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Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #16


  • Russian new wave/shoegaze/dream pop band from Saint-Petersburg, Весна Весна [Vesna Vesna] “Когда рядом огни” new single from the upcoming album of the same name.

Vibrant and dazzling, at the same time dreamily evocative and immersive, new single rife in uninhibited rapture and melodic sensitivity, made of dense and pulsating bassline, laced with gleaming cascading guitar chords and radiant blinding leads soaring sky-high into the ether, as crystalline emotional vocals float painfully enraptured in helpless bliss.

  • Czechia lo-fi dream-pop band from Prague/Veselí nad Moravou, BILLOW “You’re Safe on Jupiter” new single

Billow‘s new single is a delicate and dreamy tune, hypnotic and enveloping, suspended in a floating gossamer cloud of fluorescent guitar melodies, electronic distillations, humming interlude and slow skipping backbeats trudging through nostalgic fantasies with mesmeric dreamy vocal modulations, breathlessly lost in the caressing reverberations of Jupiter’s magnetic pull to permeate and lull the senses

  • Ottawa, Ontario 80’s inspired dream pop/jangle/indie rock duo SKYTONE “Without You” new single

Canadian DIY duo return with a new synth-infused catchy pop tune propelled by peppy stuttering bouncing boom beat rhythms echoing deep stark beats, whilst buoyant scintillating jangly guitar chords, as hopelessly sentimental male vocal harmonies, awash in lush bright synth swells, ooze lazy summer longings lost in love.

  • London, UK based ethnic/jazz/pop/psychedelic duo of French multi-instrumentalist Kit Martin and Instanbul‘s singer and multi-disciplinary artist Merve Erdem, aka KIT SEBASTIAN “Kozmo” (unreleased) from the deluxe edition of the debut album “Mantra Moderne” on Mr Bongo
  • Italian shoegaze/noise/guitar-driven three-piece from Rome, SEA DWELLER “Settings (acoustic psych)” from “May call’em rarities” EP of rarities
  • Durham, UK dreamy/indie pop band formed by Stephen Maughan (former Kosmonaut and Bulldozer Crash), THE MEMORY FADES “14 cheerleader coldfront (acoustic)” (Guided By Voices cover)                                           
  • Austin, TX bedroom/indie folk-pop project of Shirley Zhu, aka fuvk “Little Spoon” from the EP “Singles”
  • Norwegian/Chilean indie artist JEZ_EBEL “Elskling” new single                                                                             
  • Sidney, Australian bedroom/indie/guitar pop duo PASH “Shoplifting” from debut 2-track cassette single “Demonstration” on Urban Cowboy Records
  • Surrey, UK Indie / Dream Pop band SOFTER STILL “Strength To Strength” the first single to come from Softer Still’s forthcoming new EP ‘High Culture’
  • Denver-based drone/ambient/shoegaze/’heaven metal’ solo project of Sister Grotto‘s multi-instrumentalist Madeline Johnston aka MIDWIFE ‘Forever’ off of the new 6-track album “Forever” on The Flenser
  • Melbourne-born, Stockholm-based dream-pop project of ex Kins frontman Thomas Savage aka Vilde “Grace” from the upcoming album ”Slingshot”                                                                                                       
  • London-based indie/jangle/dream-pop duo The Death of Pop “Once Good” new single                                   
  • Nashville, TN dream-pop solo project Occult X “Be Mine” debut single
  • Spanish synthpop/dream pop/indie-pop solo project of guitarist and frontman of Madrid‘s band Cosmen Adelaida, Javier Egea, aka COSMEM “Fontana” debut single on El Genio Equivocado
  • Adelaide, Australia dream pop/shoegaze band lead by songwriter Alister Douglas, aka BLUSH RESPONSE “Sweet Respite [2011 Demo]” from the album “This Band Will Eat Itself” (20102020 collection of old demos, alternate versions, covers etc.) All proceeds will be donated to Support Act.
  • San Francisco‘s DIY indie/power pop/jangle-pop project by Glenn Donaldson (Skygreen Leopards, Art Museums etc), The Reds, Pinks & Purples “Sex, Lies & Therapy” new single
  • Austin, TX new wave/dream pop duo Eternal Something ”Seagoat” new single
  • Liverpool, UK shoegaze/dream-pop duo Rachael Dunn and Shaun Lanceley, SirenSong “Left In The Thorns” new single
  • Brighton, UK shoegaze/dream/indie pop duo Dreams of Empire “Broken Keys” new 2-track single
  • North Wales/Merseyside shoegaze/dream pop duo BECOME THE SKY “Rain Down” from the upcoming 2-track single “Written In The Stars / Raindown”
  • Brooklyn, NY indie/shoegaze/dream pop 5-piece TARA “Oceans” new single
  • Chicago, IL dream pop/shoegaze trio ALLERGIES “California Coma” from the new 2-track single “Pieces of Me”
  • Bellingham, WA shoegaze/dream pop duo of Gretchen DeVault & Brian J. Bowe, aka Voluptuous Panic “Paris Rêve” new single
  • Glasgow, UK indie/shoegaze DIY outfit THE AFFECTIONATE PUNCH “You’ll Never Know What I Know” from double a-single “You’ll Never Know What I Know / Auchenshuggle Wood”
  • Dunedin, New Zealand early ’80s indie/psych-pop band lead by Matthew Bannister, SNEAKY FEELINGS “Punakaiki” from the new album “The Mercury Moment” on Flying Nun Records.
  • Melbourne, Australia indie pop/jangle/garage all-girl four-piece Parsnip “Adding Up” new single EP 7″ through Anti Fade Records (AU) and Episode Sounds (JP).
  • Russian Indie/Post-punk / Shoegaze band from Ekaterinburg, Птица Графит [Ptiza Grafit] – ‘Друг / Friend’ new single                                                                                                                                                                 
  • French indie/psych-pop band from Annecy, TV Party “Stuff” from the new EP “Dark Heart”
  • Atlanta, Georgia indie/psych-pop quartet Attic Fowler – “Meet U There” from Attic Fowler’s “Helium & Glitter” cassette album (100% of proceeds will be donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness)
  • Valparaiso, Chile indie guitar-rock band ADELAIDA “No hay daño (Feat Chini.png)” from the 4th album “Animita”
  • Washington lo-fi/indie/shoegaze project Mourning Collective “Weeds” from the new debut EP “Spring”
  • Bali, Indonesia shoegaze trio Dive Collate “Vault” new single on Anoa Records
  • Portland, OR bedroom/fuzzy shoegaze solo project Animal Ghosts “Swings” from the new album “Will”
  • Christchurch, New Zealand chamber pop/shoegaze/dream pop project of New Brighton-based singer/songwriter (formerly All Fall Down, Bridal Path, Cardigan Bay, Condensations, etc.), Blair Parkes “Never Go” title track from new album ‘Never Go’
  • Milwaukee‘s ambient/fuzzy/shoegaze solo project SHAMEWAVE “One Thousand Worms” from debut 6-track cassette “Grinner”
  • Texas-based shoegaze/slowcore solo project of ambient guitarist Jordan McGuire (Moving In), BULLET GIRLS “She” from the forthcoming second LP
  • Darkgaze/psychnoise quartet from Brazil, TRAVELLING WAVE “The Strike” new single
  • Hagen, Germany dark psychedelic band The Blue Angel Lounge “Wounds” new single on 8MM Musik
  • Kaliningrad, Russia indie/shoegaze/psych garage outfit Trash Can Is Under Attack! [TCIUA!] “I Won’t Do It Again” from the new EP “Napalm Love”
  • Stockholm‘s 90s alt-pop all-girl trio VERO ”Heaven on Earth” title track from the upcoming debut EP on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Helsinki jangle/dream pop project of Tatu Miettinen, aka Mood Dye “Jaded” from the upcoming S/T EP
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil indie-kraut-electronic duo ALDO “Restless Animal” new single via Full Time Hobby.
  • Los Angeles-based dream folk/psych-pop project of Hector J. Guerra, aka HHHHHH “My World” from the upcoming album “Tropical Depression”
  • Melbourne, Australia indie/garage pop solo project of Dan Oke, aka JARROW “Keep A Tab (On All My Friends)” from the upcoming S/T album on Spoilsport Records
  • Montreal, Quebec cosmic psych-pop group lead by sitarist/bassist Rishi Dhir, Elephant Stone “Fox On The Run (Radio Edit)” from the new “Hollow” LP                                                                                                         
  • Swedish indie rock quartet from Gothenburg, Great Hare “Fresh Air” new single                                                 
  • Scottish alt/indie rock quartet from Glasgow, HOLY ESQUE “Perdition” from the third collection of rarities EP “CPH” via Beyond the Frequency Records.                                                                                                               
  • London, UK obscure electro-pop/synth-pop duo GHOST SUNS “Horizon” title track from the new EP on Fierce Panda                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Stockholm, Sweden dream pop /synthpop project of Max Ekholm, Melodies In Mono “Without You”             
  • Miami, FL synthpop/shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece AIRHOCKEY “Just Not Fair” new single
  • Brighton, UK electronic/indie/dream pop/shoegaze solo project of Nicolas Pierre Wardel (Beatastic/Xeresa), aka Tears On Demand “The Wrong Decisions For The Wrong Reasons” from S/T EP on his own Shore Dive Records.
  • London based recording artist and soundscape lo-fi ambient/post-rock/slowcore/electronic ‘post sludge’ composer Savanh Phaophanit aka PALENCE “Murus”
  • Chinese experimental/cinematic/ambient/post-rock duo from Wuhan, HUALUN (花伦) “Crow” from the album “wʌndərlænd +5” via UK label Crafting Room Recordings

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