WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE MAN & HIS FAILURES “Persona Non Grata Ver. MMXX”

Video Of The Day  The Man & His Failures  

Athens-based electronic-fueled darkwave 4-piece The Man & His Failures, made of Alekos Sorros (Beats, Synths, Loops, Music), Memos Pilaftsis (Electric guitars, FX), Dimitris Georgopoulos (Electric Bass, FX), Manos K. (Voices, Lyrics, Music, Vision), release a psychosomatic music video for the emotional and haunting propulsive track “Persona Non Grata Ver​.​ MMXX”, taken from the 6-track EP “MMXX”, released the last start of February, in limited edition cassette format, via Thessaloniki-based label Smash Records.

Swelling trance-inducing electronic expansions swirl mercurially driven by relentless chugging and pummeling mechanical beats, amid ambient hiss and deep bass oscillations, spinning reluctantly into the cruel pierce of jagged guitar riffs, stabbed by flashing synth chords, while angry, harsh male vocals release breathless anxiety and guttural howls of unforgivable guilt into the trickling burn of atmospheric haze to fall recklessly through the overpowering surge of instrumentation now fading powerless into the past.

Introspective lyrics dive into the psychological realms of subconscious bonds wound so tightly to the past that growth has ceased to progress.

Abstract video, filmed & directed by Athina Papagianni, dissects an urban landscape cloaked in fear, disconnection, and nervous tension to form an alternate reality of pain and control. Black and white photography, skewed camera angles, and a glitchy momentum spin modern dystopic bliss into a fragmented oppression of bizarre symbols, paranoid-inducing icons, and suggestive themes of bondage, to build a claustrophobic statement about the pressures society places on man and the inability to cope without shame.

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