WL//WH Video Of The Day: SLIGHTER “Complicit”

Video Of The Day  Slighter  

Portland-based, Los Angeles-born self-proclaimed Electronic Death Musician Colin Cameron Allrich AKA Slighter drops a provocative video for the cinematic and moody, techno-charged new single “Complicit” (Innocence is Dangerous), first preview from the upcoming album “VOID” via his own label Confusion Inc.

Demented uninhibited bass lines gurgle toxic tendencies over the ominous rhythmic stride of hypnotic, deeply resonant, martial beats pulsing into the submerged squeals of eerie sonar synth strains to expand with thunderous smoke screens around the magnetic intensity of the soft, airy male vocal’s non-conformist plea, decaying disruptive static frequencies laced in subconscious dread.

Eye-opening lyrics expose a far-reaching deception, inciting a life of servitude and censorship in exchange for fragmental pain and destruction of innocence.

A dark modern video, animated by Christy Hannon, combines submissive body poses, glitchy coded overlays, and key lyrical content to elicit disturbing thoughts about the exploitation and oppression of society at the hands of Information Technology, The System, and our own self-imprisoning choices. Heat-seeking auras bound in black electric tape blind informed consent, restricting access to failed neon tinted domains embedding subliminal codes of distorted, alienating perceptions into a disassociated identity left agonizing in dystopic bliss.

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