WL//WH Track Of The Day: ICEBLINK “Seared”

Track Of The Day  Iceblink

‘Drip dropping dream-pop indie rocks with reflective tones of the Sundays, Lush, the Cure, the Darling Buds’, from their self-description we could easily assume where we’re headed with the music of Brooklyn based newcomer, Cocteau-esque called, Iceblink, comprised of Martin Newman (guitars, mellotron), James Newman (bass, drums) and Andrea Lynn (vocals), dealing with their first single “Seared”.

A blissful tune that unfolds smoothly with grace around the enticing glistening melodies of 6-string plucks, gradually clad by ethereal mellotron vibes and reverberant misty distortion, enhanced by the seductive temperamental ecstatic vocalizations that somehow bring to mind the engaging warbling tone of Joanna Newsom.

“Seared” brings confessional lyrics that realize karma, the inability to avoid responsibility and express amends and sorrow.

Tantalizing and emotional depth-charged, the track is lead by brisky drum beats, underpinned by a murmuring post-punkish bassline, with chiming jangly guitar melodies, crystallizing like sheer ice around breathy emotional female vocals that ‘wax and wane’ in hopeless harmonies, to glide over shimmering and humming drifts of hazy reverb, while brimming with heartfelt shame, regret, and painful passions. 

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