WL//WH Video Premiere: VIOLET NOX “Cosmic Bits (J. Bagist Remix)”


Boston based experimental psych electronic collective Violet Nox drop another mesmerizing video, created by DebStep, for a J. Bagist Remix of their 2020 track “Cosmic Bits”, taken from last year’s 4-track EP “Future Fast” via UK label Sleep FUSE and Infinity Vine Records

The original track by Violet Nox fuses soothing ambient waves of liquid synth extractions with organic droning strings and moody atmospheric layers, while J. Bagist serves abrasive, glitchy clattering auras of disconnected rapid fire volts to quicken the hypnotic dance floor pace with bright, spinning computer effects and rambunctious, both dragging and syncopated, relentless breakbeat rhythms.

Retro Futuristic video by DebStep explores the disconnected frequencies of deep space satellite configurations to spin a hypnotic web of laser light intersections into an intoxicating array of heady Psychedelic bliss. Spatial imagery pumps a red life force through the time-lapse communications of a reanimated astronaut’s precarious skywalk, while split-screen dimensions cast neon tinted hues over an Intergalactic journey. Geometric shapes and starburst shrapnel pulse in subliminal sync with a sinister, cold, and warped synth drone driving visual angular rotations to churn in tandem with the heart racing pace of ritual rhythms and treacherous, crawling bass lines, creating a mesmeric sway of energetic dance beats laced in the swirling 32 GB formations of off-kilter tones. Conceptual depth defying moods travel into the outer limits of experimental electronic realms, blurring the Sci-Fi lines between myth and reality with a droning, glitchy purple haze of high energy dance groove.

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