WL//WH Video Of The Day: CHEMICAL WAVES (feat L’AVENIR) “Ghost and A Memory”


Chemical Waves, Rome-based Post Punk /Coldwave /Darkwave solo project of Italian musician Marco Cattani (Halo Effect and The Mark), brings his distinctive decadent and immersive atmosphere, overflowing with darkness and intense emotions, into the video release for the haunting track “Ghost and a Memory”, featuring the guest vocals of Baltimore‘s veteran cold synth musician and sound artist Jason Sloan, aka L’AVENIR, taken from the fresh released new album “Lasting Forever” via ScentAir Records.

Deep throbbing bassline rumbles along heavy scattered drum beats, cold airy synth glow, and reverberating piercing guitar stabs to build an intensely fierce momentum around high atmospheric male vocals that rise and fall in distorted unremitting pain.

Nostalgic lyrics unravel in subconscious memories held captive between past destruction and silent sufferings, left crumbling into the shattered horizons until fate’s stars “descend and fall, then no more.”

The surreal video casts shadows of doubt and mystery upon a field of lost memories and pain, as time-lapse photography blurs split-screen dimension, altering space into shattered images left longing in disconnection. Smoky trace screen elements decelerate hand dance choreography along with a slow-motion of weightless expression, extending the cosmic energy between the “Ghost and a Memory” into a forgotten dream.

Chemical Waves‘ new LP “Lasting Forever” is available on Digital Download, CD, Ltd. Cassette, as well as on Spotify, Itunes and all the digital stores.


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