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Video Of The Day  LEAF MOSAIC

Respectively more than two and three decades of worthy indie-pop craftsmanship, through a plethora of cult bands, from which the most attentive aficionados will surely be aware of, has not dried up the desire to make music without any constraints whatsoever and the melodic instinct of the Australian musicians Matthew Sigley (The Daytime Frequency, The Earthmen, Polak, Video Video, The Lovetones) and Joshua Meadows (The Sugargliders, The Steinbecks, The Bell Streets, Secret Towns).

After having played music together for years, for the first time, the Central Victoria-based duo started to collaborate as songwriters under the moniker Leaf Mosaic: Matthew writes the music; Joshua the words.

Fresh from a recent crush on the ’80s electro-pop from the Soviet Union and the gears used at the time, the new venture follows the same electronic path as the brand new third single, “Zodiaque”, clearly shows, whose synthetic qualities trigger familiar hints to the poppier New Order, Electronic, Pet Shop Boys and due to those subtly funky little guitar riffs, why not, ABC, the whole coated in a veneer of indispensable breezy melancholy.

The enticing “Zodiaque” is laced with poetic lyrics that use catchy rhymes, metaphors, and acronyms to describe a social awareness of change and transition.

Crispy snapping beats roll through an intoxicating array of vintage synthetic arrangements to weave tense humming bass pulses with strings of icy bright piano twinkles, brittle and dramatic stabs, swaying strummed guitar chords and obsessive atmospheric swirls, stirred by a  poignant violin-like flourish, to boost the romantic melancholy of brooding male vocals rising and falling in tones of harsh whispers, dizzy distortions, airy vocoder inflexions, and alluring female clips to deliver a heartbreaking moment of clarity into the brilliant, bittersweet aural expansions.

The out of this world retro-futuristic video, created by Phoebe Robinson and Mathew Rolfe, blends outer-spacey moods into a fascinating mosaic of symbolic imagery. Geometric shapes blur, spin, and disintegrate through shifting zoom lens angles over virtual and organic realities to spark depth defying optical illusions swept in Sci-Fi suggestions. Atmospheric radar antennae transmit radio, light, and magnetic waves through a psychic web of orbiting surveillance systems to evoke cold and lost isolation, with hints of modern dystopic evolutions.

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