WL//WH Video Premiere: C.O.N. [CHILD OF NIGHT] “Dirt World (Jeremy Bastard Remix)”

WL//WH Premiere  C.O.N. (Jeremy Bastard Remix)

Split between Columbus, Pittsburgh and Brooklyn, darkwave 3-piece band Child of Night [C.O.N.] keep on distilling the DIY music videos that will lead to the incoming remix album “Dirtworld”, due out tomorrow, April 1, 2021, through Florida independent label Popnihil Records, including re-works of the title track by 6th Circle, Delphine Coma, Jeremy Bastard, Searmanas and Profit Prison.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the Remix of “Dirt World” from New York City-based eclectic producer, musician, DJ, Jeremy Bastard, fresh from his last January’s first official full-length “Everyone is History, There is No Memory”, via Somewherecold Records.

The new waver artist and Autodrone guitarist implements both swishing and tinny, scattered and hypnotic off-tempo rhythms, haunted by an undulating rumbling bassline’s relentless menace to induce buzzing magnetic electro tides of seething robotic tension, obsessively swirling, inoculating overflowing layers of impending danger, around distant, distorted dual vocals’ simultaneously releasing ominous, disgruntled shouts of deep male baritone and haunting female echoes, fading caustically into the darkened doom of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Esoteric lyrics ponder the Decay of Modern Society drawing attention to the destruction of the natural/physical world at the hands of technology, the system, and humankind’s ignorance and fear.

Heat-seeking auras draw neon tinted hues from historic monuments, sculptures, and landmarks from around the world, layering abstract textures and colors on top to create depth defying dimensions. Negative light photography, electronic dance moves, strobe light time accelerants, and grainy pip overlays create a glitchy, chafing flow of motion between disconnected planes of existence, causing a disintegration of universal symbolic imagery left forgotten in the shadows of decay.

C.O.N. remix album, “Dirtworld”, is slated for release on tomorrow, April 1, 2021, Ltd. Cassette + Digital, via Orlando based DIY label Popnihil Records

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