WL//WH Video Of The Day: MISFIT TRAUMA QUEEN “EnterNoise”

Video Of The Day Misfit Trauma Queen

Figueira Da Foz, Portugal based drummer and producer David Taylor’s solo act Misfit Trauma Queen ‘combines hardcore electronics, myth-evoking melodic soundscapes, and thundering percussion with a with a cyber-punk mid-tempo attitude’ for a video release of the enchanting and hypnotic track “EnterNoise”, second single off his latest 10 track album “Violent Bloom” via Regulator Records and A Lata Music.

Dark, gritty, industrial electronic moods spawn heavy tribal beats and lashing whips, oscillating/crawling bassline menace, howling voice samples, and icy synth stabs with off-tempo loops to form a conveyor belt of grinding mechanical steam rhythms, that rise and fall from extended silences to treacherous dark techno dancefloor mayhem.

The DIY flashback video recalls a lysergic dreamscape involving a wicked night of threesome shenanigans. Red and blue auras flash hypnotic overlays onto writhing bodies leashed under vulgar papier mâché masks, blurring non-corporeal imagery into the nightmarish double visions and suggestive scenes of sex and violence. Dramatic pauses cast in choreographed sequences and time-lapse photography shift the momentum and the mind’s eye of the imagination into a surreal spectator of another’s fanatical fetishisms.

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