WL//WH Video Of The Day: NASS ZURUCK “Filthy Dirty Greed”

Los Angeles based one-man-band Nass Zuruck blends turbulent moody post-punk, frozen swirling synth and pummeling rhythms with a stark punk attitude in a subconscious video, created by @eatusones, for the stinging track “Filthy dirty greed” taken from the upcoming fifth album “Coalition”, to be released this Summer.

A menacing rumbling and throbbing bassline, chugs around steady slashing beats and crushed icy bright synth strains, while loud, airless male vocals release energetic and caustic pleas to form thrusting gritty and edgy vibes of disgruntled sour bliss.

Devotional lyrics send a clear message to “take time to value things you already have”, while leaving “filthy dirty greed” at the door.

Dim lit liquid waves weave an alternate essence with murky underwater textures encrypted with subliminal communications, to reveal the unseen truth about “filthy, dirty, greed.” Heat-seeking missives spawn a vapour haze amidst skeletal graves, injecting red and blue dimensions with disturbing glitches and jittering replications. Neon fragments disconnect from the collective consciousness to shape-shift layers of dead animation into an abstract canvas of hypnotic eye dilations, while x-ray vision exposes latent messages beneath the surface of hidden lights.

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