WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #20

photo by Jack Davison


  • Northern Irish synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Altered Age” from the new cassette album “Nouveau Neon” on TONN Recordings                                                                                           

Beautifully oscillating ominous bassline making love with bright spacey analogue swirling synth melodies against angsty clear vocals set minimal synth, or whatever you want to call it, brilliance, just an enticing ‘hors-d’oeuvre’ for the main course that’s coming this week via TONN Recordings.

  • Russian ‘sad synth’ /electro-pop /darkwave solo project of Moscow‘s Kirill Ovchinnikov, Заговор [Zagovor] ‘Я просила не писать’ from the new cassette album ‘Ретро / Retro’ via HИИ tape records

At the same time retro, as the title suggests, and also futurist, shadowy and cold, as breezes of Siberian wind, the new album from the ‘sad synth’ one-man-band from Moscow, through bleak bassline, mechanical beats, swelling frigid swathes of synth and arcane vocals, seems the perfect soundtrack for our current ghostly urban wastelands, where everyone is bound to wear masks as if to emphasise past boundless solitudes embedded in our consumeristic and technologized societies, a proper soundtrack for our anxieties and fears, albeit simultaneously immersive oblivion.

  • Richmond, Virginia-based Electronic/Darkwave/Post-Punk/synth-pop solo project nosuchname ‘It’s fine’ new single from the upcoming “WOVND” EP.

Constant punchy beats and deep pulsing bassline set the heartfelt backbone for a drastic and urgent hypnotic mood created by emotional searing guitar wails and icy shimmering synth stabs combine with desperate disconnected vocals pleading to be heard. A strong return for the DIY musician from Richmond.

  • Kyiv-based electronic/darkwave atmospheric one-woman project of the Ukrainian composer and vocalist Anastasia Lazarenko, aka EDIFICE “Disgrace” from debut album “Sloughed Skin”
  • International (Italy, Australia and Mexico) experimental funeral jazz maguses LAST CALL AT NIGHTOWLS “Noir Jazz FemDom” from V/A “Quarantine Doom jazz vol. 2” on Signora Ward Records
  • Kyiv, Ukraine post-punk/darkwave/gothic/electro-industrial project of Stan Przhegodsky, aka Black Light District “Dig It”                                                                                                                                                         
  • Brighton, UK Darkwave/Synthwave Artist DANIEL ADAM “The Rain” from the LP “Trans Am Death” on Void Love Records
  • Athens, Greece one-man instrumental experimental/cold synth project BLAKAUT “Κοινωνία Πτωμάτων / Society of Corpses” (unreleased) on SSFR
  • Croatian electro darkwave ice queen Popsimonova “Don’t Ever Change” from V/A “Electronic Emergencies selected by I-Robots” remastered Electronic Emergencies‘ archive tracks compiled by Italian DJ/producer I-Robots
  • Paris-based electronic/coldwave/darkwave/electro producer GEWALT “Somewhere (Original Mix)” from the new “Synesthesia” EP on RND. Records
  • Chambéry, France dark electro project Snow Therapy “After War Démo”                                                               
  • Berlin-based coldsynth/EBM collaboration Unhuman and Petra Flurr “Hier!” from “Had Enough” EP
  • Mexico/Colombia minimal synth/EBM collaboration Red Industrie & Ferdinand Cärclash – “Looking Into U (Full Version)” from V/A “Werkschaft: colaborative album” on advanced synergy
  • French goth/coldwave/post-punk project from Paris, CONTRE SOIREE “The Dope Show” (Marilyn Manson Cover)                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Athens, Greece industrial darkwave electronic duo of Eugene Broumidis and Nick Levantis aka PARALOGIK “Rotness version 1”                                                                                                                                      
  • Synth-pop project of Besoins Premiers founder eo eintu and German artist/vocalist Gregor Zentrich (AKA Pascal De Nuit), Modeux des Cieux – “Constant Run” from upcoming ‘Modeux des Cieux’ EP out June 1st on Besoins Premiers.                                                                                                                                                 
  • Los Angeles based industrial/dark electro/techno/minimal wave main project of producer and songwriter Matia Simovich, INHALT “Commerce (David Harrow Remix)” from the upcoming remix album “Simulation” on Mechatronica
  • Vermont‘s coldwave/minimal wave/synthpop solo project Triumphant Race “After Party” from the upcoming album “Shadows Collide”                                                                                                                       
  • Turin, Italy electro dark synthwave solo project ZOLTAN FREITAG “Closedown” new single
  • Bristol, UK electronic/new wave/synthpop musician/producer/engineer (aka Future Image), Finlay Shakespeare “Fortune” from the new sophomore album “Solemnities” on Editions Mego
  • Canadian electronic/synthpop/synthwave artist from Montréal, Das mörtal “Wicked Desire” new single on Lisbon Lux
  • Brittany minimal synth collaboration between Jean Marc Le Droff (Egoprisme) and Boris Völt (Mode in Gliany, Cinématique inverse, OKNHO…), aka Premier mouvement – “Poussière d’étoiles” from the new EP “Elevage de poussière”
  • Canadian coldwave/post-punk band project of Francis Nothingwater from Montreal, LA MÉCANIQUE “Devant nous l’incertitude” new single on Cold Transmission Music
  • Mexican synth wave/synth-pop solo project (Tonio Kröger and Teatro Marfil), Tristán B. “Shanzhai” title track from the new EP on Russian label Other Voices Records.
  • Helsinki electro synth-punk /death-pop solo project by the frontwoman of Masquerade, Wild Roses Of Winter & keyboardist/backing vocalist of Virgin in Veil, Suzi Sabotage “Persona Non Grata” new single
  • Tallinn, Estonia coldwave/darkwave/noir synth electronic project of Kadri Sammel aka Bedless Bones ”Ostara” from the forthcoming album “After Malaise” via COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Slovenian dance-punk/goth-wave/synthpunk one-man project from Ljubljana, Die Not in Berlin – “The Mighty” from the new EP “Mies”
  • Leipzig, Germany new wave/post-punk/synthpop project PERVERSE STATE “Home In Suffering” from the debut EP “Endurance”
  • Los Angeles based new wave/darkwave/synth-pop project of Carlo Mancia, MortalBoy “Murder by the lakes”       
  • Portland-based Goth Techno/Darkwave/Post-Punk project by Conor Knowles, aka DANCING PLAGUE “Titus” from the forthcoming album “Null” (All of the revenue from this album will be donated to Amazon Watch)
  • Cincinnati, Ohio darkwave/post-punk solo project of Avery Stanken, aka SMILEGROUP “The Performer” from “Machine” EP                                                                                                                                         
  • Berlin-based electro-garage/wave-punk/synth-punk duo of Cosey Mueller (Voc, Guitar) and Joe Sarletti (Synth, Programming), DAS DAS “Ich erkenne mich nicht mehr” from the S/T debut album on Detriti Records
  • Santa Cruz, California dark electronic/new wave/post-punk/synthpop project VANDAL MOON “We Are Electric” from the new album “Black Kiss” on Starfield Music
  • Saint Petersburg/Kazan lo-fi /synthwave /synth-pop one-woman-band STEREOPOLINA [СТЕРЕОПОЛИНА] “Родился в России / Born in Russia” from the cassette compilation of “Сумеречная зона / Песни не твоей молодости” [the debut EP “Songs not of Your Youth”, released on March 5, 2018 and the debut album “Twilight Zone”, released on August 3, 2018] via HИИ | tape records
  • Amsterdam‘s late 80s dark electro/synthpop/EBM duo Fatal Morgana “Glasnost (Original Version)” from the upcoming compilation “The Final Destruction” on mecanica
  • Washington, DC dark synth industrial rock band 51 Peg “Cut The Wire (No Sympathy Remix)” remix by Eric Fisher of Tapping the Vein                                                                                                                                            
  • Liège, Belgium EBM/industrial/synthpop/electro project of Eric Manchiniste (Escape Industry, Evoid), DI*ove “Fly Naked (feat. Leaether Strip)” new single
  • Bournemouth, UK post-punk/bass and beat poetry duo STOCKSNSKINS “Bang It Down” from the new EP “Drinks ‘n’ Nibbles” on Analogue Trash
  • Valencia, Spain post-punk/synthpop/coldwave one-man band Bytesound project “Dark Eyes” new single
  • UK coldwave/post-punk solo project BONE PIXIE “Catatonic Behaviour” off of debut EP “Porcelain”
  • Texas‘ post-punk/coldwave/darkwave project by Ashe Rüppe and Amendoa Lizzbeth Tamburri, DELPHINE COMA “Secondary Eyes (The Coventry Remix)” from the upcoming new single “Secondary Eyes” via SwissDarkNights Label.
  • Bristol, UK goth-rock/post-punk band NAUT “Hand in Hand” from the upcoming 7″ single “Threads / Hand in Hand” on Shattered Spire Records
  • Italian Post Punk // DarkWave trio from South Sardinia, OS SACRES “Acheronte” from the debut album “Principia Discordia” on Italian label/collective Home Mort
  • Dallas, TX post-punk band fronted by Leah Lane, Rosegarden Funeral Party – ‘Salvation and Saving Face’ new single
  • Portland‘s Soft Kill related doom pop trio, Criminal World – ‘Landing Flare’ from the forthcoming EP “We Spilled Blood For The Money” via Cercle Social Records.
  • Melbourne synth-punk/post-punk trio of Harry Howard (Crime and the City Solution, These Immortal Souls, Pink Stainless Tail, Harry Howard and the NDE), Edwina Preston (The Moll Flanders Band, Harry Howard & The NDE) and Ben Hepworth (REPAIRS, Exek, Eastlink), ATOM “Bad For My Health” from the 2.track single “Bad For My Health / Heroes” on it Records
  • Arkhangelsk, Russia coldwave/post-punk/gothic rock project (one half of konsum kultur), Фактор Давления [Factor Pressure] “Совершенная грусть/Perfect sadness”                                                           
  • San Francisco, Ca deathrock/post-punk quartet FIN DEL MUNDO “Dame más” from the S/T debut album
  • Bogotà, Colombia post-punk/deathrock band TUMBAS “Alter Ego” from the final charity vinyl album “Dolor” on Symphony of Destruction
  • Melbourne, Australian alt/post-punk band Bollard – “Ziggurat” new single
  • Polish Post-Punk/Coldwave band from Poznan, RENMIN RIBAO “Crush” from the debut EP “Who Controls?”
  • Ukrainian new wave/synthwave/post-punk band from Dnipro, Tehnikum [ТЕХНИКУМ] – “Katafot” debut single                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Berlin-based shoegaze/Brit-rock/indie rock/post-punk/ band lead by Johannes Stabel, XTR HUMAN “Hearst” from the upcoming LP “Interior” via Blackjack Illuminist Records
  • London, UK experimental post-punk first solo outing from Ed Shellard of Ice Baths, Aathens and Soft Cases, VERTICAL SLUMP “Beaumont Road” from the cassette edition of his debut 13-track album “Oubliette” via Blank Editions
  • UK lo-fi post-punk band The Cool Greenhouse “Life Advice” from the upcoming S/T album on Melodic Records
  • Lethbridge, Canada art-rock/post-punk 4-piece BODY LENS “Jiltz” from the album “BL DLX” on ET MON CUL C’EST DU TOFU ?
  • Australian Darkwave/Dream Pop/Post-Goth project from Brisbane, LOCUST REVIVAL “Flickering Lights (bonus track)” from the forthcoming album ‘PARTIALLY HERE’ coming 22, May 2020
  • Columbus, OH post-punk/coldwave one-man project INTO GREY “Frailty” new single
  • Perm, Russia punk-punk/coldwave/darkwave one-man-band Kondratie [Кондратий] “La Peste” title track from the new EP
  • Moscow, Russia synthwave/new wave duo Party Fears Two “Stay Away” new single
  • Bay Area‘s Dream Pop/Shoegaze/Post-Punk/Synthpop 4-piece, TOPOGRAPHIES “Speak Through Me” from the new EP “Not My Loneliness, But Ours”
  • Wrocław, Poland noise-rock/shoegaze/darkgaze band GIVE UP TO FAILURE “After The Fall” second single from upcoming debut album “BURDEN” due this September via Requiem Records.
  • Chico, Ca drum machine-driven dark punk 3-piece DESPERATE HELL “Bass Shrine” from debut demo EP “Living With Faults (Demo)”
  • Budapest‘s post-punk /darkwave duo Cold Walls “Broken Ideals” new single
  • Manchester, UK lo-fi/krautrock/electro-industrial/dark psycho-wave solo artist Rhys Bloodjoy “Infernal Regions” from the debut LP “Human.Pattern.Repeat” on Sister 9 Recordings
  • Sidney‘s industrial noise drone coldwave pop band EVILHEAT “Last Lovers On Earth” from “Real Love” 2-track 7″ single on 8th house ghosts
  • Los Angeles-based darkwave/post-punk, solo project by Rocky Darkroads, DARKROADS “Let Me Out” new single       
  • French coldwave /post-punk band from Lyon (previous member of the electronica duo Kelly und Kelly), VENIN CARMIN “It’s Gonna Be Wild” from the upcoming album “Constant Depression” on Seja Records
  • Wien-based indie/new wave/post-punk project of Russian musician Mikhail Shlepin, aka Скубут ‘Ты’           
  • Arkhangelsk, Russia post-punk 4-piece Кафе Ван Гог [kafe van gogh] ‘Остановились течения’ new single
  • Alaska‘s synth-driven goth/coldwave/darkwave outfit Masquerade Generation “Allure Mortelle” title track from the French language new EP
  • UK post-punk/darkwave splinter project by Klaus Devore from Nottingham, CLAUSTRAPHOBIA “Grave (Extended Remix)”
  • London, UK based retrowave/synthwave/synthpop singer-songwriter and drummer Laura Fares, aka LAU “Stunning” new single         
  • Jersey City, New Jersey post-punk/darkwave band NEON FUNERAL “DeLorean in the Desert” from debut S/T EP
  • Curitiba, Brazil gothic/electronic/darkwave solo project Major Tork “Dance Of The Dead”
  • Brighton, UK coldwave/synthwave/electronic solo project of singer/musician and Antipole collaborator, EIRENE “Destination” new single
  • French new wave/coldwave/synthpop/synthwave outfit from Brest, EGOPRISME “Timeline” from the new single “No Words” on Music From The Masses label‘s Single Club Confiné

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