WL//WH Video Of The Day: RİTÜEL FOR TWO “La Muerte Te Acecha / The Dead Stalks”

Video Of The Day  Ritüel For Two  

Born last year from members of Tijuana‘s psychobilly bands Los Helldandys and Intrepid Mutants, Mexican Darkwave duo Ritüel For Two, comprised of music producer Karim Rosales and vocalist Belem Politron, drop a haunting video for the immersive new single “La Muerte Te Acecha” (The Dead Stalks).

Peppy, booming rhythms bounce along a driving serpentine gurgling bass line, stirring shivering synth strains around alluring, breathy female vocals to release an array of distorted hauntings, distant primal squeals, and secret desires under the numb sting of dire guitar strings pulling hypnotically at sentient synthetic pleasures.

Spanish lyrics unravel in a twisted tale of isolation and danger, blending metaphor and esoteric thought into an ominous lamentation where “Death Stalks You.”

Narcotic video, edited by Pablo Artisto, spins red and blue dimensions cast in fear and anxiety over a night of destructive wanderings, leaving two lives suspended between life and death. Graphic heat-seeking photography illuminates pleasure and pain, blurring the abstract lines of existence into a hellish nightmare of obsessive forces, left drowning in a state of time-lapse Disturbia. Precious fate flows recklessly from a syringe injecting shame and guilt into the veins of two lost souls, whose insane attempt at modern dystopic bliss walks precariously unbalanced on the cutting knife’s edge.

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