and swathe in bleak sinister synth droning drama, whilst minimal robotic vocals and breathless deadly desires wield “We Are The Machine.”

  • Brazilian Darkwave /Synthwave singer-songwriter from Novo Hamburgo, Camilla Sombrio “Kyber werk” from the CD EP “Kamisonne” on InClub Records

Brazilian singer-songwriter Camilla Sombrio finally drops her long-awaited sophomore EP rife with an intriguing blend of dark, wistful melodic Synthwave and Coldwave, oozing dour nostalgia and intense longing, infused with alluring noirish tones. And it is precisely when the rhythms become more hypnotic and slashing, the bassline more groovy and luscious, as in “Kyber werk”, the EP reaches its peak, dancing in flux with droning and radiating synth swells, and coy and sensual siren-esque croons, to drop a magnetic outpouring of rousing dancefloor desires.

  • Fayetteville, Arkansas goth /post-punk /electro-wave /synthpop act Damien Hearse – “Suicide Machine” title track from the debut EP “Suicide Machine”

No fillers in the synth-driven debut from Arkansas‘ solo project with a gripping 80s tinged combination of danceable electro beats, sinister warbling low ends, twisted and droning alienating synth hooks, and deep haunted surreal vocalizations. The titled track “Suicide Machine” triggers an urgent ominous march of insistent, tight rhythms, intertwined with a hypnotic gurgling bassline, stabbed by eerie, at times screechy, quivering icy synth strains, to fuel sinister, fearful moods of distorted baritone broods topped off with dystopic lyrics left begging for a “Suicide Machine.”

  • Kirov/Saint Peterburg, Russia DIY post-punk trio Черная Речка [Chernaya Rechka] “Нiч” single
  • Las Vegas based chillwave /ethereal /vaporwave single from industrial /EBM and darkwave Mexican one-man band Fairy Pussy “Stargazer” single                                                                                                                       
  • Grenoble, France cold synth-pop duo POUPARD “Garçon Vache” from V/A “Compilation Cosmique #2” on Choléra Cosmique
  • London, UK minimal analogue synth primitive-electronic DIY music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “In The Blink Of An Eye” title track from humanitarian war fundraising album “In The Blink Of An Eye” on TONN Recordings
  • US minimal synth solo project-based in New Orleans, NAIL CLUB “Your Son’s Divine” from the album “Absolution”
  • Amsterdam based darkwave /goth-wave artist Grimdeluxe “Im Mondenschein” single
  • Prague, Czechia Endless Illusion label head and electronic producer Ladislav Zensor, aka EXHAUSTED MODERN “H.S.T.A. (Das Ding Cover) from the Das Ding’s 1982 “Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement” album
  • Thessaloniki-based Greek synth wave band founded by Nick Kapantzakis (also member of Human Puppets, Plexiglas, Dislocation Genders), Convex Model – “Hearts Inside Shoes (Demo)” from “Live in Session” EP (new demos and reworked tracks recorded live in session at Valve Studio)
  • California ethereal /dream pop /post-punk /synthwave /darkwave duo UNDINE “Nothing” from the sophomore album “Ether”
  • Ferrara, Italy new wave /synth wave duo Susanna Zaghi and Davide Carlotti (former members of early 80s band Intelligence Dept.), Unusual Architecture “Satellite” first studio album “Backwards” on Brazilian independent label Wave Records.
  • Leipzig, Germany techno/coldwave/darkwave/synth solo project, нат.аша “vha.r” from V/A “Compilation Cosmique #2” on Choléra Cosmique
  • London, UK minimal analogue synth primitive-electronic DIY music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “Mind Before Heart” from the album “The Spell Is Broken”
  • Greek dark electronics/analogue synth project of Toxic Razor (Beatbox Machinery, Eerie Sopor, Paradox Obscur), METAL DISCO feat. INCIRRINA “Tension” from the new EP “339. In Motion” on Werkstatt Recordings
  • Indonesia minimal wave /post-punk /synthwave trio TEMARRAN “Pilu” from the debut EP “Montase”
  • Tampa, FL synthwave /new wave rock n’ roll 4-piece GLOVE – “Personality Change” from the new album “Boom Nights”
  • Quebec‘s Cold Wave /Synth Pop /Dark Wave duo Gabriel and Yseult AKA MENTHüLL “Hull Sombre” from the upcoming S/T EP
  • Alsace-Lorraine based post-punk /coldwave /synth act Überspannung “Sabbatkreis” from the cassette album “Le miroir aux morts” on Vague à l’Âme
  • German minimal /synthwave /dark electro DIY solo project Age O.P.F “Beautiful World Of Happiness (Bonus Track)” from the cassette EP “XIS” on InClub Records
  • Vienna, Austria synth-pop /post-punk /dark electronic duo Latenite Automatic – “Statues” single off of the upcoming new album “Wahrheiten”
  • Californian dark electronic /post-punk /industrial /synthwave solo project FORNICATA “Imprecatory Prayers” track written for the Soundcloud’s Darksiders Spring Turbo Playlist.                                                                                
  • Berlin-based post-punk /darkwave /electro-punk moniker of Alexander Leonard Donat (aka VLIMMER), aka ASSASSUN “Over Again” from “Sunset Skull” cassette album on his own Blackjack Illuminist Records
  • Seattle, Wa electronic /darkwave DIY solo project Festering Wound “Bipolar” single
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk /darkwave project Mother’s Son “Old Beginnings” from the debut S/T album 
  • French electro synthpop trio from Paris, Paupière – ‘ADN (Das Mörtal Remix)’ on Lisbon Lux Records
  • Athens based Greek experimental electronic poetry project by Ioannis Gardiklis and Yoma Mot, aka VEI Scale “Mneumonic Fragments” single from the s/t debut LP on Thinkbabymusic Collective
  • Los Angeles based dark electronic pop duo Brian Belknap (Mind Machine) & Adam Collier (Crush333, MDA and Full Frontal Disco), aka BLAKLIGHT “Paranoid (Rob Dust‘s Strange Remix)” single
  • L.A. new wave /synthpop duo Sacred Skin “No Surprise” single
  • Paris‘ dreamy synth-pop project of Matthieu Roche, aka FRAGRANCE. ”Bind Me Up With Your Flesh (R.Missing Remix)”                                                                                                                                                     
  • Long Beach, CA electronic/darkwave/electroclash/electro-punk artist Vickie Valent aka Violent Vickie “Lovelace (Kontravoid Remix)”
  • Berlin-based post-punk /synth minimal wave duo Her Absence Fill The World “Neon Arabesque” title track from the upcoming EP “Neon Arabesque” on Detriti records.
  • Scotland‘s goth /darkwave /coldwave new project of Lea Torn (AKA The Secret Experiment), Lords Of The Northern Sky “Aphrodisiac” single
  • Madrid-based Spanish new wave /post-punk 4-piece ALICE GREAVES “Buildings” new single
  • Mexican dark pop /post-punk band Cat Fiction “Polvo” (Single) on We are one Records.
  • Berlin-based darkwave /gothic rock solo musician, MOROSINTHE “Abyss” from ”Tridecagram” album on his own Thirteenth Records
  • French darkwave /new wave /coldwave collaboration Under a Dark Light & Emmanuel Tourba “Tout Est Détruit En Toi” single
  • Rome, Italy coldwave /darkwave /post-punk project of Marco Cattani, CHEMICAL WAVES – “In need on the Marquee Square (feat. LOVATARAXX)” from the upcoming album “III” (“I – When We Were Full Of Hope”)
  • Mexican New Wave /Post-Punk duo Miss Kido & Salva Uriarte, aka DECHAKHAL “Always Die” from the album “Extrañas Voces” on Tumbas Eternas Records
  • Dresden, Germany Post-Punk /New-Wave 4-piece DIE ARBEIT „Probleme“ from upcoming sophomore album “Wandel” on Undressed Records.                                                                                                                           
  • L.A.‘s deathrock acid punk alias of Andrew Clinco, aka VR SEX “Live (In a Dream)” single from the upcoming LP “Rough Dimension”
  • Turin-based Italian electronic /darkwave artist Paolo Virdis “Mea Maxima Culpa” single
  • Italian/Swiss industrial /EBM /dark techno /acid electronic /darkwave trio of Florin Büchel (aka CCO) and Daniele Cosmo (co-owner of Lux Rec.) and vocalist Kleio Thomaïdes, AKA Savage Grounds “Sex Is Violence” from the cassette album “Hidden By The Night” on She Lost Kontrol
  • German goth coldwave /EBM producer Johannes Stabel, aka XTR HUMAN – “Dark Germany (Filmmaker Remix)” from “G.O.L.D / Technofossil” split remix album with Visitor on Braid Records
  • Hamburg, Germany experimental /minimal wave/synthpop project of dark electronic artist Konstantin Unwohl, AKA Acid Ernst – “Ehering” from upcoming “Ehre” EP 12″ on LUX REC
  • Russian EBM /industrial project Purification System “Hidden Place” from EP “№1”
  • Berlin-based NewYorker electronic /Italo /new wave /post-punk /coldwave /dark disco producer Luca Venezia aka CURSES – “Elizium Eternal” from V/A #StandWithUkraine compilation on Dischi Autunno
  • Detroit, Mi electronic /post-punk /synth-pop project COMFORT CURE “Dreaming Tarmac” from the upcoming record “CUTS THE LINE”
  • Florida based Industrial /Gothic Rock Artist/Band from Tampa, Layne Lyre “Keep Up” single
  • New York based fuzz glam rock /new wave /post-punk /rock’n’roll project of Moses Brown from Texas punk bands Institute and Glue, AKA Peace De Résistance “Boston Dynamics” from the upcoming LP “Bits And Pieces”
  • Melbourne, Australia deathrock /doom goth /post-punk band SEA LUNGS “Lighthouse Noir” (Single).
  • Raleigh, NC Indie /Goth /Post-Punk band BLACK BOUQUET “Footsteps” single
  • Montreal, Canada Goth /Batcave /DeathRock /Post-Punk band DEAD BORN BABIES “Demons Unleashed” new single.
  • Monterrey, Mexico coldwave /post-punk band KROOVYS “Abismo” (single)
  • Norwegian New wave | Post-punk | Indie rock project from Oslo, TÅSEN TEA PARTY “She slipped away” from the EP “Fraud, fiction and lost direction”
  • German lo-fi /coldwave /post-punk project German Bot “Sturm” single                                                                     
  • Boston post-punk /new wave /synth-pop outfit HOUSE OF HARM “Feel My Heart Beat” single on AVANT! Records
  • Lisbon, Portugal post-punk / darkwave /new wave project of She Pleasures HerSelf frontman Nuno Varudo, AKA The Paper Road – “Pain (Give It To Me)” from the LP “Sad Songs & Quarantine” on Icy Cold Records
  • Spanish Dream pop /Dreamwave /Synthpop /Synthwave duo STEREOSKOP – “Hazel Eyes” from the upcoming LP “Mist” on Reptile Music
  • Philadelphia based post-punk sextet Blood “Money Worries” from the upcoming “Bye Bye” EP
  • Los Angeles Post-Punker Nass Zuruck‘s new band The New Era “new era” first single
  • Kalamazoo, Mi goth-industrial rock collaborative project of Amaranth and The Joy Thieves, AKA Thieve6 “Inside Out” war charity single.
  • Geelong’s post-punk /punk 4-piece Vintage Crop ‘Double Slants’ from the fourth album ‘Kibitzer’ via Anti Fade Records (Australia) and Upset the Rhythm (UK/Europe).
  • Berlin based post-punk /punk 5-piece (former members from Chuckamuck and Maske), DIE VERLIERER “Die Zeit” from the S/T debut album on Mangel
  • Leeds, UK indie rock /post-punk band Lumer ‘Hatred Is A Passion Of Theirs’ Single ‘Hatred Is A Passion Of Theirs’                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Austin, TX garage /synth-punk band SEX MEX “Breakfast in America” (Supertramp cover) from the upcoming LP “Vol. 2”
  • Brooklyn, NY no wave /garage /noise /post-punk trio Pons “Leave Me To My Work” single

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