WL//WH Track Of The Day: PLAGUE PITS “The Beaches”

Track Of The Day PLAGUE PITS

Enigmatic Swiss new act based in Bern, seemingly a quartet, Plague Pits, implement a tense and disturbing diverse synthetic/organic concoction of Industrial, Post-punk and Synth Wave elements to carve hallucinatory, surrealistic nightmares of apocalyptic dread, on the base of the first two tracks unveiled from the forthcoming debut Cassette/Digital EP simply called “I”.

Disruptive and jittery, “The Beach” seethes with a chunky squelching bassline that throbs with obsessive tightly-wound menace scourge along with turbulent drum beats, scattered by rattling cut-up percussive hits and bursts of buzzing and drilling shots, amid icy piercing ping synth vibrations, to inject a tense dark-hearted air of impending urgency and danger, whilst a hypnotic array of sinister and oppressive voices merge into a paranoia-inducing layering of vintage movie samples, where dystopian sentiments of pestilence, war, disease, and death project seamlessly over our current timeline of catastrophic narratives, erupting into an overwrought emotional vortex transfixed by shrieking guitar drone pangs.

Sinister melodies envelop“Plague Pits” that snakes through a hypnotic brew of rattling and taut lilting industrial rhythms, organic pounding drums, stabbed by ominous synthetic swirling bass drones, dramatic whirring chilled synth swells, and strengthening inserts of abrasive guitar riffs, rocking around frigid, anxious vocals, alternate with sinister buzzing back-ups and fading ominous echoes, to spread fear and doom into cold and calculating mechanisms of overpowering dread, depicting an apocalyptic landscape where dead bodies fill “Plague Pits” as tall as the eyes can see.

 Plague Pits conjure up agonized, bleak yet clangouring and mesmerizing visions of the world’s end, let’s wait for the full picture.

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