WL//WH Video Of The Day: WILLIAM DENTON WILDE “My Heroin”


Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK one-man-band William Denton Wilde have dropped a DIY video for the tumultuous sophomore single in a row “My Heroin.”

As a self-dubbed ‘lone swordsman’, he can’t avoid adding a hypnotic leftfield dose of rhythmic electronic edge to his visceral and gripping mix of buzzing synth-smeared new wave and bassline induced bleak post-punk.

More off-kilter, murky and claustrophobic than his previous effort, eerily encircled by a swishing and percolating looming backdrop, a hazy droning concoction of rumbling fuzzy bass throbs, ominous skipping beats, crisp terse claps and booming slashing beats, build a warped and unhinged mood around obsessive wicked vocalizations, releasing deep love and adoration for “My Heroine”, as strident glowing synth strains creep eerily into the toxic menace of smothering and strident electronic frequencies.

Poetic lyrics reveal the demented symbiosis and compulsion that perpetuates the deceptive lies and agony between desire, destruction, and heroin.

Distant sunsets blaze orange skies across unknown waters, while black and white sound waves pulse underwater energies through virtual reality. Kaleidoscopic textures blur a thoughtless journey through the eerie momentum of time-lapsed deception to form a free flow of zero-gravity motion, where light and dark merge into dim horizons of twisted fate.

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