WL//WH Track Of The Day: JAUS “Oceans”

Track Of The Day  JAUS 

Fresh from the invigorating single from Lasitud and waiting for the next Rilev track to surface, we take care of another promising shoegaze band from Mexico City, called JAUS, who enters the scene with their debut single “Oceans”.

The Mexican 4-piece, started by Emilio Enríquez (Guitar/ Voice) and Rodrigo Guevara (Bass and arrangements), with the later addition of Ulises Garnica (Lead Guitar) and Armando Castillo (Drums), play an early 90s classic shoegaze sound, slowed and dreamy, equally energetic and vigorous, that combines seamlessly both melody and distortion, through a superb guitar work, with stirring aural catharsis.

Nostalgic lyrics dive into the great blue “Oceans” of love, loss, and heartache while wading through the tides of depression and desperation.

The painful loneliness of wandering and sparkling magnetic guitar riffs are enveloped by a misty, stroking flow of abrasive reverberations, underpinned by scattered drum beats, to fluctuate in a hypnotic resonant whirlwind laced with heart-rending emotive suffering, infused with boundless melancholy and indissoluble restlessness, around the ecstatic airy emotionality of hazy bittersweet male vocals longing in the agony and the ecstasy of lost dreams.

Let the “Oceans” wash over you…

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