WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – July #28-21


  • Australian Deathrock /Post-Punk band from Melbourne, TRANSITIONS “Silence and Shame” from the EP “After Dark”

Melbourne quartet finally unleash their long-awaited 4-tracker of all and out classic, solid and solemn dark post-punk, intense, passionate and enfolding, without ever losing immediacy, interspersed with atmospheric and introspective moments, amidst a rhythmic section as solid as it is unstoppable, along dense and threatening, as they are agile and melodic basslines, and stabbing guitar riffs, swept by The Sound-like hypnotic icy bright synth wanderings, with the vocal always grasping the evocative and vibrant emotional thread, seamlessly keeping the dramatic tension on the rope.

  • Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine coldwave /post-punk trio The Last Passenger “Не заважай” new single

An urgent, dramatic and hypnotic post-punk-meets-coldwave from Ukrainian trio, laced with mechanical rhythms, poignant, obsessive guitar riffs, ominous serpentine bassline and eerie synth swaths, whilst curt, distressing baritone vocals issue dastardly insinuations and agitated rejections into the disconnected turbulence of pain.

  • Bryansk/Moscow, Russian coldwave /post-punk duo Predznanie “Мёртвые внутри /Dead inside” new single

Russian duo unveils a gripping and atmospheric new single haunted by dire devastated and decaying lyrics, driven by steady off-tempo rhythms, bleak throbbing bass, and spidery achingly sparkling guitar lines swaying somberly around pain-filled emotional male vocals, echoed by heart-wrenching poignant Tears For Fears-like chorus, suffer dry cries of hoarse desperation into the apocalyptic deadly tides of despair.

  • Danish neo-folk project started by Kim Larsen in 1998, OF THE WAND & THE MOON “TWILIGHT HALO (MIDNIGHT VERSION)” on Tesco Organisation
  • UK metal /post-rock /deathrock /wave /post-punk solo project of Damian B., aka CARTHAGE “Cold Velocity” off ‘Midnight White’ LP on Justin Broadrick’s Avalanche Recordings label.
  • Basildon, Essex late 80s/early 90s experimental synthpop DIY twin duo, From Nursery To Misery “My Life In Shatters” (unreleased) from the upcoming collection “Tree Spirits” on Dark Entries Records
  • London, UK new wave /post-punk project led by James Burgess, STATIC PALM “The Wheel of Reflection” from the EP “The Wheel”
  • The Hague-based synthpop /darkwave /synthwave producer Alina Valentina – “What you are” from the debut album “Works and Days”
  • Santiago, Chile cold wave /dreampop /darkgaze project Dead Serpent feat. Binzatina ”Destruction” (Single)
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico lo-fi /goth /post-punk /darkwave /coldwave solo project (formerly The Endless), Slow Danse With The Dead [SDWTD] “You Are Not My Friend” (Single)
  • Barcelona, Spanish industrial /post-punk /electro-punk duo Ca de Bestiar “Nuestro día” from the cassette  album “Rituales del Mañana”
  • UK based experimental bilingual Balkan-themed synthpop project consisting of Ollie Turbitt (Oxhead, Sforza Gramsci etc) and Austin Barnes (Berlin Anatomy, Narco State Machine), aka Viennese Vacuum Cleaner “Das Ist Avantgarde” from the album “Agitpop” on Dead Hound Records
  • Chambéry/Berlin darkwave /minimal wave /synthwave /dark electronic collaboration Snow therapy & ENFIN NOIR “Teufel-Engel-Daemon” (Single)
  • US coldwave /minimal wave solo project Photo Gauche “Ectothermic”                                                                     
  • Goth post-punk /post-riot solo project from Olympia, Washington, Swamp Doll “Biome”                                 
  • French minimal synth / cold wave project by Boris VölT from Rennes, MODE in GliANY “Cimetière pour chiens” from new EP “Der sturm”
  • London, UK coldwave/minimal dark wave duo of former Noi Kabat drummer Jonas Ranson and singer Laura Locke, ZerøSet “Fait Accompli” from the album “Act & Monument”
  • Sacramento, Ca industrial /coldwave /darkwave solo project of David Wright aka Cult Of Alia “Body Flow” from the debut album “Offerings” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Brooklyn, NY minimal electronics duo (Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride of Martial Canterel), Xeno & Oaklander “Infinite Sadness” lead single from Xeno & Oaklander’s seventh album “Vi/deo” on Dais Records
  • Australian minimal synth /coldwave duo from Perth, CHURCH GROUP “Misery” from debut S/T EP
  • French EBM /new wave /electroclash duo CAPORAL “Plus que la nuit” from upcoming 12″ vinyl EP “Là et Maintenant” on CrowHunt Records
  • Los Angeles post-punk /coldwave /minimal synth duo Stateless Sight “Conditional Option” from “Force Of Arms” EP
  • Alberta-based, Canadian post-punk /darkwave /synth wave solo project, Morbid Florist “Grey” from S/T EP
  • Cologne industrial /post-punk /synthpop project Effizienz “Isolate [Mind:Code Remix]” from the EP “Isolate/Remixed” [apt.3009] on appartement 3
  • Vienna, Austria darkwave / post-punk /synth wave /schotter wave duo Ellend & Ree:Raw, aka Gold & Beton – “All The People (Original Mix)”
  • Dark electronic music project of Belgian artist RadicalG “The Deserted Kingdom (album version)” from the upcoming album “The Deserted Kingdom”
  • Athens, Greece experimental dark/minimal wave duo INCIRRINA “R.Daneel” from the split lathe cut 7″ single “Devastations / R.Daneel” with The Man & His Failures via Smash Records
  • Riverside, Ca synth /darkwave solo project Mothers Child “(void)” from debut S/T EP
  • Mexican post-punk /dark wave duo from Tijuana, Ritüel For Two “Isolation” from “Ritüel for Two” EP                              
  • Post-punk /darkwave /gothic rock band from Belgium, GROUND NERO “The Furnace” new single
  • Wilmington, North Carolina goth /darkwave /post-punk duo DEAD COOL “Rotten Mind” new single
  • Belgian dark new-wave /post-punk collaboration project of Dirk Vreys (singer of A Slice Of Life, the obsCURE) featuring Yannick Rault (Closed Mouth), SILENT FLAG “Enter The Batcave” from the upcoming EP “Enter The Batcave”
  • Mexican Dark-Wave//Synth Electronics project of Daniel Rossier, DAS LEIDEN “Cenizas” from the upcoming CD album “Dies Irae – Chapter I” on InClub Records
  • Vienna, Austria goth /post-punk /darkwave project Tired Purple ‘du & ich’ from ‘????????????????????????????????????????????’ album on CHRYSANTHEM records
  • UK / Estonia based industrial punk /darkwave three-piece band feat. Kadri Sammel (Bedless Bones), Richard Powley (Telepathy) and Bruno Russo, aka Deathsomnia “Katabasis (feat. Kyle Kimball)” from the upcoming debut LP “You Will Never Find Peace” via Isolation Records.
  • Turkish dark wave /synthwave /electronic duo from Istanbul, Buzz Bone – “Curse Me” (Single)
  • Moscow, Russia post-punk /synth wave /darkwave /coldwave band Сад [sadband] “Снег” from the new album “Незнакомые лица знакомых людей”
  • Berlin-based goth /post-punk /darkwave band GOLDEN APES “Satori” new single via Icy Cold Records
  • Irish Post-Punk/Darkwave solo project from Belfast, HIDDEN HAND “Comfort” from the EP “Ruminations”
  • Santiago, Chile Post-Punk /Coldwave project ???????????????????????????????? “Molly Sanderson” debut single                                 
  • Russian experimental /post-punk duo from St. Petersburg, Sob Violently “Memory” off the new album “Повседневность”
  • Austin, TX-based Post-Punk band from Detroit, GRAYSONS “Nothing’s Familiar” from the debut LP “I”
  • Zürich based New Wave /Post-Punk solo project of Josip Tijan, THYMIAN “Immune” from the debut LP “Rhythm of Doubt”
  • Northampton, UK bedroom /dream pop /post-punk solo project bloody/bath “Unholy Cross” new single
  • Leeds, UK fuzzy post-punk band Treeboy & Arc – “Role Models” from upcoming “Life Preserver” EP
  • Chicago’s bedroom pop /dream-pop /new wave solo project of Kenneth Foss, aka TEEN BLUSH “Golden Hour” new single
  • Chicago, IL bedroom pop /shoegaze /new wave /synthpop /dark wave solo project The Nancy Downs “H8YRSLF” first single off the forthcoming album “Fuck Marry Kill”
  • Berlin-based shoegaze /indie rock /post-punk 4-piece VOODOO BEACH “Die Hand” new single on Späti Palace.
  • Athens-based electronic /darkwave 4-piece lead by Manos K. of Mani Deum, The Man & His Failures “Devastations” from the split lathe cut 7″ single “Devastations / R.Daneel” with Incirrina via Smash Records
  • Lisbon, Portugal coldwave /darkwave /dark synth solo project of Pedro Morcego from Phantom Vision, Liquid Land “O Fadista Cansado Sucumbe À Multidão” (Single)
  • Polish darkwave /avant-pop duo UNCARNATE “Zion” from “Loss” EP
    Ivanovo, Russia synthpop /synthwave /new wave solo project GRUST 200 (feat. Артек Электроника) “Пиво!” new single on Sovietwave
  • UK industrial /new wave /synthpop duo Tom Middleton and Kai Sheldon, aka CRUEL BLUE “Desire” (Single)
  • New York retrowave /synthwave solo project Diamond Field “In This Moment (feat. Nik Brinkman)” from the S/T album on Sofa King Vinyl
  • Philadelphia‘s solo electronic pop project of Angel Jefferson, aka Catherine Moan “Drop It!” from upcoming LP “Chain Reaction” on Born Losers Records
  • San Francisco retrowave /synthpop act Thought Beings “Conquistador” (Single)
  • Melbourne experimental post-punk /new wave /synthpop DIY solo project Postcards From Melbourne “Right Arm of The Free World” new single
  • Italian new wave /darkwave project Love The Ghost “Hero” (Single)
  • Bogotà, Colombia deathrock /post-punk band Agujas – “Prejuicios” from the debut Self-Titled EP
  • US dance-punk /synth-punk act Thee Hearses “American Dreaming in the Apocalypse” from S/T EP
  • Russia goth /deathrock /post-punk trio DEATHHAWK “Принудительное общение” from debut EP “Обострение”
  • German goth /post-punk solo project Luftschloss “Kaltfleisch” from the album “Kollektion”
  • German lo-fi /coldwave /post-punk project German Bot “Griff Nach Den Sternen (Sober Demo)” from the album “Soundcloud Collection Vol. 3”
  • Spanish darkwave /dungeon synth /electronic project Kvlt0 – “Epiphanies” from the album “Dungeon Esoterika”

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