WL//WH Video Of The Day: LO! PENINSULA “Sleight Of Hand”

Video Of The Day LO! PENINSULA

The Indian 3-piece curiously named Lo! Peninsula, based in Imphal, Manipur, comprised of Nitin Samurailatpam (vocals and lead guitar), Avinash Thokchom (bass) and Jyotin Elangbam (drums), stoked highly our imagination since they brought to our attention their 6-track first EP “AKA Lo Peninsula” a couple of years ago (here).

A rich, fresh and powerful DIY guitar sound, walking the line between shoegaze, psychedelia, dream pop with undertones of anthemic Britpop, that had no difficulty making a name for itself also overseas.

While we’re waiting for new material, the band have dropped the music video, produced by Jamun Collective and directed by Seonath Wakrambam, for “Sleight Of Hand”, possibly the most unbridled and riveting jam from their debut, which unleashes pulsating and feverish mesmeric grooves that weave deep sinuously wandering bassline bounce with abrasive blistering guitar riffs, triggered by steady punchy drumbeats, as high falling distorted male vocals plunge into submerged screams, amid icy bright synth chord quiverings.

Philosophical lyrics expose an underlying web of lies perpetuated by the System’s “Sleight of Hand” tactics, enforced upon the masses to manipulate thought and the birth of freedom from the overwhelming oppression and control experienced when a soul wakes up.

Gripping green screen orchestration casts complementary shades of amber oak and cerulean blue onto a vast fluid backdrop, billowing dynamic atomic dimensions. Primordial elements spin, ooze, and infect 3D planes in the absorption of a masked Skywalker dancing into cyber algorithmic bliss, as starburst implosions, time-lapse emotions, and kaleidoscopic erosions ignite into a violent Big Bang explosion, leaving the time traveller in a state of breathless commotion.

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