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Video Of The Day MITIMITIS

Chile’s Lo-Fi Indie-Pop duo based in Santiago, Mitimitis, drop a nostalgic 80s horror-inspired video for the temperamental song “Videoclub”, originally taken from last year’s 4th, most mature and accomplished release so far, the 7-track EP “Terror en el Autocine” via Chilean independent label Gemelo Parásito.

The new re-recorded analog version of “Videoclub” from the video, comes with the launch of a brand new Multi-Single that includes a Russian Post-Punk version, an 8-bit instrumental version, plus a Spanish-language cover of Buzzcocks 1979 classic Everybody’s Happy Nowadays“, titled “Todo el Mundo Parece Estar Bien”.

Dubbed by the band as ‘fast pop/slow punk’, Mitimitis‘ sound is an intoxicating and refreshing mix of indie rock, noise pop, and skate punk, equally nostalgic, and melancholic as it is intense and emotional.

Hard-hitting tight drum beats, vigorous throbbing bass lines, and blaring jagged guitar riffage rise and fall in exasperating heights amidst the atmospheric interplay of flirty and brazen dual male/female vocals daydreaming about an extended evening together with the edgy emotions of chaotic youth.

An extraordinary and inventive clip, created by Camila Saldivia (@princesarpia), blends memorable horror movie characters with spot-on acting, costume, and makeup to awaken fond memories from 80s horror movie classics. Neon lights blur centuries to travel back in time where shadows, gore, and menace lurk around every corner. Dramatic, comedic re-enactments of “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Beetlejuice,” “Hellraiser,” “Edward Scissorhands,” and “Carrie” extract dire sentiments and impending doom for a young couple engaged in an angsty and awkward night of retro VHS.

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