WL//WH Track Of The Day: US AND I “Phases”

Track Of The Day  US AND I

Started their collaborative project in mid-2018, the Indian band based in Bangalore, US AND I, comprised of Bidisha Kesh (vocals) and Guarav Govilkar (production), have finally released their long-awaited 4-track debut EP, “Loveless”.

The duo has crafted a refined and immersive sonic meltdown of synth-pop and dream pop, they would like to believe as a bridge between Beach House and Chromatics, albeit without owning the mesmeric lysergic scales of grey of the former, the urban nocturnal dimness of the latter and the oneiric cinematic Lynchian quality of both.

What is absolutely not lacking, indeed there’s plenty of it, are the soulful and dreamy harmonies, cloaked in lushly emotive and nostalgic soundscapes, owning an emotional heft of deep melancholy laced with strong pop sensibilities, rife in flutters of colours, fantasies and incantations.

Kesh’s captivating impassioned vocalizations harmonize, ricochet and climb against the spine of glistening worm synthetic arpeggios, amid shimmering atmospherics and steady rhythms, before ascending in vigorous radiant beams of passion-fuelled energy or declining in mesmerizing passages of melodious wistful introspection.

The most warped and wholehearted of the lot, “Phases” is lead by hypnotic slow punchy rhythms that arouse tragic flashing and whirling glowing synth riffs that helplessly resound, interlocked with humming low ends, forsaken airy bright flows, brief jagged guitar scrapes and electric piano-like pensive keys, atop dreamy sad female vocals layer helpless croons and coos of longing, anxious distortions, and intoxicating ghostly spoken whispers lost into faded recollections of shattered dreams and drifting love.

The pair plunges us into plenty of different shades of lovelorn romances, sublimate in a twinkling and ethereal sea of ​​keyboards and giddying dreamlike alluring vocals.

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