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Stuttgart, Germany based multifaceted electronic duo Robin Wörn and Manuel Minniti AKA AGO, draw heady warm/cold flavours from the Middle East and Central Europe to formulate a unique off-kilter modern concoction of Synth-Pop and New Wave sprinkled with Post-Rock, Shoegaze, and Kraut Rock leanings. The band’s debut full length, “Chroma“, released in July 2021, hosts three artists, including Nursel Kale, on the surreal after-hours new and third single, “Montreal“, joined by a mind-warping video immersion created by photographer Sascha Richter and director Alex Schuster, featuring Eva Ebeling.

Montreal“, lyric-wise, captures the modern-day isolation that drives fear and sentient discomfort through a chilly poetic introspection.

Photo by Sascha Richter @saschar1chter

Smokey lounge moods transpire through a ceremonial incandescence of droning synth swathes pulsing brightly over groovy, digging bass lines, snappy, stalking metronomic beats, and sparkly guitar sheens to sway woozily around sensual, eloquent Turkish vocals breathing obsessive mental wanderings, voyeuristic laughs, and lush whispers through a blurry vision of icy crushed chord’s hypnotic distorted melodies.

The visuals by Sascha Richter and director Alex Schuster elicit swanky retro-contemporary vibes to ignite hot and cold passions into a surreal mystery set against an intoxicating urban backdrop. Dim neon-lit skies cast an evocative glow over a psychological plotline, cloaked in secrecy and dread, whilst an disorienting flow of motion, awkward camera angles, and intriguing character style glide twilight fantasies through a noir-ish lens of symbolic tones. Edgy attitudes and suggestive violence extract an alluring and sinister flair from a series of disorienting flashbacks, to inspire the mind’s eye of imagination to project a treacherous and nefarious algorithm onto the shocking finale.

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Photo by Sascha Richter @saschar1chter

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