WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #28

  • Valencia, Spain synthpop project of DIY vocalist/musician/producer Sandra Rapulp, Salfumán “Tentación” new single

Already fatally seduced in the past by Salfuman aka Sandra Rapulp‘s sultry elegance and alluring sensuality, the new single ‘tempts’ us once again through cool sparkling melodies flickering along deep pulsing bass lines, and groovy rhythms, to build hot playful desires exude from her ravishing, soothing breathless vocals in a bashfully teasing swoon.

  • Málaga/Granada, Spain shoegaze/dream pop 5-piece ARISTA FIERA “Vittoria” new single from the upcoming LP “Cromatismo Doméstico” on El Genio Equivocado

Fourth and last single to anticipate the LP, via the longstanding reliable El Genio Equivocado label, from the Spanish quintet Arista Fiera that displays the bittersweet atmospheric side of the band’s both introspective and noisy indie-pop sound, swept in deep hearty basslines with shimmering guitar melodies and sparse dramatic tinkling piano notes along dreamy sad female vocals lost in sweet cries of “victory.”

  • New Jersey soulgaze/dream pop/alternative 3-piece Grey Goes Black “Lost At Sea” from the new EP “The Slow Death Of Everything” on Shore Dive Records

New captivating, and immersive third EP from New Jersey trio with increasing dark tones, permeated with sad and nostalgic melodies that arise like clouds of smoke gathering over intense, introspective hazy songs with an accentuated electronic heart that pulsates in unison with sinuous hearty bassline, while glistening wistful ethereal guitar melodies and piercing icy synth radiate languidly dense murky resonances, creating emotional at the same time fragile and moving, yet subtly desolate and disturbing moods, underlined by soulful vocals coax pensive longing and heartfelt melancholy.

  • Baku, Azerbaijan electric guitarist Rüstəm Quliyev “İran Təranələri” from upcoming album “Azerbaijani Gitara” (archival recordings recorded between 19992004) on Les Disques Bongo Joe
  • Scottish instrumental ambient/space/post-rock 4-piece from Motherwell, A Sudden Burst of Colour – ”Forever” off upcoming double-A side single “Forever/Captivator”
  • Toronto, Canada acoustic indie folk solo project of Maryam Said, aka Poolblood “I’m Sorry (ft. Louie Short and Eliza Niemi)” new single on Accidental Popstar Records
  • Pittsburgh, PN indie/dream/folk band Merce Lemon “Baby” from the upcoming album “Moonth” on Darling Recordings
  • Hamilton, Ontario bedroom pop/dream pop/sad pop singer/songwriter Linnea Siggelkow, aka ELLIS “I Got Lost (Dinosaur Jr. cover)” from “Bedroom Covers” EP
  • London, UK based Swedish indie dream folk artist Rebecka Reinhard “No release” from the upcoming EP “Whale’’                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Portland, Or bedroom echo fuzz & reverb project Mascara Ashes “Typically” new 2-track single
  • French psych-pop chanteuse Laure Briard “Grandeza” (Sessa cover) on Midnight Special Records
  • Sidney, Australia based dark dream-pop duo of Claudia Schmidt and Arlen McCarthy, aka LORELEI “Pale” new single
  • Sidney-based late 70s formed, legendary indie rock band led by Brisbane‘s Peter Milton Walsh, THE APARTMENTS “Pocketful of Sunshine” from the upcoming 7th album LP “In and Out of the Light” on Talitres
  • New York indie/synth/dream-pop duo of Zac Pennington (Parenthetical Girls) & Prudence Rees-Lee (Prudence), Popular Music “Willow’s Song” new single
  • San Francisco, Ca lo-fi power pop 4-piece Tony Jay “One Glorious Morning” from the new cassette album “A Wave In The Dark” on Paisley Shirt Records
  • San Diego, Ca lo-fi/shoegaze/dream pop solo project Mostly Scared “Broken Flowers” from the debut album “Just A Memory”
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts indie rock/dream pop duo SHY CURVES “Dashboard” from the debut “Stay Home” EP
  • Charlottesville, VA indie-pop trio Stray Fossa “For What Was” new single
  • Queens, NY-based new wave/dream-pop project from IrishIranian songwriter-producer Sam R., GLASSIO “One Of These Days” new single                                                                                                                                                       
  • Chillburn‘s finest UK lo-fi electro-indie rock band PYNCH “Somebody Else” new single                                                
  • L.A./NYC electronic /psych-pop recording project of singer/songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer/composer Ariel Loh, aka DRINKER “Stay” from the upcoming EP “They Don’t Want To Know” on B3Sci Records
  • Oakland, Ca indie/synthpop duo Abracadabra “Cherry Soda” 2nd single
  • Ukraine electro-pop/post-punk/avant pop duo band Зэ Джозерс [Zejozers] ‘Останнє прощавай feat. Grisly Faye‘ new single
  • Los Angeles based doomgaze quartet IRESS “Underneath” new single
  • Manchester, UK dark pop/shoegaze duo MEENA “She’s Not Marrying” from debut EP
  • Californian psychedelic/darkwave/pop-noir trio from Topanga Canyon, VUM “Golden Hour” from “Wild Enclosures” EP on their own imprint Secret Lodge Recordings
  • London, UK noise rock/shoegaze/neo-psychedelic duo BLACK DOLDRUMS “Hearts That Beat, Will Never Mend (Into Dust Remix)” from remix EP “Metempsychosis”
  • Russian melodic emo pop-punk project from Sudislavl, Парк Лобанка [Park Lobanka] ‘Адреса и телефоны’ new single
  • New Haven, Ct punk indie-pop band JENNY GENIUS “Oak” from the debut S/T album
  • New York post metal/doomgaze/post-rock/shoegaze trio SPOTLIGHTS “Absenter (Jawbox Cover)”
  • Toronto/Vancouver indie/pop/punk band TOUGH AGE – “My Life’s A Joke & I’m Throwing It Away” from the upcoming LP “Which Way Am I?” due out August 7, 2020 on Mint Records
  • New-age dream pop trio from North Wales, LIGHTS THAT CHANGE “March” from the upcoming album “Pure”
  • El Paso, TX eclectic shoegaze band EEP – “Outlast You” from the forthcoming debut LP “Death of a Very Good Machine”
  • Houston, TX shoegaze/dream rock band DAZE “Behemoth” from the new album “Still Sleeping?”
  • Charlottesville-based dark/dreamy/indie-pop outfit FILMS ON SONG “A Place I’d Rather Be” from the new EP ‘Too True’.
  • Philippines jangly/dreamy/indiepop 4-piece from Manila, Populardays “Me & My Bicycle” off “Shiny Happy Digital Club 02” via shiny happy records
  • New York guitar rock band Yeah Baby “Sugar” from the upcoming debut album ”Neptune Hotel”
  • Auckland, New Zealand indie-guitar-pop 4-piece The Beths “Acrid” from the sophomore album “Jump Rope Gazers” on Carpark
  • Astrakhan, Russia post-punk/post-rock/new wave/synth-pop/indie rock band Вевил / Vevil ‘Вигилант (single version)’
  • Santa Cruz, Ca lo-fi/indie rock band Saoirse Dream “Two Crabs” from the album “Collection”
  • L.A. based indie synthpop band lead by Philadelphia’s Jennifer Pague, Vita and the Woolf “Confetti” from the upcoming LP “Anna Ohio” on Tender Loving Empire Records
  • Canadian electronic dream pop band from Québec City, Men I Trust ”Say Can You Hear (garage session)” from “Forever Live Sessions” CD/vinyl 12″ album
  • Brighton, UK Shoegaze/Noise Rock/IDM solo project Robinson’s Village “A Study In Design” new single
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina lo-fi shoegaze/dream pop/indie-pop 4-piece Almanaques “Sintiendo nada” from the new EP “Despedida” on Fuego Amigo Discos.
  • Caen, Normandy surf/indie pop quartet BEACH YOUTH “Two Bedrooms” new single on Music From The Masses
  • Boston, Massachusetts dream pop/ jangle pop/psychedelic project NIGHT HERON “Subjects and Objects” from the album “Forever Ending”
  • French dream pop /shoegaze trio from Lille, Tapeworms “Safety Crash” from the upcoming album “Funtastic” on Howlin Banana Records, Cranes Records, Coypu Records and Testcard Records
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina dreampop/shoegaze/noise-pop 5-piece El Club Audiovisual – “El Ritmo” new single from upcoming debut LP “Ya No Estamos Tan Solos” on Casa del Puente Discos
  • Paisley, Scotland jangly/guitar pop band THE MULDOONS “Lovely Things” from the new album “Made For Each Other”
  • Kazan, Russia lo-fi dream pop/neo-psychedelic/shamanic techno-trance collective Здесь? [Zdes band] – “Ребенок / Child” from the EP «Джанки / Junkie»
  • Chinese four-piece experimental psychedelic rock band from Beijing, CHUI WAN ‘Gentle Binding Love 33EMYBW remix’ on Maybe Mars
  • Colorado psychedelic/tri-hop/electronic producer American Pika “Indigo Bunting”                                                    

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