WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – Feb. #7-21

  • Dry_feel | Episode 070 | Sonidos Subterraneos Podcast                                                                                          

Fresh from a brilliant EP on Bogotà‘s label Pildoras Tapes, filled with heavy, leftfield retro-futuristic electro, Athens-based producer /DJ and founder of Dystatik label,dry_feel, AKA Electroπank boy, injects his 80s post-punk aesthetic into a dizzying and gripping set, courtesy of Medellín-based podcast series of Medellin’s label Sonidos Subterraneos, made up of hypnotic, twisted electro, eerie acid, and edgy techno combined with EBM-embedded barbed industrial clatter, haunted by minimal synth/wave gloom and melancholy, to explore hallucinated, dystopic urban dance-floors, wrapped in late-stage capitalistic decay.

  • Rotters Golf Club “In A Lonely Place” – Tribute to Andrew Weatherall – off IWDG ‘In A Lonely Place (AW/RW 2020)’ EP                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Spanish industrial techno producer (one half of NX1 with Samot), SURIT “Civil Religion (Crystal Geometry Remix)” off upcoming “Mind Religion” split EP with Samot on HEX Recordings [HEX007]

Barcelona‘s producer takes dancefloors by storm, through Frenchman’s killer remix, with bubbling, vibrating bass expansions and shifty paranoid voice samples to draw a heightened awareness before heavy pounding deep kicks and crisp tinny snares explode in stomping ritualistic beats, haunted by a swarm of buzzing frequency flutter, to elicit adrenaline-charged danger, swirling into hissing and hypnotic tension-laden mayhem.

  • Budapest-based dark electro DJ & producer (aka Das Model), CT Kidobo – “Death Of Postmodernism” off upcoming “Impulse & Inhibition Pt.I” EP via Parisian label Zone, runs by The Hacker and Alexandre Raynaud      

Enveloping and alluring atmospheric electro grooves from Hungarian producer through mechanical, broken beats and erratic, grinding bass tones that squiggle over warm nostalgic synth glows and icy swaying frequencies, as soft, sensual female vocals whisper and echo arcane mysteries into the bouncing and swirling electronic tide.

  • Brighton, UK based Folk /Shoegaze /Slowcore /Ambient /Drone /Electronic artist RAPT “I” from the upcoming album “Drought” on Z Tapes

Experimental, ambient, drone incoming album from Brighton based musician, mostly known as introspective singer /songwriter Rapt, unwinds atmospheric saturated mists to set a relaxing yet energetic mood amid glowing, wandering synth swells, deep bass tones, and subtly pulsing, hissing-tinged, heartbeats waxing and waning with arousing intensity into a mind-expanding interplay of swirling sonic bliss.

  • Oslo, Norway experimental /ambient /kraut /psychedelic /electronic duo Jenny Hval e Håvard Volden, LOST GIRLS “Menneskekollektivet” off upcoming debut LP “Menneskekollektivet” via Smalltown Supersound.
  • Italian synth ambient /pop solo artist SSIEGE “Il Re Delle Mandorle” from upcoming EP “Meteora” on Knekelhuis
  • Greek experimental /ambient /feminoise producer (f.k.a Kaiti Kotsari, a.k.a Sylvia Crystal), aka VERONICA MOSER “La Naissance est la Blessure Ultime”                                                                                                         
  • Bristol, UK drone /dark electronic/ industrial techno duo of Robin Stewart & Harry Wright aka GIANT SWAN “Do Not Be Afraid Of Tenderness” from the new EP “Do Not Be Afraid Of Tenderness” EP 12″ on KECK
  • Lille, France industrial /downtempo /techno producer Jüdder – “Échos Nocturnes” off V/A “From the Shelf 002” CD/cassette compilation on Ghost of the Shelf
  • Greek industrial /cold electronics /rhythmic noise project Izmirlieva “Niagara” from “Incarnate [Triptych I-II-III]” limited triple cassette box set on AthensPhormix sub-label Sistro
  • Lithuanian experimental /industrial /techno /EBM producer TEATRE “Mind and Will” from “Vociferate” EP 12″ on Lux Rec.
  • Leipzig based dark hard techno producer TSORN “Victima G” from V/A “DURCH[digital]Solidarity 001” compilation released soon on Durch                                                                                                                                
  • Melbourne, Australia EBM /dark electronic producer LBEEZE “Dancing In The Dark (Instrumental)” from upcoming EP “Dancing In The Dark” 12″ on Dundee’s Exiled                                                                              
  • Greece one-man instrumental experimental/cold electronics project  BLAKAUT – “Ηδονικοί Αυτόχειρες” from the mini-album “Σημείο Μηδέν”
  • Santa Ana, Uruguay industrial techno producer Cuerina Raw Dry featuring Chuminga “Nuevo Montevideo” from the new EP “Luz Mala” on BURACO
  • Berlin-based experimental/EBM/dark electronic project by producer Christoph Heinze (aka Escape to Mars), Inhalt Der Nacht – “Gier Frisst Seele” off upcoming EP [Lebendig 00.09]
  • Lyon-based synthwave /techno /EBM /electronic producer and Tjalk label founder NZM 99 – “Walkiryes Walk (IV Horsemen Remix)” off upcoming EP “Walkyries Walk” on Tjalk RECORDS
  • Paris-based techno/EBM/electronic producer MIND | MATTER “This Night Won’t End” off upcoming V/A “EGONLAB HORROR STORY AW21” compilation on EGONlab.
  • Moscow-based EBM/industrial techno producer Fyodor Feoktistov, aka MESHES “Уничтожь Всё Что Непонятно (Destroy Everything That Is Unclear)” off upcoming cassette EP “Euphoria” on Tutamen
  • Caracas born, Italian dark techno /industrial producer Ayarcana “ Bring Nothing Take Nothing” from V/A “Sardonic Tonality Vol. 3” EP 12″[HVNWHT005] on HAVEN
  • Rotterdam-born industrial techno DJ & Producer based in Budapest, WNDRLST – “The Fall of Kanazawa” from V/A “Sentence Two” 12″ EP on SNTS Records
  • Enigmatic industrial /techno producer GROUP “200711_0666” from “Agriculture” EP on Faith Disciplines and Subsist Records
  • Moscow-based indie dance /kraut /trance electronic artist ROBSN – “Vo Sne” title track from upcoming EP on Saint Petersburg’s Avacha Records
  • Berlin-based Romanian born industrial electronic/dark disco DJ and producer Miruna Boruzescu aka Borusiade “Purge” from upcoming EP “Purge” on Rennes-based label Tripalium Corp                                    
  • Israelian psychedelic /dark disco /electronic project created by Tel- Aviv based producers/DJs Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi along with indie rocker Hila Ruach, Red Axes & Hila Ruach – “I wanna be your dog” (Convenanza 2016 tribute version) The Stooges classic cover version for Andrew Weatherall‘s festival “Convenanza”.            
  • Mr. E – EDIT 018 off “Themes For Divided Tribes Vol.04” on Dekadenz Records                                                
  • Unknown Artist “Birthday [The Bleak Engineers Edit & Cut]” off Various Unknown Artists “Edits & Cuts 005 (Rare Minimal Wave 1984 – 1987 Tracks Re-Edited)” EP on Mosaique Records
  • Front 242 – “Headhunter (Fabio Me Llaman Soltero Edit)” [Hard Fist Re-Phrase #43]                                     
  • Prague-based dark synthwave /synthpop /electro DJ/producer and co-founder of Endless Illusion label Ladislav Zensor, aka EXHAUSTED MODERN “Food of the Gods (Ayaz Remix)” off “Year of the Rat Remixes” EP 12″ soon on Endless Illusion
  • Leipzig-based industrial / EBM / dark techno / electro project by Daniel MyerLIEBKNECHT “Colossus” off upcoming “Colossus” EP on Mechatronica                                                                                                                   
  • Leipzig dark acid futuristic techno producer CVBox – “Total CV” from “TeqNoTv” EP on Uncanny Valley
  • Berlin-based dark /techno /electro producer David Friedrich Koch, aka Shokh – “Torotam” off V/A “Cold Readings” 12″ compilation on brokntoys
  • Tel Aviv based Italo acid/bass/electro artist and Chateau Royal label head, PRZ “Red Material” title track off upcoming EP “Red Material” on Hilltown Disco                                                                                                                 
  • Dublin-based, Kent-born IDM /techno /electro producer CIGNOL “Set To Sync” off upcoming “Overview” EP on Nocta Numerica                                                                                                                                                
  • Hungarian electro side project of Dublicator/Organit, aka producer Tamás Olejnik, M e t a C o m p l e x “Binary Entity”                                                                                                                                                           
  • Flensburg, Northern Germany analog synth /dark elektro producer DAS MUSTER “RÜCKSCHRITT” from “FLUCHT IN DIE ZUKUNFT” EP
  • Acid /techno /electronic producer The Unknown – “Unknown” off upcoming Casinoboy/Rune Lindbaek/Khidja V/A EP 12″ on Duca Bianco                                                                                               
  • Paris based house /Italo /post-punk /dark disco DJ /producer Joe Lewandowski – “Regazzi” from “Ordinary Things & Others Problem” EP on amsem records
  • Moscow-based Italo disco /indie dance /electro producer DJ Wedding – “Roller” off upcoming “Melodia” EP on Italo Moderni
  • Ibiza, Spain indie dance /house /techno duo Los Suruba – “En Las Dalias (Theus Mago Remix)” off “En las Dalias, The Remixes Part 2″ EP 12” on Nazca Records                                                                                           
  • Mexican electronic DJ /Producer Iñigo Vontier “Mexico Trance” off his upcoming new EP of the same name on Correspondant Music
  • London, UK based electronic project of producer Szymek Lawik, aka KMBN – “WWE (Ali Renaults‘s Churn Mix)” from the upcoming “World Without End / HeXtreme Pursuit” EP via Emerald & Doreen Records                       
  • London, UK based electronic /psych rock /trip-hop /techno /Greek folk project of Stavros Potamitis & Constantinos Parisinos, aka After Altamont – “K- Band feat. Shawni (Gina Breeze Remix)” off upcoming “An Animal Orchestra Remixed” EP on London’s Inside Out Records
  • Mexico City experimental /dub /bass /psychedelic /techno /rhythmic electronic producer and Akita Club label head, NICO “Wolfram (Dub)” from the upcoming “The Driving Rain” EP on Midnight Shift
  • Norwegian synthpop /ethno disco electronic music producer DJ Sissyfus, aka Center Of The Universe – “Cosmic Sleng Teng” off “Interabangerz” EP on Metronomicon Audio
  • Berlin-based acid /psych /Middle East /ethnic /slow techno Israeli producers Mishell & Lott ‘Sungulio (Tushen Raï Catalepsy Remix)’ off upcoming ‘Nights of Montanita’ EP on HEARec                                             
  • Bruxelles-based experimental /dub /psych /IDM /techno live mutant-electronics partnership of artists Matthieu Levet (Carrageenan / Pizza Noise Mafia) and Ernesto González (Bear Bones, Lay Low / Tav Exotic / Maitres Fous), aka Carcass Identity “Things To Forget” from upcoming S/T album on Phase Group                        
  • French tribal /psych /ethnic /electronic musician, producer and Dj from Lille, Kubebe – “Ustou Reggae” from V/A “Cosmic Terroir Compilation” EP on HARD FIST
  • Bristol, UK ambient /dub /reggae /acid /techno/ electronic music producer OM UNIT “Dissolved” off the new album “Acid Dub Studies”
  • Belgian experimental /IDM /glitch /breakbeat /electronic producer P. Verschooten,aka  Mind.Divided “All Of Us (Monsters edit)” from “Transient” EP
  • Experimental /ambient /glitch /dub /electronic music producer from Philadelphia, Pontiac Streator “Breathe out (feat Ultrafog)” from the album “Select Works . vol II”
  • Brussels-based ambient /drum & bass /leftfield /techno producer OWL “Shifting Zone featuring Clearlight” from “Unknown Area” EP 12″ on re:st
  • Moroccan deep techno /tribal /electronic producers Amandra & Karim “Sqala 3 (Donato Dozzy remix)” from “Sqala” EP on Tikita
  • Dutch ambient synth electronic music DJ & producer from Rotterdam, Nadia Struiwigh “R5V” from upcoming “Oooso” EP 12″ on Nous’klaer Audio
  • Danish synth /electronic /kosmische duo Offermose & Angst, aka Den Sorte Død “Evigt Mörker” from the upcoming S/T album
  • London-based 80s experimental/ambient/electronic pioneer duo of Nottingham‘s Roger Horberry & Andrew Hulme, aka O Yuki Conjugate “Forgotten Summer II” from the upcoming “Artefacts” EP
  • Greek ambient modular synthesist Bakis Sirros aka Parallel Worlds “Ether” from “MOA1202” album on Móatún 7
  • Vancouver based, Canadian ambient /drone /field recordings /electronic sound artist, musician and composer CORBEN “The Garden” from the album “Isolation Reverie” on Shimmering Moods Records
  • US ambient /post-industrial /avant-garde project of Richard Vergez, Drowning the Virgin Silence – “Hand To Mouth” off the forthcoming cassette album “Escombros” on his own Noir Age
  • Paris-based Experimental/Techno /Ambient DJ/producer and Intervision label co-founder Nicolas Birot, aka Paulie Jan “Aurore Sur Les Montagnes” from the cassette EP “Reviens Grande Soeur: La Bande Originale” (Original soundtrack for the movie “Reviens Grande Soeur” directed by Félix Bergeret in 2019) on Intervision
  • Berlin based, Danish born ambient /electronic composer Martin Allin “Your Father And Nature” from the album “Impact Release” on Neotantra
  • French ambient /drone /noise producer Jeune Galois – “Screenshot Masterpiece” off the EP “Screenshot Masterpiece” on Hisolat Records
  • Miami, Fl dark ambient /drone /experimental collaborative sound project, Taupe Set XL and Doris Dana ‘Wolf Moon’

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