WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – Feb. #8-21

  • Odilon’s Grip‘s Edgy Electronic Beats 24/02/21                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Fire & Ice with new music by Radikal Kuss, St. Theodore, Favio Inker, Potochkine, New Fabrik, MIND | MATTER, Madmoizel, hororhaus, Bite Marx, Dry_feel, ImiAFan, Statische Monotonie, Larionox & Sheepray, and great tracks by Sigsaly, Electrosexual, and Unconscious. Don’t forget to join Odilon’s Mixcloud Page for a full tracklist. Play loud!!!                 

  • San Diego, California based coldwave /synthpop /post-punk solo one-man project ???????????????????????????? “Reverie” new single                                                                                                                                                                         

San Diego newcomer, after last week’s synthpop number, ventures this time into gloomier, deeper territories ripe with dark romanticism through a haunting mix of ominous throbbing bass lines, warm, soaring synth’s glowing desolation, and relentless repetitive beats, to churn forebodingly around anxious, distressed male vocals raw release of passion, pain, and fear into an emotional turmoil of poisonous love.

  • Dundee, UK Lo-fi | New wave | Post-Punk duo LULL “I’m In Love With A German Film Star” (The Passions cover) on Juteopolis Records

Scottish duo deliver a free-floating narcotic dream-like version, ‘skimmed’ by any guitar hint, of the 1981 “The Passions” classic, winds intoxicating cinematic auras of mesmeric twinkling synth flows, with hypnotic sparse steady beats and distant, devastated male vocals to release cathartic layers of hidden shame into the ebb and flow of soothing breaths’ airy immersive bliss. I recall a nice dreampop cover a decade ago by Dubstar, but this stand on its own.

  • Oakland, Ca coldwave/minimal wave/synth project Arctic Domain “Die Asleep” off the new EP “Images”

Teetering between cold electronic rigour and subdued emotional embers, the elusive California-based minimal synth /wave one-man-band delivers an anxious and hypnotic combination of obsessive glaring frigid synth melodies, whirring low ends, arrhythmic hissing, dry rhythms, and numb, robotic male vocals to form an urgent, sometimes contemplative, icy paranoid synthetic haze of isolation and fear, which wanders, fluctuates, grows and contorts progressively until inevitably fading into an abysmal, gloomy silence. 

  • Darkwave/EBM/Synthwave female solo project from Turkey, BEWITCHED AS DARK “Cruel With Us”                       
  • Morlaix, France experimental /coldwave /minimal synth /electronic solo project Aude Vaisselle “Danser dans le noir” from “Couloir Rouge” EP on HARPIES RECORDS
  • Poitiers, French cold wave /synth /crust-pop project of Suf Marenda, aka Petit Bourgeois Sauvage “A Karen qui ne valait pas rien” from the album “Specimen triste” on Distag Records
  • Rochester, NY-based synthpop/darkwave/minimal synth producer Jordan Lieb, aka Black Light Smoke “Burn” off the upcoming retroscpective album “The Early Years” (written mostly in 2010) on Cut Mistake Music
  • Prague, Czechia synthpop duo Alžběta Trusinová (Neřvi mi do ucha) & Tomáš Tkáč (Pris), něco něco ‘Vlny’ new single on Divnosti
  • Swiss experimental /NDW /Italo /coldwave /psychedelic /minimal wave /synthpop side project of Carlo Onda, Karl Kave “Du Leisch Di Hüt Nümme Ah” (Disco Version)                                                                                   
  • Greek dream pop /new wave/synthpop brother-sister duo from Corinth, Ocean Hope “What Kills Your Mind” new single
  • Mexico City dream pop /synthpop trio LUNEAGE “Templos” from 2-track debut single “TEMPLOS”
  • US coldwave /minimal wave solo project Photo Gauche “Cold War” (Skanfrom Cover)                                                   
  • Asheville, North Carolina electronic/darkwave/synthwave side-project of Secret Shame bassist/synth player, XOR “God Called in Sick Today” (AFI Cover)
  • Leipzig-based electronic/synth-pop/analogue synth duo TILLY ELECTRONICS – “Glitzer” from the second vinyl 12″ LP “Discolicht”
  • Liverpool, UK based goth /psych synthpop /new wave /post-punk trio, Double Echo “Rendezvous” second 2-track single “The Bairn / Rendezvous” in advance of the upcoming LP on Fabrika Records
  • England, UK Indie bedroom Post-Punk/ Nowave project of Benjamin Mace-Crossley, aka The Reality TV “Beats” new single
  • Russian goth /darkwave /post-punk /synthpop /synth-rock trio from Moscow, IX Reflections “Follow Your Tracks” from the upcoming album “Fragile Border”
  • UK goth pop /synthpop artist Alex Purser “Guillotine (Remix) (feat. Rachel Perryer)”
  • Berlin-based German goth futurepop /synthpop duo BLUTENGEL “Nobody’s Diary” from upcoming LP “Fountain Of Destiny” on Out Of Line Music
  • Dordrecht, Netherlands electro /synthpop /new wave band lead by Victor Verzijl, La Lune Noire “King for a day” from the fifth album “Under the Rose” a tribute to Rudy Meyerink with whom Victor formed the band “Under the Rose” in the late ’80s and ’90s
  • Oslo, Norway industrial /EBM /synthpop /darkwave project Strict Machine “Ghost Light” new single
  • Woodstock, New York horror /occult /goth /dark synth project HORORHAUS “Grimoire” off upcoming”Evocation” EP
  • Melbourne-based indie /synthpop /post-punk trio HIGHSCHOOL “De Facto” new single to be released on February 26th on Dalliance Recordings, with their debut EP to follow mid year.                                                            
  • Russian darkwave/synth-goth project of Dmitry Nordman, ELEZORIA “Breeze Of Innocence” new single on skyQode
  • São Paulo, Brazil darkwave /acid /techno/EBM duo ÁCIDA ÁCIDA “Hurt” from the EP “TRIAD3”
  • Gävle, Sweden‘s two-piece minimalistic dark electronic/EBM music act produced with vintage synthesizers and the Atari 1040ST since 2001, Sturm Café “Fernes Land” title track from the album “Fernes Land”
  • Danish EBM/dark synthpop project of John R. Mirland (known as the composer and producer of Am Tierpark, Negant, Mirland), aka M73 “No Light In Sight” first single in a series from the forthcoming second album “Motor Romantik” on LÆBEL
  • Norwegian synthpop band Echo Image “Walk My Mind” first new single in 20 years on Pitch Black Drive Productions
  • Belgian dubwave /synthpop one-man band Grégoire Bruno – “Les Ordures” off “Ghetto Rasta” EP on Bloc Note
  • Brooklyn, NY electro /synthpop /synthwave analog synth musician Zachery Allan Starkey “Fallout” new single
  • Dalarna, Sweden coldwave /synthwave /synthpop producer Lars-Göran Forsberg aka FOPMUSIC “All Those Days” new single
  • Berlin-based Synthwave/ Post-Punk /Industrial one-man-band Kandinsky Noir “KIX (Original by Per Gessle of Roxette, 1997)”
  • Palmira, Colombia EBM/synthwave/minimal synth solo project HUMAN 80 “Information wahr” on Nevel Records                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Belarusian electropunk duo Hysterema “Уважаемый человек” off new 2-track single “Излучение” on Music Development Russia                                                                                                                        
  • French new beat /synth electronic producer from Paris, Yan Wagner, AKA The Populists “Horror House” off upcoming S/T EP on XXX label                                                                                                                                     
  • Athens, Greece experimental /post-punk /EBM /dark  electro /techno producer/DJ and part of the Negative Sciences collective, Bill Drosos, aka Re/Act “Prohibition Era” off V/A “War is Coming Back in Style” cassette compilation on Dystatik
  • Oakland, Ca minimal /synthwave /coldwave solo project Pleasure Palace “Sad But True” debut single                                                          
  • Mansfield, UK lo-fi /electronic /kraut /post-punk duo of Andy (Duke) Whitehurst and Andy Pidluznyj of New Apostles, Zoom Unit “Alchemized” off upcoming album “ZU2”                                                                                 
  • UK post-punk/darkwave solo project from Nottingham, Claustraphobia “In Slow Motion (Edit 3)”
  • Spanish Darkwave duo from MadridTremenda Máquina “Voice Of Sickness” second single on Halomancy Records
  • Philadelphia‘s dark synth electronic /darkwave solo project of Joseph Martin, aka My Silent Awakening “The Anger” (unreleased)                                                                                                                               
  • Monterrey, Mexico minimal post-punk solo project Qgeko “Horsehead”                                                         
  • Electro/Industrial/techno/body music solo project from Morocco, Maniaque Nocturne “Mental Distress”           
  • Mexico City minimal wave/synth-punk/EBM/electro duo E N T R E M E N T I R A S “Sin Temor”                          
  • Portuguese Goth / Post Punk / Darkwave band from Lisbon, SHE PLEASURES HERSELF “PAIN” [ COVER BOY HARSHER ]
  • Quito, Equador post-punk /darkwave /electrogoth project PROLEPSIS “Confusion of being” from the debut album “Transmutation”
  • Colombian darkwave /post-punk duo based in Medellín, Insepulto “Soberbio” new single
  • Machala, Ecuador gothic rock /post-punk band Kunturuku “Todo esta bien” from the debut album “Incertidumbre”
  • Post-punk /coldwave /darkwave solo project BITTERBONES “Never There” cassette single on Blank Publishing
  • Mid-90s Brazilian post-punk /goth rock band Lupercais – “Funeral” off the split album with Pompas Funebres “Arcadia / Ulalume” a remastered digital co-release by Paranoia Musique and Arcadia Records
  • Los Mochis, Mexico Darkwave /Coldwave /Post-Punk band FUNERALZ “Perdido” new single
  • Brazilian post-punk quartet from São Paulo, Inês é Morta ”Sozinha” new single
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico lo-fi /goth /post-punk /darkwave /coldwave solo one-man band (formerly The Endless), Slow Danse With The Dead “Don’t be like me Son” new single
  • Bloomington, Indiana based New Wave/ Post Punk duo STATUARY “Shapes” new single
  • Dunedin, New Zealand punk-pop /post punk trio OPPOSITE SEX “Combine Harvester” from the new album “High Drama” on Spik & Span and Albert’s Basement (tape)
  • Melbourne, Australia punk /noise rock /post-punk band S:Bahn “Exhaustion” from the sophomore album “Queen of Diamonds” via Polaks Records.
  • Kyiv, Ukraine based goth rock/post-punk band the NIGHTCHILD “Anxiety” from the album “Reality & Consciousness”
  • Antwerpen, Belgium garage /post-punk 3-piece DEAD HIGH WIRE “Hide” new single on Wagonmaniac Music 
  • Russian black metal /occult post-punk band from Novosibirsk, СРУБ – “Никогда не видеть зла (Nikogda ne videt’ zla)” from forthcoming LP “Скверна (Skverna)”
  • Brooklyn, New York deathrock /hardcore /punk /post-punk 4-piece Children With Dog Feet “Commit Crimes With Me” from upcoming cassette EP “Curb Your Anarchy” on Toxic State Records
  • Swiss Industrial, Cold-Wave, Post-Punk project from Zurich, VEIL OF LIGHT “Love And Money” from the upcoming new album “Landslide” via AVANT! Records
  • Utrecht, Netherlands new wave band Zwarte Poëzie – “Grafveld B” from the new album ‘Zelfportret’
  • German shoegaze/cold wave/post-punk band BLEIB MODERN “Walls” from the album “Afraid To Leave” LP
  • Danish Post-Punk/Darkwave act from Copenhagen, PULSATIONS “Of Vultures And Sickles” new single on Crunch Pod
  • Canadian expérimental post-punk outfit based in Montréal, TEST DUMMY “Turn on Tune in Drop Out” from the EP “Cowboy Goth”
  • Aarhus, Denmark coldwave /post-punk solo project RECONVERB “Behind Closed Doors (feat. Pedro Code)” from the new LP “Airport Oxygen Bar” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Columbus, Indiana post-punk/coldwave solo project Into Grey “Poison” from upcoming S/T CD album on InClub Records
  • Liverpool, UK coldwave /post-punk /synthwave duo Nul Telexes “A Play” from the debut album “Mehnir” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Kansas synth-pop /new wave /post-punk duo of brothers Lennon & Christian Nichols, ADORED “Midnight Sanctuary” new single
  • Tallinn, Estonia sovietwave /new wave /post-punk band Товарищ Астроном [Tovarish Astronom] “Tallinn” from the album “Созерцание”
  • Tabor, Czech Republic post-punk band D I I S T “Slow Down” new single                                           
  • Polish industrial /psych /new wave /post punk trio from Płock, Schröttersburg ‘Bar Do’ from the 5th album “ד” /„Dalet” on D.I.Y. Koło Records ,Zoharum and Bat-Cave Productions
  • Clifton, Va goth rock /EBM /synth-pop project of electronic musician, synthesist, producer, composer, and guitarist, Jeff Burchett “Equilibrium” from the upcoming LP “Ashes & Equilibrium”
  • Berlin based, German deathart projekt formed in 2020 by Sylvia Fürst (Todesbund) and Andreas Ohle (Explizit Einsam), Egotragik “Hassmaschine” from the LP “Todesspiel”
  • Chicago-area darkwave /new wave /shoegaze /dream pop duo of The Joy Thieves and Mary’s Window, Dan Milligan with A Covenant of Thorns’ Scott-David Allen, The Burying Kind (TBK) – “Falling Over” from the upcoming debut E.P. “They Burying Kind”
  • Los Angeles based goth /dream pop /post-punk solo project of a member of Ter Nura, CLOSED TEAR “Feelings Fade” from the new EP “NADA ES PARA SIEMPRE”
  • Philly fuzzy post-punk indie band, THE STAMMER “Wishing Well” off the new 10″ vinyl EP “Burden On The Living”
  • Berlin-based dream pop /new wave solo project Alice Gift (ex-Velvet Condom, Liste Noire), Alice Gift “Trance Park” from “Alles Ist Gift” LP on Cymbeline Records
  • The Hague, Netherlands electronic /baroque folk project of Antoni Maiovvi, aka Black Sea Crime Complex “Compete” from the upcoming album “Argonautica” via Primal Architecture Records
  • Portuguese dark ambient solo project of Pedro Oliveira based in Porto, The Black Archer “Chasing Time (feat. Pedro Code)” from “Romantic & Jackass” album

Yoshishige Yoshida’s Rengoku Eroica trilogy – Heroic Purgatory (Japan, 1970)

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