WL//WH New Music: The eclectic darkwave new album “Telegraph” by Montreal’s SCENE NOIR via Velouria Recordz


Scene Noir

Today we are feeling very happy to feature the new album “Telegraph” by the Montreal-based act Scene Noir via the fellow Canadian independent boutique record label Velouria Recordz. It is the 3rd full-length release of the band and it was recorded in Montreal and New York over the course of 2021. The new album delivers eight eclectic new songs that explore the blurred lines between reality and perceptions of modern life, and all these are applied through a bundle of incredible and eclectic darkwave music.

Scene Noir is Aislinn Vaudry (guitar, synth, vocals), Kevin Hills (bass), David Brennan (guitar, synth), and Andrew Velvet (vocals, guitar, synths) who teamed up to explore together the wide field of the dark alternative front, and luckily for them and us all, their quest came victorious as the new album “Telegraph” is by far their best ever release so far. I am amazed by their effort, I am also amazed at the result of it all and I am sensing that this new album is like their stepping stone from now on. All these years SN was offering very nice and cool dark songs that were being crafted with obvious talent and a good sense of orchestration all over. Now in 2021, things became more serious and quite more complete as these eight new tracks unveil a solid team ready to take off to the genre’s annual podium.

We have a complete darkwave record that hides inside all things we love in this music; passion, romanticism, nostalgia, modernism, venoms and flowers, all given so generously through some truly amazing new musings. I read in the press kit that if you like this and that historic band then SN is for you, I won’t mention these names because I don’t want to create impressions but I’ll say this; everything post-punk you adored in your life is here, all things guitar-driven darkwave are here too, all vocalists who stole your soul forever are somehow and metaphysically here and don’t even think that our friends from Montreal are copying things; that’s why I used the term ‘modernism’ above.

Canada is constantly impressing us over the recent years, it’s the generation of course, and the only name I can safely recommend as a ‘similar possibility’ is probably ACTORS, why; both the band from Vancouver and Scene Noir from Montreal are openly pushing the boundaries of post-punk music far from the usual darkwave ‘cannibalism’ because they dare my friends, yes they are brave and they are so talented seeing afar and clear.

“Telegraph” album is filled with greyness as is also filled with the hope that this open window will not close soon because the dense air that is coming in from the valleys is here to stay for long as the members of SN are creating brilliant music to, first dance to, and then also die for it. I was looking for my darkwave new release after the summer and here I have it in my hands, and I am absolutely amazed at it, and how nice it is to see in the details that all songs are written by all members of the band. I guess that’s why this album sounds like that; utterly impressive work by all members of the team. I won’t give you any focus tracks because every single song in the album can lead or open the way to the rest but I am pretty curious which song they are going to choose to make an official video for it. Expect to find glories in the album, and expect to hear one integrated release by all means. Nothing more from me, I leave you with the new album “Telegraph” by Montreal team Scene Noir, show them your love and listen to it loud, cheers!!!

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