WL//WH Track Of The Day: DANCING PLAGUE “The Memory”

Track Of The Day  Dancing Plague

One-man band based in Portland, Dancing Plague, is back with the new EP “The Mirror”, through Dead Age Records, possibly his more mature and stripped down release so far, yet no less emotionally penetrating and hauntingly engaging.

The previous goth-tinged darkwave edginess and late techno leanings have given way to a hypnotic and enveloping low-pace sound that looks more at a certain early 80’s British synth-pop, remind me at times OMD of “Dazzle Ships” period, made of incessant, driving bass sequence with chimes and swirls of sorrowful synth melodies, permeated with ethereal melancholy, in harmony with his unmistakable powerful baritone voice, no longer commanding and overwhelming as in the past, yet with an overall subdued and confessional tone, laced with drama and intensity in a painful journey of self-discovery and rebirth, as the titles of the five tracks, related to each other, give a clear glimpse.

EP closer, “The Memory”, shamefully looks back to a false sense of happiness, triggering bleak tight bassline, fueled by steady lashing snare beats, that throbs and simmers ceaselessly with a hypnotic rhythmic pace, as stoic heartfelt baritone male vocals regretfully croon, rippled by flashing wistful synth chords and airy swells, in a shocking moment of clarity, left angry and disturbed drowning in bitterness and regret.

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