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Weekly Electronic Music Tips #16


  • Dekmantel Podcast 279 – Mark Knekelhuis                                                                                                           

Set of the week comes from Amsterdam based DJ, Knekelhuis label head, Red Light Radio host, half of Volition Immanent (along Parrish Smith), Mark Knekelhuis, who delivers an immersive and trance-inducing exploratory experience into obscure and atmospheric electronic realms.

  • Greek EBM/industrial techno/dark electronic producer from Athens, MORAH “State of Emergency” from V/A “Mass Disorder” on Phormix

Mighty AthensPhormix label with a riveting ‘quarantine’ selection of experimental, rhythmic and abstract, dark electronics from more or less familiar artists, mainly based on the imaginative and fervid Greek underground scene, albeit with some international incursions as Unhuman, Baz Reznik, Celldod.

  • German industrial/noise electronic/dark techno project of Bleib Modern’s Philipp Läufer aka WAR SCENES “Bnthraxx” from V/A “Resistance I” first of 4 volume charity compilations series (label sale income will be entirely devolved to the Italian Red Cross) on INSANE INDUSTRY RECORDINGS

Italian ‘gloomy electronic’ independent label from Trieste, INSANE INDUSTRY, founded and run by Lobotomija,  with 4 volumes, more than 70 international artists, of insanely harsh and uncompromising experimental synth-implanted industrialized techno, with a splash of acid, in support of the Italian Red Cross.

  • Bogotà, Colombia industrial techno/noise from the bad half of Alpha & Necromante, aka Bad Faith Actor “Failure To comply Will Get You Killed” from “Broken + Wings” cassette compilation on Dead By Overdose

Usual rad tape compilation from the South Italian favourite DIY label Dead By Overdose, featuring eleven new songs between EBM, techno, industrial and around, like Colombian producer Andres Felipe Bonilla, under his Bad Faith Actor alias, with one of his unmistakably corrosive and filthy EBM-embedded electro scorchers. 

  • London based recording artist and soundscape lo-fi ambient electronic ‘post sludge’ composer Savanh Phaophanit aka PALENCE “Murus”
  • Colombian experimental/ambient/drone producer Alfonso Pretelt, aka Pataphysician Model – “R.S 5” from the album “Reingeniería Social” [ATR009] on Analogue Texture Records
  • Barcelona, Spain industrial/elektro-punk/elektro/EBM/post wave/post-punk/dark beats project by multi-instrumentist and producer Víctor Hurtado, (Ordre Etern, Qa’a, Huan, Dame Area and collaborator of Jochen Arbeit of Einstürzende Neubauten and Nurse With Wound), FUTURO DE HIERRO – “Las fuerzas grises (nos estan rodeando)” taken from the upcoming 12″ EP “Costumbres y Medidas” on Gooiland Elektro/Màgia Roja            
  • Italian lo-fi/ industrial/dark techno producer, Religius Order “Metha-Morphosis” from the EP ‘‘Promo Untitled 002‘’
  • Buenos Aires electro/EBM/dark techno producer Disoci4cion – “El comportamiento del silencio” from upcoming V/A “Soror Virtus I” on Pildoras Tapes
  • Berlin-based Polish EBM/Electro/Industrial/Techno multi-disciplinary artist and Dark Disco.org Podcast co-founder, Izabella Chrobok, aka BERLIN BUNNY “Maneki Neko (Evil Dust Remix)” from debut EP “Maneki Neko” on I-Traxx Recordings
  • Saint Petersburg‘s industrial techno producer Draag – “Mortice” off of incoming V/A “”Mongoose vs Cobra V.2.3” compilation on Clan Destine Records
  • German ambient/ndustrial/noise/technoid experimentalist (Synapscape, The Rorschach Garden, Ars Moriendi…), Philip Münch – “Ignis et Leben” from the EP “Über Leben 2” [music and lyrics originally written by the industrial quartet Ars Moriendi, 1990 – 1994] on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • French ambient/EBM/breakbeat/techno producer from Lyon and Rafale Records label co-founder, L’Ätlas “Look At The Devil”
  • Italian porn-ceptual industrial project by Erminio Granata and Carmine Laurenza, aka HYPERLACRIMAE “In My Poison (Impure Secretion Remix)” from the upcoming cassette album “Yoga-darśana” on Infidel Bodies      
  • EBM/Brutalist collaboration between Kris Baha & Niklas Wandt, aka ANGSTLUST “Fraß” from forthcoming EP “Animal Shelter” on Neubau                                                                                                                                   
  • Marseille, France dark electronics /industrial /techno /synth-punk producer Loïc D’almeida Bodjollé, aka Cardinal & Nun “Empoisonné (Version 2)” from the LIES-132 EP                                                                               
  • Parisian electro / EBM / synth / techno producer Notausgang “QRTN” (WEEK04)                                                     
  • Italian industrial/EBM/techno producer NGHTLY “She Become A Poison” off of the upcoming V/A “Connections” on debut label FLUX Musical Art                                                                                                     
  • Tbilisi, Georgia acid dark techno producer Puritan – “Under Pressure” off of upcoming V/A “Murder 01” compilation on Murder Records                                                                                                                               
  • London, UK hard/industrial techno DJ/producer MELISSA D’LIMA “Every Time I Press Self-Destruct” off “Broken Inside” EP on SCALE TRAX
  • Colombia‘s Electro /Industrial /EBM producer Felipe Novoa, aka Magnum Opus “War In The Suburbs (Original Mix)” title track from the new EP “War In The Suburbs” on Analogue Texture Records
  • Belgium-based industrial/anti-techno producer (part of the global anti-music conspiracy networkTM since 1992), HYPNOSKULL “The Original Machine” from the ongoing “The Disruptive Behaviour” 12″ es 16/52 (in progress series of 13 EP’s) on Ant-Zen
  • Copenhagen-based techno/“Trapno” producers Rune Bagge & Louis Valuta – “Ligeglad” from V/A “VKVA002.1” first of three-part charity compilation series (half of the proceeds to will be donate to Ayrshire Samaritans) on Glasgow’s Voight-Kampff
  • Bogotá, Colombia industrial/dark future techno producer ULISESS “Dreyri”
  • Athens, Greece one-man instrumental experimental/cold synth project BLAKAUT – “Louben Mikroastiki Taksi” from V/A “Mass Disorder” on Phormix
  • L.A. based Industrial/Dark Techno/EBM/Experimental project of New York‘s producer David Christian aka CERVELLO ELETTRONICO “The Young And Beautiful” from the EP “No Sides” on SquareWav
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Mental Implants” from the upcoming “Royal Dungeon” EP on Opal Tapes                                     
  • Berlin-based, Catalan producer experimental/post-punk/wave/electronic producer Galera – “Cuadro Fusión (DIY1990 Nuclear Remix)” from “ANSWVR” EP on Subterranea Label
  • Tel Aviv-based, São Paulo-born former vocalist and guitarist of the 80’s post punk bands Kafka, Jardin das Delícias, CPSP, current Red Axis collaborator and performer, Abrão – “Too late to Ganges (Red Axes Remix)” from upcoming V/A “Bigamo Remixed Pt.1” on Bigamo Musik
  • Forlì-based psych/indie disco electronic Italian producer Amarcord – “The Time Is Running (feat. Mufti)” from the EP “A New Day is Coming” on Roam Recordings
  • Amsterdam‘s electronic dark disco duo of Josef Van Galen and Jelle Imbos aka Pin Up Club “Sanguine (Original Mix)” from V/A “Volume Two” DGTL Records‘ compilation                                                                                 
  • Vilnius, Lithuania dark disco producer/songwriter/DJ Aurimas Milesinas, aka Aurum Miles – “Incubus” from upcoming “Sweat and Wet” EP on Coquelicot Records                                                                                            
  • German/Syrian downbeat/deep house/arabic/electronic band SHKOON “Amdah” from the album “Rima”
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands ambient techno electronic producer Nthng – ”Heitt” preview from the forthcoming album on Lobster Theremin                                                                                                                    
  • Paris-based dark electro/cosmic synth producer Hadi Zeidan “Máquina” from the LP “Sketches”
  • Lithuanian experimental / kraut / electronic producer Gediminas Jakubka aka, Patricia Kokett – “Szamanka” from the upcoming album “Bizarr” on Knekelhuis
  • Chicago‘s ambient/new age/kosmische/synth solo project of Field Studies music label head Eric Hanss, aka Floating Gardens “Phantasia” from the double cassette album “Ephemerals” on Chicago Research
  • Chinese experimental/cinematic/ambient/post-rock duo from Wuhan, HUALUN (花伦) “Silently” from the album “wʌndərlænd +5” via UK label Crafting Room Recordings
  • Spanish experimental/ambient/industrial/minimal electronics project of Tom Esmiz, aka MiLF BURRAY “ocaso” on Contubernio Records
  • Portuguese ambient/spoken wordcore/drone/experimental artist and founder of Thisco record label, Fernando Cerqueira from Lisbon, WHΛLTHISИEY “Isolation” from the album “Immediathism” on Kalamine Records

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