WL//WH Video Of The Day: DAS NOIR “The Night” (METAL DISCO Remix)

Video Of The Day DAS NOIR 

Following the release of the first two full-length albums on Cd-r, Greek experimental darkwave solo project of Nick D., Das Noir, has dropped his first digital Self/Titled EP featuring 4 original compositions plus the respective remixes done by Fringe Society, Conjecture, Nano Infect and Metal Disco.

The release has been accompanied by an occult video for the electro-industrial track “The Night”, gone under the skilful knife of fellow Athenian analog technoid electronics wizard Metal Disco, a.k.a. Toxic Razor (Beatbox Machinery, Eerie Sopor, Paradox Obscur), who switches things up by replacing the guitars with synthesizers, while infusing an alternate dose of dread into the mix.

Bleak industrial inflexions cast in distant howling wolven screams weave icy sinister synth notes with crawling treacherous bass lines and slow, churning beats around pensive echoing male vocals shift into distorted, inhuman demonic chants, to form a cold, vast mechanical wind of reverb buzzed isolation, stirred sparsely by hopeful, airy flute sounds and electric droning outflows.

Lyrics stalk a welcoming prey whose elusively bewitching charms freeze and stir the hunter’s calm, obsessive sensibilities into raging, impulsive desire.

Black and white framed DIY video captures an eerie trek in the dark woods at night through the full moon parted skies into a decrepit haunted heart of secrecy and despair. Flickering lights and ghostly fog travel sinisterly along a dirt footpath, cast in lurking danger and hidden fear, while brooding, silent rage from an eyeless stare of suffering transitions the slow methodical manipulation of supernatural forces into the hypnotic mix of ritualistic inclinations.

Das Noir‘s S/T EP is available digitally on the artist’s Bandcamp.

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