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Video Of The Day Bedroom Talks

Lviv, Ukraine based Cold Minimal Electronic project of Jin Kei, AKA Bedroom Talks, follows up on his last end of May’s consistent debut album, “Quiet Shelter”, with a dark and dreamy DIY video for the gripping surreal dancing new single “Drowned in You” via SwissDarkNights Label.

An agonizing observation of joy and passion curses the mass of inverted perceptions who cast truth and beauty into a lost sea of haste.

Distinctive of his esoteric dark electronic sound, primal, synthetic and organic at the same time, “Drowned in You”
unfolds a buzzing and drifting bass tone menace that drives toxic ominous vibes through crisp clap-charged, steady mechanical beats, sinister, alarming synth strains, and glittering stacks of tinkling chords, whilst haunted and emotional vocals release distressed cries of disharmony, alienation, and pain into an electric spatial outflow of disenchanted, droning fear.

Foggy DIY cinematics reveal universal symbols of danger and mourning through a mesmerizing lens of ritual introspection to extract rebirth, freedom, and awakening. Kaleidoscopic overlays transform a nocturnal bedroom jam session into a parallel dimension of spectre-like consistency, to lift a black veil of antiquated, guarded secrecy into interdimensional awareness. Red and blue flashing orbs alternate with open glistening seashores to transfix the subconscious eye of archetypal insight with metaphorical imagery, filtering ancient wisdom through reflections of curved light into a free-floating energy.

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Photo by @wastedklymuk

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