WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #39

Photo by Melih Dönmezer

  • Ukrainian electronic/minimal wave/synthpop artist from Dnipro, Sonichka Detka [сонічка дєтка] feat Kurs Valüt – ‘Kolyskova’                                                                                                                                                     
Disturbingly sweet minimal synth collaboration between composer/singer/performer Sonichka Detka and fellow EBM/synthpop act Kurs Valüt. A repetitive sinister bassline sequence shatters the surface of playful charm, wavering around a restrained, simmering childlike female vocals that unfurl and tease a sweet yet eerie lullaby pierced by icily glistening, uncanny xylophone chimes.
  • New York and Toronto based goth dark ambient cinematic electronic collaborative music project of Crystal Casey and Joseph Beaty, Peeking Through The Noise “Devoured” from the upcoming debut album “Skeleton Keys”

First tantalizing preview for the dark atmospheric electronic duo PTTN with eerie subaquatic textures that swell around brittle haunting piano melodies and sparse, thumping beats to build ruthless tension for the vulnerable, excruciating dual male/female vocals layering soft echoing gasps of agony and ecstasy into the slow burn of primal passions.

  • Portland-based post-punk band SOFT KILL – “Roses All Around” first single from upcoming LP “Dead Kids, R.I.P. City” out November 20th, 2020 on Cercle Social Records                                                                              
Track one from the upcoming “Dead Kids, R.I.P City” LP explores addiction and the manic experience of chasing a drug high through the city streets by a distressed news reporter’s voice sample fading into sad, enveloping bright synth swathes mixed with scattered dry beats and soft-spoken, melancholic male vocals joined by an upbeat choral back up chant and bittersweet gleaming guitar melodies, embellishing the delusional thought process with “Roses All Around.” Portland crew keep on deftly carving their increasingly contemplative and cinematic heartfelt brand of doomy post-punk, more resonant and moving than ever. 
  • Berlin-based new wave/post-punk/dark electronic Vienna‘s transmedia artist, composer and vocalist, Rosa Anschütz “Morph Me” new single on Quiet Love Records
  • Oakland, Ca cold wave/minimal wave/analogue synth project Taraval – “Vertical City” from the EP “Transitions”
  • Kemerovo, Russia new wave/synthwave solo project, DIVIZION “Hyperion76” new single
  • French dark electronic /synthgaze solo project White Night Ghosts ‘Pure Love’ from the new EP “Exorcism Party” on Cranes Records
  • Belgium based cold analogue synth project CryptoChroma– “Shadowgame” off upcoming V/A “My Precious! – A Waves Radio Show Compilation Vol.3” on Red Maze Records
  • Greek synthpop/dark synth one-man-project based in Thessaloniki, MISFORTUNES “Μαύρο Τσουκάλι” from the new album “The Isle of Tomorrow” on TONN Recordings
  • UK dark electro/synthpop project of Stuart Jones, aka die Zerstörten “Light The Way”                                       
  • Melbourne-based Australian analog minimal synth project of Savage Nobles‘ guitarist/vocalist Liam Power aka VLF “Deceit” from the new cassette EP “Eternal Recurrence”
  • Melbourne, Australia synth-goth duo of Daphne Camf (of NO ZU) on vocals and synth with Simona Castricum on guitar and programming, SaD “Raining Pleasure” from the new album “Saturn Rules The Material World” out now via Trans-Brunswick Express
  • Sidney-based experimental dark electronic solo project from Andrew Exten, singer/songwriter of City Rose, JON RIGON “Club 2084” new single from upcoming debut EP                                                                       
  • French synthpop group based in Marseille, CELLULOIDE – “Si Tu Renonces (Edit)” off the new 4-track 7″ EP “Translucide” on BOREDOMproduct
  • Stockholm, Sweden dark disco/new wave/space disco duo of Berlin-based James Brook (Ex. Pardon Moi frontman & Producer/Songwriter) and Swedish Producer/ Artist Josefine Larsson, aka SEX KINO “Alone Together” new single
  • Okinawa, Japan cosmic disco/new wave/synthpop/electronic artist/producer Hotaru – “Cold Café (Hotaru Edit)” off “Portrait Edits Vol. 3”
  • Mysterious acid electro act D.M. Cross – “Future 87Man (MIII Edit)” from V/A “Biennale Di Bremen Vol.1” cassette compilation on Rome’s Knick Knack Yoda
  • Swiss coldwave/synthpop solo project from Geneve, Régis – “Lévitation” from the sophomore album “L’enfer c’est nous” on Cheptel Records
  • Bogota, Colombia Darkwave/Industrial/Synthwave duo NOROMAKINA “Overstimulation” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • ’80s South London electro industrial pioneers, Portion Control “Telekinesis.V2” from the EP “SEED EP1”
  • Brazilian electro darkwave/ghostwave project by producer and composer Ericson Willians, aka Poisoned Wine “Dancing Away (Feat. Beat!Riz)” new single
  • Russian minimal/synthwave/synthpop duo based in Moscow, ХВОРЬ “Game and performance” from the debut album “Хворь”
  • Helsinki dark electro/synth-punk project of Jacques Saph (Wild Roses Of Winter, Virgin in Veil, Masquerade), aka Carnal Machinery “Lost Grip” new single                                                                                                         
  • Málaga, Spain post-punk/darkwave trio UsualAnimal “Matches” (LLuva remix) new single from the LP “Secrets from this Eden”
  • Amsterdam-based EBM/post-punk/darkwave duo Hollow Reflection “Reptile Zoo” new single
  • Brooklyn, NY synthpop/coldwave/dark pop project of Noah Anthony, aka Profligate – “Just a Few Things Wrong” from the special edition vinyl LP + 7″ album ‘Too Numb to Know’ on Wharf Cat Records
  • Hamburg-based darkwave/dream pop/synthpop duo KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA “I Want To Want Nothing” from the LP “Darkest Dreams”
  • London based Welsh electro-post-punks LEG PUPPY “Black Tears (Dicepeople remix)” off the collaborative EP “Leg Puppy vs Dicepeople 04 feat Josefin Öhrn
  • US synthwave/industrial/synthpop/electronic alias/project by Tampa-bred Carson Cox of Merchandise, Romeo Blu “Above U” from debut EP “Jordan’s Bed” EP
  • Miami, FL dark electronic duo formed by Alvys H & Yamil Musa, Deep Down Wise – “Ignite” new single
  • Liverpool, UK dark synthwave artist DEADLIFE “Her Broken Smile (feat. Tessa Hedrick)” new single on NewRetroWave
  • Stockholm based Polish minimal electronic/EBM solo project La Santé “a ty” from “po drugiej stronie chmur…” EP
  • Swedish future pop/electro-pop duo Ashbury Heights “Spectres From The Black Moss” new single on Out Of Line
  • L.A. based dreampop/guitar rock/post-punk band from Sydney / The Byron Shire, DEATH BELLS “A Different Kind of Happy” from the new second LP, “New Signs of Life” on Dais
  • Polish Cold Wave/Post-Punk/New Romantic trio KĀVE “Kamczatka” from debut EP “CAVE KAVE WAVE”
  • Texan Goth Post-Punk band from San Antonio, DRESDEN WOODS “Dark Ages” from S/T debut album
  • Baltimore based post-punk/darkwave/synthwave solo project KISS OF THE WHIP “Girl Made of Stars” from upcoming album “We’re Not Here” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Huston, TX gothic rock/shoegaze/coldwave/post-punk/darkwave project Delphine Coma “Dissolve” new single on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Dutch Punk/Psych/Post-Punk quartet from Rotterdam, Rats On Rafts ”Tokyo Music Experience” from forthcoming album ”Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths” on Fire Records
  • Russian indie /post-punk four-piece from Moscow, ГРУППА ХМУРЫЙ / GRUPPA HMURIY ‘Страж’ (b-side)
  • Kyiv, Ukraine coldwave/shoegaze/post-industrial duo Garden Krist “Unter Feuer Und Stahl” from the new “Гарден Крист” cassette album on Surrogate Rec.
  • New York goth/shoegaze/synthpop project of Shas Michelé, Stereo Julia “Of Hearts” new single
  • Russian punk /post-punk band NGTO ‘Ядерная зима’ new single
  • German Darkwave/Post-Punk band URBANDONED “Never Again” title track from the album “Never Again”
  • Paris-based, French post-punk/new wave duo Hattoman “Egyptian Melancholia” from the second EP “Before I Quit”
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk/coldwave trio Séance Mystère “Lethe” from the album “Dark Pirouettes”
  • Chicago goth/shoegaze/post-punk trio Staring Problem “Invisible” from the new album Eclipse” on Modern Tapes
  • French coldwave/post-punk outfit from Amiens/Paris, STRUCTURES – “Robbery” from Structures’ debut album “How Does It Feel ?”
  • Austin, TX darkwave/coldwave/new wave/post-punk project DIE TRAURIGEN “Again” new single
  • Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina darkwave/post-punk duo OTIH “Nakon svih vas / After All Of You” from “Heroji umiru sami/Heros Die Alone” 4-track 7″ EP
  • Olympia, Wa post-punk/coldwave project IF WE ALL DIE “Recuerdo” new single
  • Hamburg, Germany darkwave/synth/postpunk music producer DARK “Nightmare” 4th single of DARK’s debut album ‘FOREVER SUFFER’ to be released later this year.
  • Paris, France new wave/darkwave/coldwave solo project Under A Dark Light “You and Me” new single              
  • Californian darkwave/post-punk band from San Fernando Valley, BLACKRABIT “Left To Die” from “Blackhole” EP
  • Guadalajara, Mexico post-punk/gothic rock band, Aves a Veces “Veneno Tu Sangre” (Maldoror cover)
  • Massachusetts darkwave band started in 1980 by Andrew Szava-Kovats, Data-Bank-A “Hey, Joe” (the Leaves cover) from “The Anarchist” album
  • Houston, TX dream pop/post-punk/coldwave/shoegaze solo project by Daniel Gaona, aka Day Disguise – “La Tourmente (Asylum Party)” off 2-track single in homage to the Asylum Party “Coldwave in Quarantine”
  • Paris based electronic/darkwave project of Brice Delourmel, guitarist of cold wave/shoegaze/electronics band DEAD, GIIRLS “Paralyzed” from the upcoming debut album “Far Reality”
  • Italian darkwave/post-punk/sadwave one-man project of electronic producer known as Religius Order, STRANGERS FOR LOVE “I Don’t Wanna Live Alone” from ‘Like A Libra’ 7″ single on Reach Another System
  • Legendary late 70s/early 80s San Francisco‘s industrial/kraut/post-punk band led by vocalist/keyboardist Damon Edge and vocalist/guitarist Helios Creed, Chrome “In A Dream (Ritual Howls Remix)”
  • Berlin-based one-man darkwave project Deus Ex Lumina “Under This Grave” from the work in progress collection of demos and covers “Dark Wave” (Playlist)
  • Italian synthpop/post-punk duo LES LONGS ADIEUX “Goodbye” new single on Agoge Records
  • Orlando, FL coldwave/post-punk project of Darren Robert Earl Crittenden, aka Alien Witch “Disco Baby” from the new album “Acid Pagan Theatre”
  • The Bronx, NY goth/darkwave solo project of Oby Wolf, aka LA MORGUE “El Gallo en Palo Seco”
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico Goth/Post-Punk/Dark Wave one-man-band Slow Danse With The Dead “I am the ghost” new single
  • Californian darkwave/goth rock project based out of Los Angeles, QYBURN “Janus” second single from the upcoming fourth album, “Wax Mask”.
  • Norway industrial/deathrock/post-punk/drone/darkwave/audio manipulation DIY project SWANSECT “Horse Of Grass” from the upcoming EP “KILL POP GOTH”
  • Portland, Or Dreampop/Psychedelic/Darkwave duo Devoured By Flowers “The Strangeness of You” from the upcoming LP “Phantom Time Traveler”
  • Lancaster, UK art-rock/noise-pop/post-punk band TV FACE “No No No No No” new single
  • Italian neo-folk/gothic/elettronic/darkwave duo of Roberto Del Vecchio (voice, synth, programming) and Old Boy (guitar, voice, bass), aka SHADOWORLD – “Empty Rooms” new single on The White Room Netlabel
  • UK electronic/darkwave/synthpop project of legendary producer John Fryer (NiN, Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode, etc), Black Needle Noise ”What A Wonderful World” (vocals by Tom Berger) taken from the forthcoming album “These Mortal Covers” on Cleopatra Records
  • Amsterdam based band founded by Legendary Pink Dots vocalist Edward Ka-Spel and Skinny Puppy multi-instrumentalist Cevin Key, The Tear Garden “Malice Through The Looking Glass” from the new LP “To Be An Angel Blind, The Cripple Soul Divide”
  • Wien‘s Gothic Rock/Psych/Post Punk band WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW “Walk On The Mirror” from the forthcoming 10th album “Yesterday Is Forever” on Solar Lodge.
  • Brest, Britanny ambient/drone/dark jazz band Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones “Lampyre Bonne Chere” from the upcoming new 5th album, recorded live Le Vauban, 23th September 2017, “Ramsès Redoute” out on October 16th 2020 via Music From the Masses
  • Italian project of Neofolk Hosteria with members of MMM, Siegfried, Foresta di Ferro, Nomotion, Roma Amor, Calle della Morte, Teatro Satanico, Detour Doom P, L’AMARA “A Ritroso” from the new vinyl/CD album “Cronache dal Sottosuolo” on SPQR Label

Photo by Melih Dönmezer

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