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Osaka based Japanese Post-Punk Rockers Mississippi Khaki Hair, made of Saito Kimura (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Ackey (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Daiki Usui (Bass, Backing Vocals), Yudai Higuchi (Synth), and BnZ Machida (Drums), announce the release of a digital 3-song EP with a psychological video, created by SHIMU, casting by Daichi Yamada, for the angsty title track “Tokyo.”

A rambunctious stream of caustic consciousness flows mercurially through a modern dystopic nightmare cast in pop culture references, pessimism, and heady intoxications.

An adrenaline-fueled injection of erratic anxious and searing guitar riffs burn toxic frequencies through heavy pounding drum beats and menacing bassline throbs whilst tormented, distressed, and slightly distorted male vocals scream and fall in dire desperation through a chaotic outflow of high voltage dread.

Engaging visuals, directed by SHIMU (@simusei0210), capture the lively city streets of Tokyo charged by the iridescent glow of an electric grid to set a chilling and mysterious backdrop for a surprise congregation of belligerent hecklers. Hip retro-futuristic streetwear, awkward and sinister camera angles and exaggerated shadows construct a surreal atmosphere around a weary wanderer whose attempt to escape reality leads to an unexpected fright. Shady street hustlers taunt, jeer, and chase the struggling protagonist to the edge of reason as we find out the most hideous villain is lurking in the hidden alleyways of the mind.

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