WL//WH Track Of The Day: MOROSIS “Reverie”

 Track Of The Day  MOROSIS

Beyond the general sprawling glitzy and surreal image of Las Vegas, a few promising bands have surfaced recently, one is Luxury Furniture Store, about which we have spoken previously, among other things coming out with their debut album, “Bedrot”, right in these days, and lastly the nu-gaze 4-piece MOROSIS fresh from releasing the first preview, “Reverie” from their upcoming 5-track EP, “Saturnine”, due out on October 31, 2021.

After a self-titled debut album in the Summer of 2019 with a soft and dreamy synth-washed guitar pop sound, the band seem to have added energetic and turbulent MBV-like heavier tones doused in sizzling reverb distortion, sprinkled with post-punk moodiness, while preserving their atmospheric qualities.

The sorely introspective “Reverie” releases steady, punchy drum beats to trigger lilting obsessive somber melodies that ring and sparkle with increasing crystalline intensity, slowly submerged by the sneaking tendrils of languorous whirring flurries, layering with fuzz-laden darkness, to alternatively enshroud, both abrasive and caressing, into a hazy and alienated dream state of lost consciousness, whilst weak, and pain-filled vocals struggle for breath, pervaded by a blurry droning sensorial drift of increasing piercing emotional wailing distortion, in an asphyxiating barrage of frenetic, apocalyptic deception.

An equally immersive and mesmeric fuzz-suffused erratic ‘Reverie’ afflicted by an emotionally crushing, disturbing vibe.

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