WL//WH Video Of the Day: URSULA “Slip n Slide”

WL//WH Video Of The Day URSULA

Perth, Australia’s Alt-Indie Rock quartet URSULA drop an alfresco video by Casey Renzullo for the vibrating and angsty new single “Slip n Slide”, distinctive of the band’s late fresh, vibrant and utterly captivating blend of noise-ridden radiantly fuzzy guitar sound and hazy reverberant shoegaze distortion, swelled with softly delivered emotional vocal harmonies.

“Slip n Slide” deals with reflective lyrics that evoke denial, avoidance, and disbelief to fight the wicked hands of misunderstood deception and exploitation.

Steady punchy drum beats drive through obsessive ringing guitar melodies, a low meandering bassline and light airy female vocals rising and falling in anxious desperate cries of self-discovery, amid wavering, warmly abrasive fuzzy bursts and scratchy distortions.

Sunny countryside awareness casts cacti, butterflies, and waterfalls onto an introspective wandering to extract a powerful flow of emotions. Healing waters from raging rivers carve wise stone faces along a path to enlightenment opening tunnels to truth, trails of insight, and archetypal history from Nature’s bounty of panoramic views, whilst inner thoughts and skewed shadows echo hidden fears.

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