WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – January #02-21

  • Odilon’s Grip‘s Edgy Electronic Beats DJ Set 06/01/21                                                                                             

Let’s dance this plague away with the first Edgy Electronic Beats mix in 2021 … featuring an exclusive pre-release from Fotoapparat, new music from Ian Lapa, Sierra, Hex Cassette, Kontravoid, Iro Aka, нат.аша, Darlyn Vlys, Fairy Pussy, Pablo Bozzi, Electrosexual, Iñaki Kreator, and Stacian, great tracks by Le Syndicat Électronique and Hayter, and many others….plus comments by the lovely Odilon’s Child. Don’t forget to join Odilon’s Mixcloud Page for a full tracklist. Enjoy!!!   

  • Italian synthwave project from Naples, CORDIALE “Maths of Decay” new single

Italian synthwave act from Naples convinces once again with his second effort, through crawling and scattering off-tempo rhythms, bright synth bursts, and disruptive droning low ends, while irreverent male whispers fade and float into cryptic religious imagery oozing dark disturbia.

  • Russian synthpop/shoegaze/new wave/coldwave band from Moscow, LOUR “Catch The Rainbow” from 2-track single “Heart To Dust”

Moscow outfit always surprises from time to time never repeat themselves, often finding new food for thought and development for their dark and cold, but equally sparkling and lush sound, this time exploring gazey introspective sonic landscapes using electrified poignant strummed guitar strings to scrape the wistfully ringing echoes of doubt around soft-spoken male vocals fragile exhalations of fear into the warm expanding synth auras glowing drone. The more electronic charged, “Heart To Dust”, hissing and enveloping, yet equally mesmeric and reflective, furrowed by a sinuously palpitating bassline and reverb-shimmered ethereal guitar slivers, thoroughly to get lost in.

  • Perm, Russian coldwave /minimal-synth side project of Konstantin Ostrovsky (aka Kondratie), Toska Po Domu [тоска по дому] “okurki” from the single “okurki / myasnaya lavka”

The minimal synth side project of Russian darkwaver Kondratie squirts with jittery and urgent rhythmic exuberance, zippy high pitched swirling synth melodies, and flashing basslines to spin obsessive anxiety around inaudible echoe’s spastic, mumbled vocal releases. If you’re into stripped-down synth immediacy, surely there’s fun to be had.

  • UK dub loose studio collective centred around the musical partnership of Adrian Sherwood and Ari Up from The Slits, New Age Steppers “Send For Me” (unreleased 1982) from upcoming album “Avant Gardening” collection of rare dubs, version excursions and unreleased tracks from the vault 1980 – 1983 on On-U Sound
  • Swedish darkwave/ synth band from Stockholm lead by Erik Marklund, Mellowland “Gothic Haze”               
  • Netherlands goth/industrial/dark electronic duo of Ellenor Vora and Benjamin Sch (Noire Antidote), aka VONDER “Breakthrough” from the new single “Excess & Breakthrough”
  • German electronic/darkwave project of Wolfgang Ambros, aka Dark Ambros “A Kopf Ohne Haar”               
  • US Dark Wave/ Experimental Electronics artist, based in Troy, New York, MADELINE DARBY “Innovation” titled track from the upcoming cassette album on Industrial Coast                                                             
  • Russian coldwave/post-punk/synthwave solo project from Moscow, Bergstein “Feels” new single              
  • Belgian veteran minimal synth/darkwave/synthwave musician ENZO KREFT “It’s Going On And On” from the upcoming album “Different World”                                                                                                           
  • French goth /coldwave /post-punk project from Paris, CONTRE SOIREE “Terreur Nocturne” from the upcoming 12″ Split EP “Nuit” with Blind Delon on VEYL
  • French EBM /minimal synth /electroclash duo from Nantes, NABTA “Shaming Me” recorded as a special edition for MuTaNT Transmissions Online Festival 2020.
  • German minimal wave band, Ostseetraum “Programm” from S/T debut album on adagio830 (vinyl 12″) & MANGEL records (tape)
  • Late 70s British pioneer of post-punk electronica (former The Tiller Boys), ERIC RANDOM “Is The Sun Up” from the new album “No-Go” on Klanggalerie
  • Swiss electronic /coldwave /synth-pop /minimal wave one-man-band (aka Karl Kave), Carlo Onda “Hold On My Heart” from the new album “Souleater” on Cold Transmission Music
  • French minimal synth /cold wave project by Boris VölT from Rennes, MODE in GliANY “Artificielle” title track from the EP “Artificielle” (2017)
  • Italian techno body music/electro wave producer, live performer and sound designer Cristian Camporesi (half of Franz & Shape), aka CHRIS SHAPE “Heaven Street (DI6 Cover)” from the Area Z label‘s expanded double cassette edition of the debut LP “Shaped To Deform” originally released on Unknown Pleasure Records
  • New Orleans, Louisiana industrial/glam/no-wave/punk 4-piece SPECIAL INTEREST “All Tomorrow’s Carry (Kontravoid Remix)” from “The Passion Of: Remixed” remix album on Nude Club Records.
  • Norway electropop trio lead by Richard Bjørklund, SPEKTRALIZED “Caterpillar (Assemblage 23 Remix)” from the remix album “Nothin’ To Remix” on Sub Culture Records
  • Los Angeles based dark synthpop electro-pop side project of Brian Belknap (Mind Machine) and Adam Collier (Crush333, MDA and Full Frontal Disco), BlakLight “Isolation (Von Hertzog‘s Slow Dance Remix)” from the upcoming remix album “Isolation – The Remixes”
  • Dalarna, Sweden coldwave /synthwave /synthpop producer Lars-Göran Forsberg aka FOPMUSIC “Hey Now” (2021 Version)
  • Dortmund, German minimal /synthwave /dark electro diy solo project Age O.P.F “I Only See Your Eyes” from the cassette album “Dunkle Materie” a compilation of 15 Age O. P. F songs plus 5 unreleased, carefully selected by IDIO[T]PHONE RECORDS.
  • French/German Coldwave Experimental Project, Leila Venus und Seven.C “Oeil de Lynx” from the EP “Meine helle Liebe”
  • Leipzig, Germany techno/coldwave/darkwave/synth solo project, нат.аша “Z.inn”                                                    
  • DIY electronic/coldwave/synthwave/synthpop one-man project, Zervos Eskhatos – “Caligula” (Version 2)                   
  • Toronto synthpop /darkwave /coldwave solo project CARTOON BEN “Eating me inside”                                                 
  • UK synthpop act from Manchester, MYJOY “Fear” new single                                                                               
  • Hamburg, Germany synthpop duo ROTERSAND “Light Grey” from the “Grey” EP
  • Mexican future pop/synthpop act NÓRDIKA “Adictos” new single on Aquo Rec Records
  • Duisburg, Germany goth electro industrial project Xtort “Zwart” new single
  • Sweden‘s dark electronic/ EBM /synth act Sturm Café – ”Schauspiel” from upcoming “Fernes Land” album
  • Leipzig, German dark electro/industrial/EBM artist Tino Claus, aka TC75 “The Voice In Your Head” off “Rooms” EP
  • Canada-based electro-industrial trio lead by South African singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Mark Anthony, TERMINAL “Deadline” from upcoming LP “Blacken The Skies”
  • Russian electro pop /gothic dark pop duo OMNIMAR “Humans” from upcoming LP “Darkpop”
  • Tijuana, Mexico Synth-pop /Darkwave /EBM solo project Mario Monk (member of Para Normal), Ego Bliss – “Embrace (Club Edit)” from V/A “Whispers Of The Future Vol. 03” on Sub Culture Records
  • Marseille, France Polyrhythmic Synth Wave solo project Loïs Lazur “Dramalogic” from the cassette EP “Dramalogic” on Coeur sur toi
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota goth /darkwave /gloom pop solo project WET LEGS “If Only” off the new EP “A historic year for death”
  • Greek dark electronic artist based in Athens, DAGON “Elephant” from the album “Adam Krueger”
  • UK post-punk/ new wave /synth punk duo Freak Genes – “Electric House” from the ‘Power Station’ album out on LP + digital 2/5/21 via Feel It Records.
  • Lisbon, Portugal coldwave/darkwave/dark synth solo project of Pedro Morcego from Phantom Vision, Liquid Land “E Eu Que Queria Ser Normal” new single
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK indie/dream pop/new wave/electronic solo project SI FARRIER “ Waving from A Train” from “Casio Recordings (1988-93)” album
  • Doncaster, UK goth/synth-pop/industrial/minimal synth/darkwave band Jan Doyle Band “Pictures of You” (The Cure cover)
  • Fortaleza, Brazilian post-punk/indie rock/new wave project of Aerson Moreira, Anum Preto “Ponto de Mutação” new single
  • Oberhausen, Germany industrial post-punk band DEW “neongrau” from cassette album “rau.” on Mörtel Sounds
  • Turkish Post-Punk/ Darkwave duo based in Istanbul, DUCTAPE “Hata” off debut album “Labirent”
  • Boston, Ma post-punk /darkwave /coldwave duo TRUTH FAITH “Feel” from the debut album “As Much Nothing As Possible” on a La Carte Records
  • US post-punk/darkwave band from Tampa, FL, Push Button Press “Trace” from the new album “Black Swan” on COLD TRANSMISSION
  • Russian new wave /post-punk band from Novosibirsk, Siberia, PLOHO ‘Танцы в темноте’ from forthcoming LP ‘Фантомные Чувства’ on Artoffact
  • Norwegian coldwave /post-punk project from Trondheim, ANTIPOLE “Marble ft Paris Alexander” new single
  • German coldwave/post-punk solo project FrailruR – “Visions” from the debut “I. EP”
  • New York-based post-punk /electro-shoegaze trio The Final Sound “Shapes & Shadows” from the 12″ vinyl edition of sophomore LP “Dimensions” on InClub Records
  • Indie-rock/ post-punk band from Krasnodar, Russia gothic-rock /coldwave /post-punk solo project Unpleasant Sounds “Cold” from the new EP “The Nothing”
    m Belgium, SHOWSTAR “Calm Down” new single
  • Novovolynsk, Ukraine post-punk DIY solo project Marceline “Oblaka”                                                                           
  • Dallas, TX, 3-piece post-punk/ darkwave /coldwave act SEVIT ” Love or madness” from the upcoming CD edition of the album “On the Edge Of A Darker Place” on InClub Records
  • Alaska-based gothic shoegaze/coldwave/darkwave artist, Bartram Haugh “Dark Wealth” from the third full-length album “Monuments to Decay”
  • Post-punk duo from the Northwest of England, Grave Diggers Union “Strange Love” from the EP “The Day Before The Day You Die”
  • Los Angeles deathrock /post-punk /dark punk 4-piece THE WRAITH “Warhead” (UK Subs Cover) from ‘The Wraith / Screaming Dead‘ Split Cassette Tape on Plain Disguise Records.
  • Russian indie/post-punk outfit from Ivanovo, THE SADNESS “Крайм” from “Криминал” EP on Русский пост-панк
  • Armenia, Colombia death gothic /post-punk 4-piece TAMAS “Infame” from the new album “Agonía Permanente”
  • Mexican darkwave /Batcave /deathrock /electro horror rock project Cementerio De Eskeletos “Muy Podrido” new single
  • Kansas City, Missouri new wave/synthpunk solo project of Ian Teeple (Warm Bodies & The Natural Man Band), Silicone Prairie “Dance to the Beat” from “My Life on the “Silicone Prairie” album on Computer Human Records
  • Pennsylvania garage punk /post-punk solo project DEATH BAG “Simplify” from debut single “Simplify b/w Spell”
  • Italian darkwave project Love The Ghost “Dark Son” new single
  • Polish post-punk project from Zabrze, PTJN “DZIECI WŁADZY” from upcoming “Antifa” EP                     
  • UK Alternative/Gothic Rockers from Whitby, WESTENRA “First Light (Dark Meets The Dawn)” off the debut LP “First Light”
  • Toronto, Canada goth /glam /new wave /post-punk project of The Scarlet Fever frontman and songwriter Jay Draper, featuring Justin Minister (of Amy’s Arms) and Sexgang Children, Jay Draper & The Subterraneans “Stand For The Fire Demon” from upcoming debut LP “Behind The Night”
  • Danish industrial goth /post punk project ADAM IN BLACK “Follow The Light” from the “Shadows” EP on HaloHouse Records.
  • Norwegian electro-industrial rock project led by Hide Tepes, CARRION “The Blood Ov Saints [Dead Agent Remix]” from “Testament Ov The Exiled [Revised Edition]” album on Brutal Resonance Records
  • Legendary American horror movies director/electronic musician John Carpenter – “Alive After Death” from the John Carpenter upcoming LP “Lost Themes III: Alive After Death” on Sacred Bones

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