WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #34

‘Tetsuo: The Iron Man’ (1989), by Shinya Tsukamoto

  • Swedish electronic minimal synth project Kinder Aus Asbest “Washed away” from the upcoming Split EP with Rosa Nebel on Lux Rec.

Swedish synth minimalist draws us into a frozen and desolate hopeless dance rutted by droning, hypnotic bass waves of ominous uncertainty wobbling along with electronic bleeps, icy bright synth melodies and hypnotic beats to fuel quivering Curtis-eque baritone vocals plunge into the direly desperate “dark water”.

  • Argentinian post-punk/darkwave/goth rock trio from Buenos Aires, SOL OSCURO “Factory” from the debut EP “Industrial Sounds”

Densely dark atmospheric and cinematic new EP from Argentinian post-punkers Sol Oscuro, interspersed of mechanical heavy tones that clang amid hypnotic and menacing industrial churning, frigid synth washes and bleak bass oscillations, encroaching on gloomy, depressing vocal moods and hazily aching guitar wails, enough to stab directly into the listener imagination with urgency and passion.

  • Malang, Indonesia darkwave/post-punk trio, Modern Approach “Pale and Rigid” off the upcoming new single “Sapphire / Pale and Rigid” on Hantu Records & Publishing

Formerly known as Ultraviolence, return with nostalgic bleak guitar melodies that waft away with jaunty beats and winding deep bassline, lit with bright glowing synth sweeps and bittersweet emotional male vocals lost in an endless and longing sadness. The usual brilliant gloominess from Indonesia.

  • Akureyri, Iceland experimental dark folk project of Ingi Jóhann Friðjónsson, Á geigsgötum “Með köldum höndum” first preview from the upcoming album “Draumar hverfa skjótt”
  • San Diego, CA coldwave/post-punk band fronted by Dustin Frelich, Cerulean Veins “Silent as Ghosts” from the album “Blue (Unplugged)” Live on Twitch May 2020
  • California based coldwave/synthwave duo, Tuxedo Gleam “Atrophy” off V/A “2020” on Modesto Synth Society
  • Vienna-based synth/broken dance/electronic solo artist Kristina Pia Hofer, aka VOILER “0 Goth Romantic Edit” off ltd. pink cassette “0002” (conceived as a sound piece for early 2020 Elizabeth Ward’s performance Dancing’s Demons) on CUT SURFACE
  • Italian indie/ethereal/cinematic/darkwave/instrumental one-man project THE LOST BOY “The Ocean Dream (Esben and the Witch Vocal Mix)” off the remixes album “nowhere remixed”
  • Portland, OR shoegaze/new wave/coldwave/post-punk project WARMLINE “Far from me but here all the same” on Disko Obscura
  • Minimal synth/analog synth project from Belgium, Unidentified Man ” T.V.H.A. [”Triomftocht van het amateurism”] (Instrumental Demo)”                                                                                                                               
  • American/Turkish experimental/electronic collaboration between New York‘s Maya Hardinge and Eskisehir‘s Tolga Baklacioglu, MAYa & Tolga Baklacioglu – “Home (Martial Canterel Remix)” off upcoming “Kına” (Remix EP) on Tolga’s |V|E|N|T| label
  • Brussels‘ coldwave/darkwave/EBM/ambient/industrial/dark electro solo project LUMINANCE “Never count the days (live)” from “Homelife” EP [Live session June 19 2020]
  • Brooklyn, NY synthpop/coldwave/dark pop project of Noah Anthony, aka Profligate – “A Stranger” from the upcoming special edition vinyl LP + 7″ album ‘Too Numb to Know’ on Wharf Cat Records
  • Italo/French new wave/synthwave/post-punk/synthpop duo of producer /musician and songwriter Adriano S. Iacoangeli and singer Cecilia Dassonneville, Echoberyl – “Melody Out of Time” from the new album “The Awakening of a Mutant Girl” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Berlin-based minimalsynth/post-punk/coldwave/synthwave duo I.G. – Gelände” from the debut cassette album “Isolationsgemeinschaft”
  • Cold synthwave/post punk outfit from Berlin, Die Letzten Ecken “Die Zahlen” from “Die letzten Ecken” on Billo (tape) & Static Age Musik (vinyl)
  • Swedish electronic/post-punk/coldwave/industrial trio from Stockholm, Agent Side Grinder – “Inner Noises” (Ash Code Remix) off V/A “100 – Progress Productions Compilation” 3xCD on Progress Productions
  • Swedish Body Music/Dark Electro-Punk artist, singer/songwriter, label owner, performer and producer from Stockholm, RAIN “Limitless” from the debut album “Reincarnated” on her own label Rein Recordings
  • London, UK dark minimal synth primitive electronic music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “You’re So Typical (version)” alternative version of the original from last “Once Upon a Time In The North” album                                 
  • Dutch electro/synth-wave/’Neue-Niederländische-Welle’ duo from Utrecht, STAATSEINDE “Darüber Reden Wir Nicht” title track from their upcoming EP “Darüber Reden Wir Nicht” on Lo Phi Forms Records                      
  • Flensburg, Northern Germany dark electro synth producer aka Das Muster, aka MUMM “Verplant”                 
  • French post-punk/synthpop/synthwave musician from Paris, SYDNEY VALETTE “Bells Of January (Blind Delon Rmx)” from 2-track “Brothers- Remixes”
  • Dnipro, Ukraine dark electro/synthpop act Kurs Valut “Ni – Leæther Strip” from “Ni” EP on Mark Watch
  • Brooklyn, NY Post-Punk/New Wave/Synthpop 3-piece NATION OF LANGUAGE “Gouge Away” (Pixies cover)
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi synthpop/coldwave/post-punk outfit Control Room “Are We All Alone (exclusive track)” from V/A “SPOTLIGHT (A Cold Transmission label compilation)” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Ukrainian coldwave/shoegaze/post-punk outfit, COLD COMFORT “Hunt With Us” from the new EP “The Submerging” on Worn Pop                                                                                                                                               
  • London, UK dark, minimal electronic duo of Anil Aykan & Jonathan Barnbrook, aka Fragile Self “Influx In Flux” from V/A “Annual General Meeting Record 3.3” compilation on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray                   
  • London, UK-based industrial/darkwave/post-punk duo Corlyx “We See Red” from the upcoming new album “Together Apart” on Negative Gain
  • Copenhagen, Denmark synth-pop duo Disrupted Being “Innocence” new single
  • Belfast, Maine retro goth/synthwave/dark synth project Rayne Reznor “Terminal” new single on RetroSynth Records
  • Dark electronic/synthpop collaboration between Lucia Ponticas (Chile) and Rob Bryant (Australia), Unknown Land “Icarus” new single
  • Iceland cybersynth goth duo Holdgervlar “Eiturveitur” from the upcoming album “Gervihold” on MYRKFÆLNI
  • Dark synth-punk project from Portland, OR. Crone Call “Copper” debut single
  • Californian dark punk/deathrock 3-piece band from Chico, Desperate Hell ~ “Bass Shrine (Single Version)” off the new single “Bass Shrine (Single Version) / Gathering Dust”
  • Californian solo deathrock/darkwave/post-punk music project from Oakland, DEATH’S HEAD “Cordyceps” (Remastered)                                                                                                                                                               
  • Las Vegas-based industrial/EBM/goth/darkwave Mexican solo project Fairy Pussy – “Fun”                                        
  • Minneapolis industrial band formed in 2015 by Sadie Ryan and Oskar Brummel, BURNING “2 Sirens” from upcoming cassette album “X.O.X” via Damien Records
  • Late 70s Swiss punk band GLUEAMS “Arsen” (bonus unreleased track) from the Static Age Musik‘s reissue of 1979‘s 2nd single “Mental / 365” originally on Punk Rules Clan
  • Belgian synth-punk outfit CRY “Maniac” from the cassette EP “Bummer” on Geelong’s Weather Vane Records              
  • Sacramento‘s coldwave/darkwave project of John Anton Malinowski, EX HEIR “Torched”                                   
  • Berlin‘s dark punk/post-punk 5-piece (members of Diat, Vexx and Useless Eaters), Clock of Time “Swallow The Feed” from debut 7-track album “Pestilent Planet” on Static Shock Records
  • London, UK punk quartet made of ex Huggy Bear, no Ex, ex PRE / Male Bonding members, Adulkt Life “County Pride” from debut single “Zine One” on What’s Your Rupture?
  • Russian dream pop/new wave/post-punk band from Rostov-on-Don, Motorama ”Today & Everyday” from the forthcoming record “Before The Road”
  • Chilean dark psychedelic/dream pop/post-punk/shoegaze duo SEATEMPLES “Verde Catedral” from the new album “Trópicos” on Icy Cold Records in cooperation with Manic Depression Records & Swiss Dark Nights.
  • Hamilton, UK goth/darkwave project of Lea Torn, THE SECRET EXPERIMENT “Void” from the new album “Circe Invidiosa”
  • Irish shoegaze/noise/trip-hop/electronic/post-punk 5-piece based in Dundalk, JUST MUSTARD “Tainted” from “Live Session” cassette EP Live session recorded for ‘Part Time Punks’ radio show on KXLU 88.9FM
  • Moscow, Russia indie/post-punk brother trio Pesochek [Песочек] ‘Осколки’ new single
  • Los Angeles based goth/dream pop/post-punk solo project of a member of Ter Nura, CLOSED TEAR “Feelings Fade” new single
  • Greek darkwave/post-punk band ENADION “Obsessed” from the EP “Postback”
  • Italian Post Punk / Darkwave trio from Naples, GEOMETRIC VISION – “Apocalypse Queen Live” from “An Imaginated Music Journey” Live CD album on SwissDarkNights Label
  • UK electronic/post-punk/darkwave project by Klaus Devore from Nottingham, CLAUSTRAPHOBIA “The Madmen” new single
  • Mid-80s Greek darkwave/post-punk band from Athens, LEFKI SYMPHONIA “Black Twilight” new single
  • UK goth/darkwave/post-punk solo project Gaping Graves “Pagliacci’s Dead” from the new EP “Magick Lantern Music”
  • Mor, Mexico ambient/darkwave solo project REPENT “Canción para Lain”
  • US ambient/darkwave/synth multi-instrumentalist Mariah Fortune-Johnson, aka WOVEN IN “Complex Body” from “Profess” cassette album via Popnihil and Grimalkin Records (10″ vinyl)
  • US electronic/post-punk/synth project Magnetic Black – “Never Get Out” from the EP “Zetetic” on 23fishes
  • Russian electronic/darkwave project Anthrazit und Weiss “Anthrazit Und Weiss (A.U.W.)”
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania dark ethereal gothic instrumental iteration evolved from The Garden and Between the Waters, Ether Rising “Watchful Waiting” new single
  • Dresden, Germany neo-folk project DARKWOOD “Chased by the Swans” from the new album “Twilight Garden”

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