WL//WH Review: The eccentric synthwave awesomeness of MADMOIZEL in her new “Blue” LP [TONN Recordings]

WL//WH Review  Madmoizel

On November 9th, MADMOIZEL the electronic eccentric from Paris released her brand new opus “Blue” LP on TONN Recordings (Belfast). The new album is available on 12″ vinyl and on digital format and the album is one whole greatness of 10 new songs and tracks that are pushing forward everybody involved; the audience, herself, the French synth-wave, TONN Recordings, and the avant-garde artists of the world who are looking for the score of the post-modernism.

The new album was written from March 2019 to March 2020, dedicated to my dear mother and also my family and closest friends who helped me to go through a hard period of life. One full year to regain my strength across the shades of blue. From dark to light.Madmoizel

« From profundity to lightness, Blue is the process. I think of you, Mother »

This dear artist and friend made an album that will be noticed later on in the coming years as her innermost creation and another significant work bravely surfaced by TONN from N.Ireland, and yes the “Blue” album has all these ‘ingredients’ and ‘thorns’ to make it stay like that. MADMOIZEL or Dame De France if you prefer, is a classically trained musician with decades in music since she was very young. Her whole life and her course through arts, in general, led her to where she is now, and since she started using that monicker for her creations in the studio and for her live performances too.

I remember last January I made an interview with her that you can read again HERE and I want to place here some of her words that will help you to understand better her music and my article as well. I asked her about electronic ‘things’ and MADMOIZEL‘s roots and she noticed “In terms of electronic references I loved more the British sound of New Order, Bronski Beat, Art of Noise…than the German ones (even if I also listened to the classics). The Germans came later. So MADMOIZEL is the result of a contemporary synth sound mixed with lyricism and neoclassical references plus a theatrical touch.” She said that thing “The Germans came later” and I must tell you that in the new album more than ever before she is fearlessly sending her sonic love and her smoke signals to some acknowledged names such as NEU!, Neubauten, Kraftwerk, and something in my ears is also buzzing the name of Die Form as well. You won’t find any obvious elements from these Titans but more such similarities of structure and distortions, the proto-electro ‘overground’ style. Almost all albums these days have an official video and the same goes for this record. “Vertigo” was published on November 8 with a very nice video created by Stéphane Argillet Stereovoid, watch it loud!

And “Blue” is the kind of album that you have to listen to it from start to end without pause. You can pick a song or two for the car and for your DJ sets but this album has a certain groove with the stories to tell and the best for your pleasure, listen to the whole first. It is important to ‘start the show’ with the first track Blue (part 1) to get in the mood with that industrial-minimal electro fugue, then let it run to the rest ‘confessions’ and to the other parts of her eccentric awesomeness. You will hear her deep soul better than in any of her previous records, you will hear and you will clearly understand all her sonic ‘troubles’, from minimalism and the ‘classical’ oriented arrangements that will shock you nicely with her defiant fantasy to dare such things! You will also hear the soul of the electro party last night, and you will notice her real keen on tearing apart her own music with ‘needless’ distortions that were utterly needed at the end to throw it all in the dusty wind! Synthwave music in the French style with a stumble to get up and never look back, the horizon ahead counts the most! And yeah, synthpunk too, the new wave, the urban underground from her boots up to her machines, all in the face and all so beautifully given. “Blue” is on repeat and it will stay there for a long time, her story with us, listen loud!!!

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Live @schwuz Berlin Photo by @enfinnoir

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike


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