WL//WH Video Of The Day: VEVIL “Astronomia / Coffin Dance” [Russian doomer version]

Video Of The Day Vevil

The ‘Coffin Dance’, also known as ‘Dancing Pallbearers’, refers to a precarious video of Ghanian pallbearers engaged in an energetic dance while carrying a coffin on their shoulders.
In March of 2020, the video was paired with the EDM song ‘Astronomia’ by Tony Igy, and gained popularity in FAIL edits, similar in nature with ‘To Be Continued’ and ‘We’ll Be Right Back memes.’

Hailing from Astrakhan, Russian genre-defying post-punk band Vevil / Вевил, based on the core of Vitaly Borodin (guitars, piano, organ, live looping, vocals, bass, synth, violin) and Vlad Limarenko (bass, guitar, synth, and vocals), have released an equally hilarious version of the animated skit, using a sub-genre of millennials known as doomers, that emerged following Jonathan Franzen‘s 2019 essay in The New Yorker titled ‘What if We Stopped Pretending.’ 
Doomers are characterized as unemployed or working a dead-end job, tormented by unrequited love, and alienated from most of the population due to a sense of personal aimlessness and despair over humanity’s future.

Vevil uses the stark contrast between the reserved nihilistic cynicism of the doomers and the melodramatic extroversion of the original score, to create an almost hidden subversive humor shared only by those who belong the dark angsty community of naysayers.
The dynamic soundtrack emerges as a swish of sonic synth soar into dire and melancholic atmospheres of poignant guitar melodies, echoing reverb into deep bass resonance and fast-paced dense hypnotic programming beats, culminating into layers of neurotic frenzy, bursting into the unescapable impending doom of embraced darkness.

Satirically illustrated with four, almost identical, expressionless characters, as they soundlessly tip-toe under a coffin engraved with ‘Вевил’ along with a photo of the singer, the guitarist, and a bouquet of lilies, set against a bleak Soviet high rise cityscape overlaid in hazy grainy film effects, to covey the sentiment left laughing in foreseen, fatalistic frowns.

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