WL//WH New Music: DETECTS “The Other Night”


Mississippi Post-Punk solo act Detects blends early ’80s moody post-punk and ’90s melancholic shimmering shoegaze in the hot and restless new single, “The Other Night”, to announce the upcoming debut album, “Conditions” scheduled to be released on November 12, 2021, via Way-Off Records, paired with a DIY vintage video clip. 

 “The Other Night” stirs an urgent rush of piercing, wistful guitar melodies, rapid bleak bass pulses, steady punchy beats, and nervous reverberant chimes washed by airy forsaken synth chords, to drown haunted, sad male vocals in guilty obsession, sombre regret and sentient pain, drifting hopeless, into an intoxicating sea of fear, shame, and denial at the hands of an intimate betrayal.

An audiovisual excursion through a retro 32gb realm ignites the mind’s eye of memory with a backward flow of unnatural technological advancement. Modern Apps reverse engineer a series of graph point reflections to etch fine laser frequencies, eye scan repetitions and 3D projections into a magnetic mosaic. Multi-media art pulses neon green-tinted patterns made of ancient universal symbols to mystify, arouse, and open twin portals of the mind into a depth-defying extension of time.

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