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Album Review Tearful Moon

I copy Cat Gillette’s own words a few days ago; ‘Houston, Texas-based synthetic darkwave duet based on the vibrating and compelling distinctive alchemy between Sky Lesco‘s haunting and sensual poetic vocalizations and Manuel Lozano‘s obscure, hypnotic synths and stark mechanical rhythms are fresh from releasing their third and most mature album to date, entitled “Under The Red Veil”, on Vinyl 12″ and Digital, through Young & Cold Records.

Absolutely true that the new album by Tearful Moon is their most mature work so far, and I’d also add their most sombre and deep in all aspects Tearful Moon. Life itself colored their minimal-oriented darkness and Manuel Lozano proved himself a pretty much-evolving composer as Sky Lesco, on the other hand, proved herself as one of the most compelling lyricists in darkwave generally, while as a singer she now appears a lot more accurate than in their previous 2 albums.

After the release of their previous album ‘Evocation,’ the duo from Texas toured in South and North America and they also made a successful tour in the EU too. They met with other bands, they met with other tribes, they made new friends, they exchanged ideas for the ways of the darkwave and they returned to their base Houston for start writing new material. And at this point, life tested Lesco’s strength. All of you who follow TM on Facebook you saw her posts and indeed, these were difficult times for her. But, it was her art and mutual love with Manuel that channelled her psyche in new musings through needed serenity and introspection. This is the leading track off the album with the official video created by Louisville‘s fave goth outfit Scary Black.

Lies trip up your smiles/ Truth drips down in your tears/ Shadows follow for miles/ And stalk you through the years…Your shattered dreams

“Under The Red Veil” album includes 10 similar and breathtaking tunes, with ‘Fatherless’ and ‘Buried In My Left Breast’ being the most striking and emotional in the whole collection. The album is all a sheer electronic darkwave manifest blended with a few more hints that are a little more bright. You see, they never hid their love and keen on the minimal synthwave streams that had affected their music. Try “Bar In Barcelona” i.e. and get another taste akin in “Pollution And Poison”. And I will not be surprised at all if some of you choose “Set Me Free” as your fave song of the album, that demanding mid-tempo ‘enchantment’. But everything starts with “The Lost King” which is the opener of the record! Νow that I gave you the general sonic scape of the new, third album by Tearful Moon, I must leave you alone to listen to it carefully and get deeper in its haze, here it is!!!

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Photo by Laura Corley Burlton

Written by Loud Cities Mike

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