WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – August #34-21

  • Various Artists “Punks for Wildfire Victims” Punk solidarity collection to support Greek fire victims via Athens’ GrPunkCollective

Punk solidarity collection to support fire victims including, for what it’s worth, also some well known post-punk and synth bands. The whole amount will be donated to the needs of those affected (humans and animals) by the devastating fires in Greece.

  • Various Artists “WE ARE ONE – En Días Oscuros” compilation via Mexico City’s We are one Records

We are one Records“En Dias Oscuros” (In Dark Days) draws on the raw, untapped fear of 20 distinct Mexican music projects, who recorded 20 premieres in the same space during the Worldwide Pandemic to weave a magnetic, energetic, and immersive tapestry of dire nocturnal moods through the exciting genres of Post_Punk, Dark Wave, Gothic Rock, and Punk Rock. Modern dystopic vibes teeter between intense melancholy, bittersweet tragedies, and visceral rage and pain, while a unifying thread of rare angst and expressive catharsis carries the collective dialogue of encouragement and hope to the listeners of the world as questions arise about these dark uncertain times and we prepare to move into a new, unchartered life together. Check it out!

  • Novosibirsk, Russia synthwave /coldwave /post-punk solo project of Kirill Zlobin, aka  NEON HELL “Run” new single                                                                                                                                                 

Siberian solo project combines the ’80s tinged cold post-punk leanings with stand-out evocative lyrics through intensely energetic and frenetic retro rhythms driving urgent feelings through icy bright synth trembles, and ominous pulsing bass lines, to form an all-pervasive climate of terror and fear around the highly anxious male vocals and dire echoes, unleashing desperate slivers of hope into a rush of glacial darkness.

  • US dark post-punk /goth rock project of Ian Farms, aka Rosicrucia “Reaper” from “Craft” (EP)

The man behind the atmospheric dungeon synth/black metal acts Witches Moon and Feasting ventures in parallel mysterious and chilling dark post-punk realms with a blackened aftertaste, strongly supported by a ruthless and frenetic build of creaking blazing guitar riffs and tight rhythms, stabbed by wandering sinister shrieking synth strains that lament and dimly lit atop the urgent anxiety of haunted male vocals spewing poetic metaphors of light/dark, good/evil into brooding and dire strains of gothic drama.

  • Bucharest, Romania dark analogue electro/esoteric angst pop /industrial duo TANZ OHNE MUSIK “Under The Rays Of The Black Sun” from the new album “Babes Of The Abyss” self-released through Red Cavity Records
  • Seattle goth /coldwave /darkwave duo OTHER “A Summoning” from upcoming debut LP “Sacred and Profane”
  • Hamilton, UK goth /darkwave project of Lea Torn, The Secret Experiment “Maelstrom” from “TELAH” EP
  • Portland, Or Dreampop /Psych-Goth /Post-Punk duo Monet Alarie (OVER) and Ashkelon Sain (Trance To The Sun, Soriah, Devoured By Flowers), aka Trance To The Moon “Fire Within Glass” from “Fire Within Glass” EP
  • UK goth /dream pop /dark-wave project from England, ANTI:AGER – “Mirror Mask” from the debut s/t album
  • French minimal coldwave project Basse Fidélité “Par exemple” from debut EP 2021
  • Quebec‘s Cold Wave /Synth Pop /Dark Wave duo Gabriel and Yseult AKA MENTHüLL “Crypto Love” new single.
  • Toronto breakbeat /synth wave /minimal synth /electronic project of David Lush, MEMOREX “Black Watch” from “The Staircase” EP
  • Stockholm based industrial /new wave /synth duo S T U M M / R I S B E R G “Rise And Fall” from V/A “Instead Of Body: Kalabalik” Alvar Music EP compilation series
  • Melbourne experimental /art-pop /synth wave co-founder of post-punk group Essendon Airport , David Chesworth (on vocals and a DX7 keyboard) and bassist Bill McDonald, David Chesworth & Bill McDonald “Greater Expectations” from the upcoming cassette “Drive Time” album of 1984 live concert at Trinity Chapel at Melbourne University, via Chapter Music
  • Sidney, Australia electronic /synth wave /dream pop /synthpop solo project Latex Pets “Her Years Are Behind Her” off “Demo IV” EP
  • Las Vegas synthwave /darkwave project Midnight Drift – “Bleeding Heart” from V/A “5 Year Anniversary Compilation” on Polychora Records
  • Toronto-based post-punk duo TRAITRS “Oh, Ballerina” off the upcoming LP “HORSES IN THE ABATTOIR”
  • Sacramento, Ca Goth /Wave /Post-Punk band Creux Lies “Becoming” 2nd single from the upcoming second album “Goodbye Divine”
  • French gothic /darkwave /coldwave singer-songwriter AFTER BLAST “CROYANCES PURES” from the album “THE AWAKENING”.
  • Wales, UK goth occult post-punk trio Guillotine Dream ”Another” from the upcoming new album ”Demigods”
  • US gothic rock project of Renzo Tellez, aka THE RED MOON MACABRE “Veneficus” from the upcoming EP “Blood Masquerade”
  • Southern Spain Goth /Post-Punk /Darkwave brother duo CIRCUSKIJA – “In the Darkness” from the album “TENEBRAE TEMPOS” on Tumbas Eternas Records
  • Alaska-based gothic coldwave /darkwave artist, Bartram Haugh “Narcissus” (Single)
  • Czech synthpop /darkwave /dark electronic one-woman project Isiolia “I Saw It Coming” title track from the album “I Saw It Coming”
  • Argentina bedroom pop /post-punk /vaporwave /analog synthpop solo project of Matias Rubio (former member of El picnic de un millón de años), Nuk Ronson “Lost Data” from the upcoming second LP “Latin Atlantic Twins” on Pistilo Records
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico lo-fi /goth /post-punk /darkwave /coldwave solo project (Pka The Endless), Slow Danse With The Dead “Babble of Despair” title track from the new album “Babble of Despair”
  • Berlin-based synthwave /minimal wave project ENFIN NOIR “TuMeursSeul” (Single)                                           
  • Sacramento, Ca minimal /darkwave /coldwave solo project of John Anton Malinowskj, aka EX-HEIR “SEX & SO ON” from 2-track single “SILKEN FEVER”
  • Sidney, Australia lo-fi goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project Chlorine Gargoyle “Necrophilia” (Single).           
  • French Industrial Body Music project of Timothée Gainet (aka Poison Point), IV HORSEMEN ”Special Order 937” off the upcoming split EP 12″ with Blind Delon “Liftoff” on SOIL
  • London, UK based, Athenian coldwave /darkwave /synthwave solo project Night in Athens “Metropolis (Multicore Remix)” from “Metropolis” single
  • Italian deathrock /post-punk /gothic rock band The Spiritual Bat “Guilty Remix (ft Claus Larsen)” from “At The Edge of Life” EP
  • Italian techno body music /electro wave producer, live performer and sound designer Cristian Camporesi, aka CHRIS SHAPE feat Raffaele Venturelli – “Body Electric (The Sisters Of Mercy cover)” from upcoming tribute album “HONORIS II TRIBUTE TO THE SISTERS OF MERCY & THE SISTERHOOD” on Unknown Pleasures Records
  • L.A. future synth collective founded by machine rock veteran F.J. DeSanto (Hypefactor, the aggression), Trade Secrets “Prehab (The New Division Remix)” from upcoming “Lost in the Stars (These Other Remixes)” EP on Distortion Productions
  • Rome, Italy Electronic-Synth-Punk trio BIKINI DEATH RACE “Frontline” from the upcoming album “Refrigerator” on Negative Gain Prod.
  • Paris-based FrenchItalian minimal wave /darkwave /coldwave duo Echoberyl “Mother Solitude (La Sorciere remix)” from new single “Mother Solitude – Special Edition” via the band’s new label Mother Solitude Records
  • German post-punk band based out of Munich, PAAR “Modern (Scyr Remix)”
  • Liverpool, UK coldwave /post-punk /synthwave duo Nul Telexes “Menhir – (Double Echo remix)” from the upcoming remix album “Dolmen” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • South Italy‘s Post-Punk /Dark Wave /Synthwave duo Lost Messages “Our Time Will Come Again (Ash Code Remix)” from “Our Time Will Come Again” EP on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Officers And Gentlemen – “That’s Life And Love” [1984] (2021 Klaus Devore of Claustraphobia Remix)                                         
  • New York goth /synthpop /post-punk /darkwave solo project The Sere “The Candle” from “The Candle” EP
  • Moscow based coldwave /synthwave trio Ruble Gang “Restless Knight”                                                                          
  • Los Angeles based dark synthpop electro-pop side project of Brian Belknap (Mind Machine) and Adam Collier (Crush333, MDA and Full Frontal Disco), BlakLight “Isolation (Quarantine Extended Mix)” originally on ‘electropop.19’ compilation
  • Chicago, IL post-punk /synthpop /goth-pop duo WINGTIPS “Wish U The Best” from the upcoming sophomore album “Cutting Room Floor” on Artoffact
  • Los Angeles based coldwave /synthpop duo SACRÉ BLEU! “Nuclear Glass” new single
  • Long Beach, Ca experimental industrial /post-punk brother duo, DüllHaus “Control” from the new single “Control // Tension” on hush club ltd.
  • Los Angeles-based post-punk /coldwave /synth-pop project by Chris Stewart, aka Black Marble “Ceiling“ off upcoming LP ‘Fast Idol’ through Sacred Bones
  • Minneapolis bedroom post-punk /dub /synthpop electronic music artist Rra “Sufi Dub (Finesse Italo Mix)” from  رقص القمر (Moon Dancing) album 
  • New York-based Italo disco /retrowave duo BUNNY X “Back To You” (Single) on Aztec Records
  • Seattle, Wa neo-goth/electro-pop duo BELMEZ FACES “Kill The Light” from the debut LP “This is the Dark Timeline”
  • Los Angeles, Ca synthwave /darkwave /post-punk /punk one-man-band Nass Zuruck “Hate and Affection” from the upcoming album “PLASTIC LOVE”
  • Brooklyn, NY minimal post-punk /art-punk 5-piece Gustaf – “Best Behavior” (Single) from upcoming LP “Audio Drag For Ego Slobs” on Royal Mountain Records
  • London, UK lo-fi /devocore /egg punk /synth-punk Tommy Cossack – “Bus Pass” from “S/T” album on Under Heat Records
  • Zürich, Switzerland art-punk /post-punk trio ONETWOTHREE “Perfect Illusions” from upcoming s/t debut album on Kill Rock Stars
  • Brixton, London post-punk band Average Life Complaints “Wealth Gap” debut single on Disobedient Records
  • Rennes, France synthwave /coldwave DIY project of Micka (a.k.a. Mikoune) and Pierre (a.k.a. Daniel), aka GWENDOLINE “Audi RTT” from the upcoming debut album “Après C’est Gobelet!” on Dead Wax Records
  • Stuttgart-based electronic pop /neo-romantic artist Levin Stadler, Levin Goes Lightly “Flirren” from upcoming LP “Rot” on Tapete
  • Huancayo, Perú deathrock /post-punk band Los Crímenes del Siglo “Prisioneros en el tiempo” from the upcoming debut album “Rüe Morgue 131” on InClub Records
  • Montreal, Quebec darkwave /post-punk 5-piece TALLEEN “Economics” (Single)
  • Colombian post-punk solo project Píldora Letal “Escape” from the new album “Dosis letales para la desesperanza”
  • Norwegian New wave | Post-punk | Indie rock solo project from Oslo, TÅSEN TEA PARTY “THE RIGHT DIVISION”                                                                                                                                                                   
  • New York-based, Spanish shoegaze /darkwave /post-punk solo project OSCURIDAD ROMÁNTICO “The Lake”                                                                                                                                                                         
  • San Diego, Ca indie /new wave /post-punk solo project TWIN ION ENGINE “L.A.” from “Sonar” EP
  •  Chicago, Il synth /new wave /post-punk brother duo Theodore and Ronnie Appert, aka Dramatic Shapes “In The Other” new single.
  • Oakland post-punk /art-pop trio HITS “Alan Vega” from the upcoming album “Cielo Nublado” on Paisley Shirt Records
  • Charlotte, North Carolina post-punk /darkwave /shoegaze band Buried In Roses “I Float Alone” from debut s/t album on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Russia/Belgium darkwave /dreampop collaboration between Pavel Zolin and Piero Delux, aka Purple Fog Side & Elsehow – “End of Summer” new single on skyQode
  • Berlin-based post-punk /new wave /psychedelic band led by the Icelandic musician Hákon Aðalsteinsson (guitarist in Brian Jonestown Massacre and formerly Singapore Sling), THE THIRD SOUND “Hex” from the new fifth album “First Light” on Fuzz Club Club
  • German post-punk /’dream punk’ / shoegaze trio from Hamburg, SEASURFER “Drifting (Stereoskop Remix)” from “Drifting” EP on Reptile Music
  • Portland, Or post-witch-house /dark pop producer & vocalist FERNGAZER “Replica” from the s/t EP

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