WL//WH Track Of The Day: ANTI:AGER “Chrysalis”

Track Of The Day  ANTI:AGER

Hailing from Exeter, England, ANTI:AGER is a darkwave project that has just dropped its debut Self Titled full-length album.

Seven tracks infused of a pristinely honed guitar-laden atmospheric sound, teetering between gothic shadows and dreamlike bliss, effortlessly nestling under the sullen and restless cold clouds of ’80s UK new wave and post-punk, perfectly striking a balance between dark and bright, blending somehow the blissful ethereality of the Cocteau Twins, the murky shades of the Cure, and the vibrant ringing quality of Lowlife and The Chameleons.

Along with “Hollow Shell” and the single “Mirror Mask”, my favourite from the LP, “Chrysalis” unfolds devastating lyrics that reflect on lost love, shattered dreams, and painful memories.

Unyielding whipping snare beats and sinuous bleak bass pulses unceasingly sustain a sparkling slather of heavily reverbed chiming guitar lines that wax and wane weaving spectral and somber melodies, permeated by hopelessly desolate icy synth washes, whilst haunted, anxious male vocals and cold angry sentiments depart fear, despair, and eternal longing through an awakened shimmering stream of introspective pain.

Although a certain uniformity of mood and tone lingers throughout the release, the immaculate sharp clearness of the guitar sound combined with profound poignant strains of torn romance, anguish, and existential melancholy, draw bewitching and enveloping achingly emotional soundscapes to get lost in, while immersed in a saddening, contemplative incantation.

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