WL//WH Track Of The Day: MANIAQUE NOCTURNE “Don’t trust the system”


It seems that Moroccan electronic producer known as MANIAQUE NOCTURNE, at first started playing psychedelic rock and post-punk on his guitar when he was only 14; ‘pedal effects, elements combinations and his country’s chaos were his inspiration’.

While he has started to make a name for himself due to a visceral and thrilling sound between EBM, industrial, techno and noise, here is a stunning display of his old habits, warning us to “Don’t trust the system”, which we were well aware of, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case for the majority.

Punchy hollow mechanical beats and punchy kicks, intertwine with a relentless menacing meandering bassline, stabbed by piercing chromatic guitar glimmers, sparse distant shots, and frigid wafts of dramatic synths atop harsh, distorted male vocals releasing frustration and pain into the ominous realms of doom.

Stripped down, yet terribly effective and impactful, even in light of the current frightening events, minimized by the treacherous system itself.

After Our Broken Dreams, EGZOTIKKA, and Strangers For Love, another electronic producer explores his post-punk leanings with brilliant results. 


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