WL//WH Video Of The Day: XEROXED YOUTH “Distraction”


A blurry creative interpretation of lingering post-punk leanings from his record collection, born out to avoid social distancing apathy, one-man-band based in Regensburg, Germany, XEROXED YOUTH, has just dropped a Lynchian video for the besetting song “Distraction”, taken from his 2-track debut single “Information Overload”.

Relentlessly dangerous, wiry guitar riffs, deep thunderous rumbling bassline vibrations, and pounding beats, build a toxic tension around severe, airless male vocals obsessive release of discomfort into the neurotic reverb strewn disturbia.

Confessional lyrics unleash a bout of “Information Overload” that consumes a man to the point of becoming physically ill, as it drives him to Distraction by unattainable dreams.

Cyberpunk auras depict a seedy night in an electric city where neon lights cast shadows of shame and secrecy over a peep show performance. Red and blue dimensions merge over a topless female wrestling match, while pupil-less eyes skewed by awkward camera angles magnify hostile and compulsive tendencies before panning out into an Orwellian landscape, where a cache of hidden surveillance systems, overexposed polaroids, and embedded magnetic strips, aid an omnipotent cyberstalker with unknown nefarious deeds.

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