WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – December #48-21

Painting by Kibong Rhee

  • Swedish indie rock band Great Hare “Don’t Stop” new single                                                                   

For a while, the experienced Gothenburg‘s 4-piece had the nice habit to insert in the Soundcloud chat their latest songs forged in solid and bubbling alternative indie rock, amidst loud, tightly punching guitar riffs, equally edgelike and a melodic, pounding solid rhythm section, heady catchy chorus and emotional vocalizations with a subtle dreamlike quality. “Don’t Stop” awakens distant memories that surge forward through punchy basslines and chugging cowbell drum beats, charged by electric shreds of fearful 6-string frictions, whilst high-strung husky vocal angst spreads airy and anxious into the nostalgic sway of groovy lonely moods.

  • England, UK fuzz /jangle /indie pop band The Third Cut “The Dark Times” from the upcoming EP “I Feel Bad So You Can Feel Good”.

Richard Adderley was part of the Welsh hopeless romantic collective Jack, one of the most distinctive British bands of the 90s, along with Tindersticks and The Divine Comedy, to the former they were often compared, too different with respect to the BritPop cauldron, that at the time was reigning in the UK. Over the next decade, he followed with the more energetic guitar rock of Boyfriends, not so dazzling, but enough for making me buy all their 7″ singles, captured by the enticing guitar riff of “I Love You”. The new venture is distinguished by a more eclectic indie-pop sound and healthy use of synthesizers a la Field Mice. The second single in a row is the poignant elegiac enveloping ballad, “The Dark Times”, suffused with a deceitful serene Christmas air, to cast instead dark, morose vibes, barely lit by minuscule dimly cracks of hope, through airy keyboards, tinkling chords, warm bass palpitations, and lullaby shimmering guitar drops, winding sad introspections of nostalgic vocals’ tragic, vulnerable, and bittersweet melodies into a strange fearful comfort, drenched in sentient tears of brass-shrouded heartache.

  • Italian lo-fi /indie /dream pop band split between Helsinki and Bergamo, DEINE MUTTI “48.8” new single

The sad bedroom pop duo, intersect between Bergamo and Helsinki via a fatal artistic meeting in Berlin, as their name suggests, drop a new single, steeped in escapism, disenchantment and nostalgia, with lonely airy breezes of flute-like keyboard melodies that flow with glistening, jangly wistful guitar strings, to soothe restless fantasies around enamoured dual male/female vocals, waltzing down the beach at sunset through waves of sweet romantic memories and sullen broken dreams.

  • Annapolis, Maryland ambient /dream pop /shoegaze /electronic project of musician JFD (Glitchaus), aka Odēa Duo 7 “Offline” from the EP “Adrift”
  • Collaboration between Paris-based Australian dream-pop duo Heligoland and the Italian duo She Owl, aka Heligoland + She Owl “Please Fall In Love With Me (Robin Guthrie Version)” [John Martyn cover]
  • Irish-born electro pop / dreampop artist Louise Cunnane aka Blooms “Focus” from the upcoming EP due out next year                                                                                                                                                                   
  • West London soulful indie /dream pop five-piece Babeheaven “Don’t Wake Me” new single                                        
  • Montreal, Quebec bedroom pop/lo-fi /slowcore /folk solo project of Michael Charles Hansford, aka MOLLY DRAG “Going Clear” single
  • New Haven, Connecticut shoegaze /psychedelic /drone quartet Landing “Pillow” from the “Monthly Subscription Series Collection 01” album
  • Italian shoegaze /dark pop /dreampop /electronic duo based in Milan, ONEIROS WAY “Scura” off of the new album “The Dawn Is Near” on I Dischi del Minollo
  • Northern Irish dreampop /indie pop band CATCHERS “Cotton Dress” from the vinyl 12″ edition of “Shifting” EP (originally released on CD/7″ on Setanta Records in 1994) on Les Disques du 7ème Ciel
  • Melbourne, Australia psych pop/dream pop/shoegaze duo GRAZER “Why Bother” new single on Cascine
  • Louisville, Kentucky psych pop /indie rock trio, WOMBO “One Of These” new single on Fire Talk
  • New York based interstellar psychedelic noise pop solo project Death Hags “Spiral” from “Lathe Cut Series 3: Spiral” EP
  • Montreal, Quebec ambient /post-rock producer-songwriter NRTHRN “To The Edge” single
  • Indiana electronic /indie /dreampop solo project Austin Partida, aka WHIRLING “Screw It All Up” single
  • New York indie rock band Wild Pink ‘Florida’ single on Royal Mountain Records
  • Crewe, UK dream pop /shoegaze solo project RAINSTEAM&SPEED “Bleak” single
  • Washington, D.C. bedroom /psychedelic /dreamy indie-pop husband/wife duo The Infinite Daisy Chains “Elevation” from the EP “Between You and Me”
  • Denver, Co shoegaze /dream pop band MOODLIGHTING “Friends like these” debut single
  • West Coast-via-Midwest shoegaze /dreampop duo of Gretchen DeVault & Brian J. Bowe, VOLUPTUOUS PANIC “Purple Snowflakes” (Marvin Gaye cover) Christmas single
  • Devon, UK indie /dream pop trio Pale Blue Eyes “TV Flicker” single
  • Indiana Shoegaze /Dream Pop duo Neil Burkdoll and Krissy Vanderwoude, aka WHIMSICAL “Cerulean” (The Ocean Blue cover)
  • Austin, TX-based shoegaze /jangle /indie pop /noise /dream pop band, Letting Up Despite Great Faults “Gemini” off the forthcoming album ‘IV’
  • Aguascalientes, Mexico dreampop /noise pop /shoegaze duo Le 1991 “Me fui buscando” from the debut album “No hay nada que buscar”
  • Bangkok, Thailand indie /shoegaze /noise-pop trio (formerly The Passion of Anna), Traveling With Monika “Through the Wind” from “1” (the first album recorded in 2012)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina ambient /dreampop /shoegaze one-man-band NAX “Sueño” new single
  • London-based dreamgaze /shoegaze songwriter and musician SAM JUNER ‘Lost My Way’ new single
  • Novosibirsk, Russian indie /pop /dream pop /new wave band (ex-Gaarden), LURVE “Small Talk” from the debut S/T album via Library Group Records
  • Mexican ethereal /post-punk /noise rock /shoegaze trio SADFIELDS “Irreversible” first single from the forthcoming 2022 LP “Superluna”
  • Russian indie /post-punk /dream pop band from Yekaterinburg, Перемотка (Peremotka) “Самые грустные песни” (unreleased) from the CD edition of the 2020 album “Начало прекрасной дружбы (Nachalo Prekrasnoy Druzhby)” on Too Good To Be True
  • Swedish dark wave /dreampop /post-punk /shoegaze band PINK MILK ”I Lose My Mind” single on Black Hair Records
  • Belgian dream-pop /shoegaze /post-rock band Cecilia::Eyes “The Brightest Explosion” from the new album “Sore Memories Always End” on Dunk Records
  • Rotterdam-based Peruvian post-punk /shoegaze /noise-pop band RESPLANDOR “Tristeza” title track from the upcoming LP “Tristeza” on Automatic
  • New Zealand indie dream-pop 4-piece MILD ORANGE “What’s Your Fire? (Single Version)” from double A-side single “What’s Your Fire? // Hollywood Dreams” from the upcoming 2022 third album ‘Looking For Space’
  • Rome-based post-indie rock /shoegaze band formed in June 2006 by the composer and lyricist Gianluca Divirgilio, Arctic Plateau “We’re Never Falling Down” from the new album “Songs of Shame” on Shunu Records
  • Berlin-based, South Korean solo dream pop /shoegaze project Syupeo Jenjang “Rotterdam” from the third LP “이런 젠장”
  • Greek Alternative /Shoegaze /Indie Rock band from Athens, Royal Arch “La Nuit” debut single via Make Me Happy records (EU), Jigsaw Records (US) and Fastcut Records (AS)
  • Portland, OR bedroom /fuzzy shoegaze solo project Animal Ghosts “Drift” from the “Wake” EP
  • Jackson MS doomgaze /post-grunge /shoegaze quintet Kicking “Catacombs” from upcoming cassette EP “Goodbye Party” on Candlepin Records
  • Finland dark alt-metal /doom gaze one-woman-band, shedfromthebody “Hours” from the new album “To Hold The Ripened Sun”
  • Barcelona-based Italo/Finnish grunge /noise rock duo MURINA “Stuff Galore” title track from the cassette EP “Stuff Galore” on Muzai Records
  • Los Angeles emo /shoegaze /power pop band (members of post-hardcore outfits Drug Church, State Champs, & The Story), PILE OF LOVE “Unowned” from the S/T album
  • Indiana‘s stoner rock /psychedelic /dream pop /shoegaze band CLOAKROOM “A Force At play” first single from the upcoming LP “Dissolution Wave” on Relapse Records                                                                              
  • Californian indie rock band formed in 1999, OPEN HAND “Take Me With You” title track from upcoming EP on American Propaganda and Blacktop Records
  • Louisville, Kentucky slowcore trio DRAFTING “Ordinary” from “Everything Is Coming Up” EP on Candlepin Records                                                                                                                                                         
  • Italo/Greek psychedelic /noise pop /shoegaze duo based in London, Monochromatic Visions – ”Sabre” from the upcoming album “REFORM”.
  • German ambient /kraut /coldwave /cosmic /psychedelic moniker of Leipzig-based composer Jonas Wehner, Warm Graves “Sun Escape” from the upcoming second studio album “Ease” on Fuzz Club Records
  • Minas Gerais, Brasil shoegaze /psychedelic garage rock duo Léo Gudan and Gabriela Zaith, aka White Canyon & The 5th Dimension “Ancient Secrets of Green Leaf” single
  • Krautrock /acid /cosmic /psychedelic instrumental quartet of space cadets from Belgium, THE FUR “Mirage” from the album “Sonntag”
  • Philadephia-based lo-fi /jangle psych-pop outfit HONEY RADAR “Plum Scouts” from the 12″ vinyl EP “Play-Box Relay”
  • Scotland, UK experimental project of Mark Scanlan, aka Black Hill Transmissions “Just Out Of Reach” (The Jesus & Mary Chain cover) from the EP “1985 (In My Mind)” in conjunction with The Creeping Bent Organisation
  • UK punk and glam rock n roll 5-piece BOSS “Cash ‘Em In” new 2-track 7″ single on Static Shock Records
  • Frankfurt based German pop-punk /indie trio Von Spotz. “Carrusel” from their first EP “Die Einfachen Leute” on phänomene
  • Kansas City lo-fi /jangle /dream pop /shoegaze project SEVENTEEN YEARS “Fallen” from the album “Junk Food”
  • Tochigi, Japan indie pop /indie rock duo Lucie,Too ‘シワの種 Shiwa no tane’ from the full-album ‘Fool’  via Thistime Records.
  • Californian experimental rock band from San Jose, Dying Pharaohs “Love Is Not Lost Forever” title track from the new EP “Love Is Not Lost Forever”
  • Dream-Punk DIY one-man-project of Berlin-based artist Alexander Leonard Donat ( aka Vlimmer, Feverdreamt, Leonard Las Vegas), aka Fir Cone Children “Turtle Stone” from the new album “It Chooses You” on Blackjack Illuminist Records
  • Graz, Austria indie /shoegaze /noise-pop trio Hella Comet “UMPteeeeeee” 7″ single and 9×7″ vinyl box “From Nowhere” on Rock Is Hell Records
  • Athens based, Greek Indie Rock duo, Jimmy Knows “Sweat” new single
  • Manchester, UK disbanded heavy pop 4-piece Wu Lyf “Christmas Circa ’98” (unreleased recorded in 2008?)
  • Sidney-based synth /indie /psych-pop duo of Bulgarian born and raised singer-guitarist Ivana Kay and Australian multi-instrumentalist, Robbie Cain, aka MICRA “Jazzman” from debut “Sunday” EP on Liberation Records
  • Melbourne indie-pop project Tamara & the Dreams “St Kilda Beach” from the debut EP “Cracked Phone Screens”
  • Tampa, FL post-punk /shoegaze /indie rock all-girl 4-piece THE NERVOUS GIRLS “Waiting” from the album “A Thousand Awful Thoughts”
  • Australian Alternative Indie Pop band from Brisbane, Monsters Up North “All Our Flowers Are Growing Sideways” the second single from the upcoming debut album
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK indie /dream pop /new wave project by SI FARRIER aka WATERBED “BRIDGES UNDER THE WATER” from the album “BRIDGES” (25th anniversary)
  • Zaragoza, Spain indie /wave /synth-pop trio FOMINDER “Amanecer” first single from the next year LP “Supercardioide” on Discos de Kirlian
  • Seattle‘s synthpop /shoegaze /post-punk /dream pop band FOTOFORM “They Say It’s Always Lonely” (benefit single)
  • Leeds, UK synth indie drone-rock DIY band by ex-members of The Blanche Hudson Weekend / The Manhattan Love Suicides, aka The Edible Eyes “You’re Void” from the CD mini-album “Images Of Sound”
  • Toronto-based, Turin-born “poetic jazz rock” singer-songwriter Fortunato Durutti Marinetti “Memory’s Fool (bonus track)” from the upcoming album “Memory’s Fool” on Bobo Integral and Soft Abuse
  • French DIY indie folk /dream pop project of singer-songwriter Elodie Pereira, aka Ellie Meriz “Nothing’s Never To Be Mine” from the EP ” The Truth of Me”
  • Philadelphia indie-folk singer-songwriter Anika Pyle “The Way You Look At Me” single
  • Memphis-based folk singer-songwriter Julien Baker “A Dreamer’s Holiday” single on Matador Records
  • Durham, UK born singer/songwriter (of early 80s folk/pop band Martin Stephenson And The Daintees), Martin Stephenson “Blue Child” from the upcoming EP “Good Will Factory”
  • Myrtle Beach, SC Indiepop / Tweegaze /Dreampop project of Brian Hancheck, aka The Arctic Flow ”Memories To Hold” from the Christmas album “Under the Christmas Twee” on shiny happy records
  • Houston, TX ambient /modern classical multi-instrumentalist Matt Kidd, aka SLOW MEADOW “A Light Without Flame” title track from the EP “Upstream Dream” on Hammock Music

Painting by Kibong Rhee

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