WL//WH Premiere: WEEVER “Jour de Lamentation” [VIVES]

WL//WH Premiere  Weever  Vives Records

Artwork by Alexandre Viaud

After a few months of absence, since this summer’s introductive sampler EP, French record label based in Rennes, Vives, unveils its first 5-track EP with label boss and Rennes’ Organisme Texture resident, Weever. The Le Mans-born DJ and producer reveals through 5-tracks a rich and unusual array of diverse sounds in a heady mix of industrial and traditional music, machines and samples of acoustic instruments.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the thumping, hard-hitting industrialized techno title track “Jour de Lamentation”.

A cranking industrial-clad momentum grinds through cold spatial dimensions with oppressive strength, annihilating defensive snarls with hard, steam-powered beats chugging relentlessly past eerie depth-defying tinkling synth strains and dangerous drone alarm warnings. Primal, excruciating screams fall helplessly between ominous slashing beats, swirling mechanical hisses, and explosive bass bursts, trembling in foreboding fear from post-apocalyptic doom.

WEEVER‘s “Jour de Lamentation” EP is due out on Digital format, from January 20, 2021, through Vives label Bandcamp.

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