The Midnight Computers is a French post-punk /coldwave band with new wave undertones, born in October 2019 out of the desire to overcome the monotony of a pair techno producers Jonathann Cast (vocals, programming) and Pascal Roeder (guitar, synthesizer), soon joined by former punk guitarist Alexandre Saintorant (guitar, bass), ready to share their common deep passion for the dark synthetic sonic side of the 80s, through an energetic and stirring brand of guitar-driven post-punk that hits all the right buttons and will fire you up.

WL//WH is very pleased to premiere the music video for the song “Tears”, taken from last April’s The Midnight Computers’ debut album “Anxious” released today, 30 June, 2020, on 12″ vinyl edition, through Manic Depression Records.

“Tears” exudes a bleak, urgent atmosphere of misunderstood alienation built by rapid throbbing bassline, hard punchy beats with metallic clashes, and fast abrasive guitar riffs, awash in sinisterly ominous synth chords, as deep, distorted desperate male vocals breathlessly brood and cry “tears of ink” into a void of confusion.

Confessional lyrics unravel a lonely night filled with “tears made from my soul” that pushes a man to the brink, as he does not understand why he is so sad.

Dramatic black and white video captures the emotional darkness of the song, while showcasing the band, as they perform outdoors against the backdrop of an urban neighbourhood, cast in shades of grey.

Contrasts between the different coloured stones of the embankment, the overcast skies, and the stylish black-clad trio add dimension, mystery, and a modern twist to the natural setting.

The 12″ Vinyl edition of The Midnight Computers‘ debut LP “Anxious” is out today, 30 June, 2020, via Manic Depression Records, while the Digipack CD edition is still available on Swiss Dark Nights.

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