WL//WH Review: The Evocative and Eerie new EP “Deception Island I” by NNHMN


NNHMN live

The very first days of July saw the brand new release ‘Deception Island I’ EP by Berlin-based darkwave outfit NNHMN. The record is out on digital format while also presented in a ONE-OFF truly limited edition of 300 copies lacquered pressed on 180 gr. on high-quality solid black vinyl via Oraculo Records.

Lee Margot and Michal Laudarg (NNHMN) present another striking record that follows their previous ‘Shadow In The Dark’ LP in December 2019-one of the most breathtaking releases during last year. Here, the duo clearly unveils some of the best-hidden seeds and a few more ‘terrors’ from their discography. It is not the first time that we see them play tough games with electro and darkwave music, but never again in the past, they didn’t unveil such an obvious and passionate inner storm. The new album is all a sorrowful thunder of emotions in four episodes on the most uptempo analog field. Everything here is as solid as ever for both Lee and Michal, attributing an amazing release by all means. Strangely and how magical indeed, the new EP is a manifest of dark electronic dance music and desperation. From one angle, its icy cold beats clearly occupy similar terrain to techno related soulmates from Berlin’s darkwave big family like crushing the limits and appearing as a new hybrid now. On the other hand, the whole atmosphere in the ‘Deception Island I’ is a stronghold of literate sadness and melancholy as performed and sung by Lee Margot.

Sometimes menacing, sometimes poetical, and all the way to the end the singer now sounds like gazing the world from a different level. And if you put in their newly updated private studio then you have the band’s fresh and very compact trademark style. All moody and evocative music infected with dark synth sounds, eerie ambiance, and mysterious vocals; this is NNHMN since day-1, only now it seems all life helped them a lot on how to shape this marvellous little record, and life is not always easy and nice as you know. There are a few secrets on what inspired this record and I suggest you should listen closely to its lyrics and discover or even hypothesize alone what this record hides inside.

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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