WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – September #35-21

  • Almaty, Kazakhstan dream pop /indie duo Опиа – “Семейное рабство” (Single) on qazaq indie

Gripping new single from dream-pop duo from Kazankhstan, equal parts enticing and disquieting, mottled by a shimmering yet seethingly heart-rending and sorrowful emotional heap. Poignant prickling guitar strings, obsessive pulsing bassline, swirling bright keyboard chimes and soft hypnotic beats carry the disturbing impassioned tapestry of rapid breathless female distress, soft male whispered tears, dual numb hums and warped and distorted slow motion repetitions into the depth defying pain and psychological torture of family violence.

  • Dreamy surf-pop from Scottish musician David Skimming based in South Korea, LUNAR ISLES “In Any Other” single

Immersive and atmospheric new single from South Korea-based Scot musician weaves meandering ethereal jangly guitar strings and subdued reverb-filled piercing weeps with hearty bass lines and smooth steady beats to gently echo dreamy sad vocals surfing in a shimmering sea of despair and longing.

  • Naga, Philippines indie /shoegaze outfit Possvm “Dreamer” from debut EP “Hopelessly Content”

Enigmatic shoegaze combo from the Philippines that weave disconnected, emotional hazy reverb-wrapped soundscapes into a captivating coalescence of introspective ecstatic harmonies and fizzing restrained noisy swirls, swaying between foaming and abrasive fuzzy wall of sound spaciness and sparkling, at times quivering, guitar infused reflective sonic strands, sparsely charged by wistful keyboard notes, to reverberate somberly over airy, breathy layered vocals lost in a subliminal sea of submerged anxious dreams.

  • Russian drone /guitar ambient /dronegaze /post-rock duo from Saint-Petersburg, ACCASARI “Loi Krathong” from the upcoming cassette album “Phantom Leaves” on Noyade Records
  • Los Angeles, CA new wave/dream pop duo RUBY HAUNT “Harrow” off the new album “Watching The Grass Grow”
  • Bellingham, Wa bedroom pop /goth /dream pop /ethereal project of Delia Rothmeyer, aka COUNT VESPER “Grinding Down” from the debut album “Desultory”
  • Kazan, Russia ambient pop /shoegaze /dreampop duo Мерцание – “Сновидение” (Single)
  • London based psych-pop /Bossanova /indie artist, Imanuela “Thief” new single on We Were Never Being Boring Collective
  • London based multiistrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Ralegh Long “To Love Someone (For the First Time)” first single from forthcoming third album “Blue Nights”.
  • Letchworth Garden City, UK C86 /twee /Casio pop /indie pop The Spanish Amanda and the Chickpea Darlings related duo The False Dawns “The Robot Girl Psychiatrist” from “Go Home Dad – You’re Drunk!” EP
  • Glasgow, UK indie pop /shoegaze /dream-pop duo Simon Liddell (Frightened Rabbit) and Carla J Easton, aka POSTER PAINTS “Never Saw It Coming” (Single)
  • Leipzig-based indie /jangle /dream-pop project of UK-born Joel Randles, aka GOOD POSTURE “Changin'” the first single from Good Posture’s forthcoming EP “Changin'” on Feeltrip Records and Tip Top Recordings.
  • The Hague, Netherlands dream-pop duo MAIDA ROSE “Within” new single.
  • London, UK jangly /indie /dream pop 4-piece Bleach Lab “Talk It Out” (Single) off the upcoming second EP, ‘Nothing Feels Real’. 
  • Vancouver, Canada electronic /indie rock 4-piece Gold & Youth “The Worse The Better” from the album “Dream Baby” out November 5th, 2021 on Paper Bag Records
  • Californian jangle /indie /dream /’garage-pop’ singer /songwriter /musician Josh Hwang, aka CASTLEBEAT “Into” (Single) on Spirit Goth
  • Sevilla, Spain indie /dream pop /electro-pop duo Escuelas Pías “Metros cuadrados” from the new EP ” Plantas alucinógenas” on El Genio Equivocado
  • Toronto-based indie-pop /sophisti-pop /new wave duo Favours “Call Me” (Single)
  • Tokyo, Japan indie /dream pop /synthpop side-project of AprilBlue members Haruki Funasoko and Azusa Suga, aka Pink Paper Planes “Escape / エスケープ” new single
  • Vigo, Spain indie /dream pop /synthpop solo project (also member of When Nalda Became Punk), Tears To Go “Electronics” second single from upcoming debut LP “Patronizing Self-Help”
  • French synthpop trio from Toulouse, COUR DE RÉCRÉ “Vice Et Werther” from s/t album on Elefant Records
  • Saint Jérôme, Québec electro-pop music project of Danny Provencher (a.k.a. Under Electric Light), 122 North “Goodbye” from upcoming “Night Drive” album on Too Good To Be True
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina kraut /post-punk /shoegaze /new wave /dream-pop duo Corriendo Por El Bajo “La Osa Mayor” from the album “Partículas”
  • Swedish synth-pop / dream pop /post-punk /shoegaze trio based in Malmö, Spunsugar “Rodan” new single from upcoming EP on Adrian Records                                                                                                                    
  • Vienna based Madchester /psych /indie pop solo project THE TELLY – “21” from upcoming V/A “Compilation D” on CUT SURFACE
  • Philadelphia/Seattle indie /synthpop /synth-wave duo Kent “Von” Hertzog and Rob Rowe, aka VH x RR “the Fray” new single
  • New York lo-fi /synth pop/indie rock solo project SIPPER “Crybaby” single
  • London, UK surf /psych-pop band Volleyball “Not For Today [Rose Rose Remix]” from “Re-works” EP
  • UK soul /r&b /nu-disco /electronic /soul machine collaborative project of Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) and James Alexander Bright, aka Bright & Findlay “Leave It All Behind” from the upcoming EP “Slow Dance” on Athens Of The North
  • UK indie/shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece from Brighton, HANYA “Fortunes” from upcoming 7″ EP “100 Metre Sprint”
  • Kent, Ohio indie rock /jangly pop band MOONLOVE “All Your Mysteries” from the vinyl 12″ reissue of the DIY 1985 album “May Never Happen” on Concentric Circles
  • Merida, Mexico post-punk /krautrock /psychedelic trio Los Kowalski “Paprika” (originally written in 2017)
  • Australian 4-piece psychedelic rock band based in Sydney, THE LAZY EYES “Come On Let’s Go” (Broadcast Cover)
  • Dusseldorf, Germany fuzzy space psychedelic band VIBRAVOID ”Vibravoid – Dance On Mars (Flying Saucer Mix)” new single from the coming album “Zeitgeist Generator” on stoned karma records
  • Hamburg, Germany krautrock /indie rock /post-rock duo ECHO IN “Duplicate” from the debut EP “The Bar”
  • Californian noise-pop /shoegaze /dream pop band from San Francisco, Lavender Blush “You Are My Moonlight” title track from upcoming LP “You Are My Moonlight”
  • Anonymous Japanese shoegaze solo project Cosmicdust “Snow Noise Assemblage” from “Snow Noise Assemblage” unreleased album from 15 years ago, 2xVinyl 12″ on He’s Trying Records
  • New York shoegaze /dream pop /indie rock 4-piece WARM “The sky was grey but it felt like heaven” from “What’s Done in the Dark” EP
  • Polish dream pop /shoegaze band from Warsaw, MIDSOMMAR “Soft” first single from the upcoming EP “The Dream We Had”
  • FrenchIrish dreamwave /shoegaze band based in Dublin, A RITUAL SEA “Radiate” from the upcoming s/t album on Icy Cold Records.
  • Joensuu, Finland dreampop /indie rock /shoegaze band The Here Todays “Takotsubo” new single
  • Tokyo, Japan dream pop /shoegaze band OPTLOQUAT 赤橙 “Imaginary Host” from the debut LP “From The Shallow” on Jigsaw Records
  • La Rochelle, France experimental /shoegaze project HERENOWHƎRE “Fear of Flying” (Bowery Electric cover)
  • Sarasota, Fl shoegaze /dream pop band CAPTIVE FRAME “There’s always dawn” third single from the upcoming debut LP.
  • Nashville, TN lo-fi /ambient /dark dream pop /shoegaze outfit WULVEN “Out Of Control” title track from the upcoming EP “Out Of Control” on Winterhouse Records                                                                                         
  • Western Australia indie-pop /post-punk band from Perth, RAT COLUMNS “Sarah” from the new EP “New Romans”                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Dunedin, NZ Bedroom Indie Pop /Indie Rock /Shoegaze trio Marlin’s Dreaming – “Trophies” new single from the upcoming 3rd album ‘Hasten’.
  • California bedroom psych /shoegaze /dreampop solo project of Pete Pagonis, AKA The Ocean Greys “Way Down The Long Road” from the EP “Next Station”
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania psych /dream pop band FLOWER CROWN “Billy” from upcoming album “Heat” on Crafted Sounds
  • Seoul, South Korea-based indie-pop band STARS ON FIRE “Ready, Steady, Go!” 2-track 7″ single on Cloudberry Records
  • Bangkok, Thailand indie pop/shoegaze band trio (formerly The Passion of Anna), Traveling With Monika “Until The End” new single
  • California jangle /dream /indie-pop duo of Sally Jati from Starry Eyed Cadet and Ken Aki from HeroNoHero, aka FALCONET “Summer” from the album “Magic Potion”
  • San Francisco, Ca C86 /indie /jangle-pop project of Seablite‘s Andy Pastalaniec (former member of Odd Hope, Pink Films, Cruel Summer), CHIME SCHOOL “Taking Time To Tell You” from upcoming s/t album on Slumberland Records
  • Ottawa, Canada grunge /shoegaze /indie rock duo SOFTCULT “House Of Mirrors” (Single).
  • Chicago, IL dream pop /shoegaze 5-piece LIGHTFOILS “Supervene” from “supervene/this time is up” new cassette single.
  • Los Angeles based psych-pop /indie rock 5-piece Inner Wave “Mystery” from upcoming LP “Apoptosis”
  • England, UK folk indie pop band formed by Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey (both in Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap) along with Fay Hallam (Makin’ Time, Phaze, Prime Movers), Andy Lewis (Pimlico, Spearmint) and Ian Button (Deep Cut, Thrashing Doves), The Catenary Wires ‘Always On My Mind’ single taken from the album ‘Birling Gap’” on Skep Wax and Shelflife (USA).
  • Dublin-based alt/ indie /electro-pop 5-piece, The Crayon Set “Flames” from the upcoming new 3rd LP “Downer Disco”
  • California-bred jangly dream-pop project of Alexei Pacholuk & friends, Business School “Lose You” (Single)
  • Nashville, TN indie /power-pop band lead by Shane Tutmarc, aka DOLOUR “Before Tonight’s Big Party” from the album “Origin Story” 15 vintage Dolour songs re-recorded and reimagined from scratch to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dolour’s debut LP.
  • Washington, D.C. shoegaze /indie rock band No One Sphere “Hang On, Subtitles” new single.
  • Poughkeepsie, New York alt-rock /shoegaze 5-piece MANU “Earth” title track from the new album “Earth”
  • Japanese shoegaze /post-rock solo project Lovewillsaveus “Shining” from “Pink” EP
  • North West of England post-hardcore /indie rock /grunge /shoegaze 5-piece Glass Gardens “Peach Fuzz” from the album “Curves”
  • Finland dark alt-metal /doom gaze one-woman-band, shedfromthebody “The Hollowing of Girls” from the second album “A Dead and Aimless Hum” first single off of Shedfromthebody’s upcoming album third “To Hold The Ripened Sun” due December 2021.
  • Malmö, Sweden garage /indie rock /goth-pop solo project of Arre! Arre! singer and bassist Katja Nielsen, aka She/Beast “Fan Club Leader” from the upcoming debut LP “Violent Tendencies” via PNKSLM Recordings
  • West Wiltshire, UK power pop /indie rock duo of Tom Brown and Rob Fawkes, aka Rural France “Stolen Beer” from upcoming “RF” album on Meritorio Records
  • Dublin-based indie rock band Silverbacks “Wear My Medals” new single from the upcoming debut album ‘Fad’ on Full Time Hobby
  • Washington, DC’s fuzzy power pop band The Rememberables “Bummer” from the upcoming LP “Breathe” on adagio830 and ​Head2Wall Records
  • Central Pennsylvania experimental /lo-fi /shoegaze side project of janedriver, CINDY DOE “(Satanas) I will know” from the upcoming album “A thousand dreams that would awake me” on Stellar Frequencies and Spleencore Records
  • L.A. based singer and guitarist in Galaxie 500, Luna, and currently one half of Dean & Britta, Dean Wareham “The Past Is Our Plaything” from the upcoming LP “I Have Nothing to Say to the Mayor of L.A.” on his own label Double Feature Records

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