WL//WH Video Premiere: VIOLET NOX flow with the esoteric spirit of the “Shapeshifter”


Boston, Massachusetts experimental electronic cosmic travellers, Violet Nox, comprised of Dez DeCarlo (guitar, sonic effects, synth, lyrics and vocals,) Andrew Abrahamson (synthesis and clocked machines,) Alexis Desjardins (field recording manipulation, guitar, saxophone,) Fen Rotstein (vocals, turntables, Synth-Traktor, Native Instruments S4 Mk II,) Noell Dorsey (vocals and lyrics,) and Karen Zanes (organ/synth vocals) have unveiled during the weekend their staggering new 4-track EP “Whispering Galaxy” via Infinity Vine Records, distributed by Aumega Project/23SWR Germany.

WL//WH is very pleased to premiere the trippy, conceptual video, created by Deb Step, for the dreamy, futuristic track “Shapeshifter“.

Outer limit hallucinatory frequencies fuse sonic swirling effects with clocked machines, field recordings, and native instruments to inspire an aural mirage of tribal drum beats, rattling snake tails, buzzing insect wings, and depth defying interconnectivity between slow undulating electronic expansions and warm glowing organic tones, while three alternating robotic vocals distort cosmic vortices of interstellar motion, pulling the hypnotic reverb from glistening guitar strings into the sentient vibrations of cicada drone spirals forming a melodic sway of intoxicating energy.

Heady lyrics travel through astronomical planes of technicolour lights landing on the other side of the looking glass under a majestic monochromatic silver sky.

Spinning psychedelic auras pulse neon tinted hues into mesmeric disco ball reflections, opening mind-altering dimensions of sight and sound from a stream of subconscious awakening. Mental doorways melt spherical observations into modified geometric shapes wielding uninhibited pleasure from the fragmentation of strobe effects while disintegrating fear and static cyphers into shape-shifting 5th-dimensional multi-galactic bliss.

Violet Nox 4-track EP “Whispering Galaxy” is out now, on Limited CD & Digitally, through Infinity Vine Records, distributed by Aumega Project.

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